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    Into the blue: Crossing the Straits of Melaka

    IT’S not a race. We just want to cross. There are 30 of us; seven of whom will be doing their solo swims in just under a week’s time. This means that they will be in the water all the way, from the start in Sumatra to the finish in Port Dickson. The rest will be doing a relay swim and take turns to swim for 45 minutes until we reach Port Dickson, Negri Sembilan. We call our project Melaka Straits Swim 2018 and I’m on it both as a swimmer and a member of the organising committee. We’ve...
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    Malaysian tourist beware: Summer scammers are back!!

    THERE are as many bogus police, scammers and conmen and women on the streets of London as there are tourists. Especially in summer. And it would seem, from reports and nationality of the victims, most of these conmen and women are making Malaysian visitors’ favourite spots as their hangouts. The one targeted area being Bayswater in central London. To be precise, within the vicinity of Malaysia Hall canteen, not too far away from Bayswater and Queensway stations. Sit at a table in the canteen and while sipping your teh tarik, engage in a conversation with your fellow Malaysian devouring...
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    Business travellers who Insta-brag on social media at risk of industrial espionage, kidnap and crimes

    SINGAPORE – Business travellers are risking kidnapping, burglary and even corporate espionage by documenting their trips on social media, a new study shows. Two-thirds of the respondents in business travel payment company AirPlus International’s 13th global International Travel Management Study said they posted photos and location updates during business trips. The study was conducted by international market research agency 2hm which interviewed 870 travel managers and 2,180 business travelers from 24 countries by phone and online. Out of the 2,180 respondents, 13 per cent said they posted updates “often”, 34 per cent said they did so “sometimes”, and 19...
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