Seventh Heaven at Seven Terraces

Seven Terraces Boutique Hotel. Click on Trip Advisor and you can see the hotel on the top of the list of one of the best luxury boutique hotels in Penang. It is a no brainer why it isnt – it’s location within the heart of a World Heritage Site, next door to the 1810 Goddess of Mercy Temple and just a few minutes walk from all the major tourist icons are all winning qualities of the hotel. Don’t let the hotel’s sleepy exterior fool you, hid in a little corner behind the temple and next to the Georgian Church, the hotel’s  facade opens up to a different world altogether.

The reception lobby is so elaborately designed and decorated complete with chinoiserie cabinets, opium day beds, heavily ornamented furniture that teleports you back in the early days. Fans of @ihaveathingwithfloors would find themselves in tile heaven, with mosaic tiles stretching from across the corridors ( which served as my countless shoefie backgrounds, I apologize). As a person with an old soul, I was served with a roller coaster of emotions and feelings as tread around the vicinity of the halls. You can barely even spot hints of modernity on the property, which is something I find very pleasing. Instant first impression was great and I have acquired a strong sense of curiosity to find out how my room was going to look like.

 Walking up the huge spiral staircase to my suite, the staff explained that there are 18 rooms including two family suites in the hotel. My suite was the Stewart Suite, and walking towards it in itself was an experience. Look at the massive corridor lined with Elizabeth Arden-like red doors next to the courtyard below.

With a quick unlock from an old-fashion turn of a key (yup, no card entry here), I was greeted with a mammoth sight. A two-storey room (that is an understatement) with the living area and a massive partitioned bathroom downstairs and a Queen-sized bed on the next floor. The setup of the suite is incredibly en pointe, lushly decorated to match the decadent reception lobby setting.

A quick climb upstairs is the huge, plushy bed, ready to receive just my minute self on it.

Not to be outdone by the living area, the hotel bear no holdbacks when it comes to the suite’s bathroom either.

The suite has a rather sizeable section for an expectedly relaxing shower experience. Though my suite does not come inclusive with a bathtub (I barely use the one I have at home anyway), the overhead rainshower head above you will get that top-to-toe (and beyond) cleansing ritual covered beyond what you would normally anticipate compared to the regular 2×4 space in most other boutique hotels.

I had minimal time to spend at the premise, before my 8 o’clock appointment to cover and recce most of the spots around Georgetown later, I took the time to take snaps and explore more of the hotel. The hotel manager took time to bring me around the vicinity, walking along breathtaking setups like these before my afternoon tea appointment by the pool at 4pm.

I was later invited for an afternoon tea session, none like your typical British tea regulars, but with samosas, vades and sweet savoury kuehs (traditional local savory foods) instead. The china adorns this presentation eloquently, and sitting right next to the pool, the atmosphere was serene and very relaxed. Despite its location within the most popular part of the city, the entire scene was very pristine.

When sundown hits, the light play is majestic, as candles in mason jars were being lit and lined along the corridor stretch. The activity downstairs was buzzing too, as the Kebaya restaurant and Bababar bar lounge comes alive at night. As it was open to public, hoardes of locals and tourists alike congregate the place, which serves classic Indo and Straits Chinese Nyonya dishes, refined with French cooking techniques that makes your dining experience an elevated form of peranakan food indulgement.

I couldn’t lounge around too long, and I had to make an early leave, but the short stay was well worth a callback. Since I have always been a Penangite (mother was from Penang), coming back here will definitely a must, especially for couples and families who would prefer to immerse in Georgetown’s most revered historical allure.

Even for couples who’d like to skip the usual backpacker itinerary and opt to splurge and spoil themselves; Seven Terraces comes at play as the most perfect spot for that. Just a few minutes out of the hotel is the famous Restoran Antarabangsa (cheep beer!) and the Love Lane stretch; lined with eclectic coffee houses and those iconic buildings and murals are seen.

Don’t take my word for it, come over for short stay, and you would probably find your self another excuse to go for a break just to stay at this hotel.

Seven Terraces is located at Stewart Lane, 10200 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

Spanish suckling lanb with rosemary=infused milk and cardamom sauce.

Review: OHLA – An Exquisite Spanish Experience

OHLA brings something completely unique to Kuala Lumpur. Upon entering the modern and tastefully designed Spanish tapas restaurant, you can immediately view the open-concept kitchen, which sets the stage for observing the world renowned head chef, Toni Valero work his magic before your eyes. Toni’s unparalleled culinary resume includes top-notch restaurants such as S. Pelligrino World Number One Restaurant, El Cellar de Can Roca and the world’s current number four restaurant, Mugaritz. It is truly remarkable witnessing Toni’s creativity and excellence in preparing memorable dishes, coupled with his remarkable synergy with all members of the OHLA team. It highlights the artistic component and passion for culinary excellence that is needed for an exquisite restaurant such as OHLA.


The drinks were outstanding and carefully crafted to give the palette a delicate array of complementary flavours. No matter your preference, OHLA has just the cocktail for you. If you prefer vino, OHLA also has a variety of delicious Spanish wines to pair with the tasty tapas which will keep you coming back for more

Canela Punch

Canela Punch





I was very impressed with the presentation of the appetisers, the exceptional service, and the ambiance. This is the perfect destination for after-work cocktails and treating your palette to an amazing variety of Spanish indulgences.My first taste of OHLA was the decadent Spanish olives and sour chilli. I was amazed at how something so simple can be crafted to become such an interesting and flavourful appetiser. I then sampled Spanish omelette, a variety of cured meats and delicious fish starters, as well as cheese balls and my favourite – crispy-skinned slow-cooked Iberico suckling pork belly.

Gildas - Spanish Olives and Sour Chillies

Gildas – Spanish Olives and Sour Chillies


Bellota Iberico Ham

Bellota Iberico Ham


Crema Catalana

Crema Catalana

OHLA is located at Lot G18 The Intermark, 06, Jalan Tun Razak, Kampung Datuk Keramat, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

By Megan Balyk

Flavors of KL


DANCE DANCE ASIA – Crossing the Movements

Wrecking Crew Orchestra is no stranger to Malaysia, having performed their worldwide hit Beat Bumper at klpac and the George Town Festival last year. Formed in 2003, the Osaka-based company frequently fills the venues of their showcases both at home and abroad. WCO’s star continued to rise with EL Squad, a spin-off crew that became a Youtube sensation with millions of views. This time however, the eight-member team will return to the original style that established their name in the Japanese street dance scene.

Time Machine, led by the award-winning Koutei Sennin, is also due to make a highly-anticipated appearance. Sennin’s charges are known for being so in-tune with one another that they seem to share a collective consciousness as they progress through their set pieces. Time Machine is a common fixture at such international tournaments as the Dance @live World Cup, Gatsby Dance Competition and VIBE Dance Competition.

Completing the lineup is Blue Tokyo, which comprises male rhythmic gymnasts who stepped into the world of dance upon graduation from Aomori University and Aomori Yamada High School. In addition to lending their services on film, at corporate events and as back-up dancers to artistes, members regularly return to their respective alma maters to train the next generation of championship-dominating athletes.

Dancers hoping to learn the ropes from the professionals will be heartened to know that all three groups will run workshops on February 7–8 at Studio 5.

DANCE DANCE ASIA will travel to three other Southeast Asian cities. s**t kingz, Tokyo Gegegay andTapdancerize gets the ball rolling in Manila on January 17–18. March will see Memorable Moment, Moreno Funk Sixers and 90’s wowing audiences in Hanoi while Umebou, Tokyo Gegegay and 90’s are scheduled for Bangkok.

For more information, visit or contact the Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur at 03 2284 6228.



brownie ala mode

Come and Get your Love at Thirsty Monkeys Café and Bistro!

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a custom designed menu at Thirsty Monkeys Café and Bistro and enjoy delicious food in a relaxed yet lively setting with our 3-day Valentine’s Day Dinner Promotion.

Accompanied by an aura of delight and romance, this will surely make one’s Valentine’s Day celebration, unforgettable. The Valentine’s Day Dinner Promotion is available from 13-15 February at RM72+ per person.

For reservations, please call 03 7972 8962 or send a message on Facebook at

brownie ala modegreen peas soup

Thirsty Monkey



Models in Tory Burch's SS15 catwalk during the Press presentation in Pavilion

Tory Burch Spring/Summer 15 gets Artsy

Tory Burch, the New York brand best identified with Hampton chic released their new line of clothes, bags and shoes for Spring with strong reference to the arts. With its signature metropolitan Bohemia element, Tory decides to take aim of her inspiration from a painterly spirit. The season’s looks are derived from artist Francoise Gilot, during her time spent with famed Cubist artisan, Pablo Picasso in Vallauris.

SS15DLR_NY, Tory Burch, New York SS15DLR_NY, Tory Burch, New York SS15DLR_NY, Tory Burch, New York SS15DLR_NY, Tory Burch, New York

There’s a definite casual, yet polished take to what would have been simple pieces this season. All due to brilliant construction and fabric play; namely the raffia tweed jackets, graphic smocking details. textured knits and modern Northern African digital prints all infused within their breeze-easy shift dresses and boxy-cut separates. The convergence of clean-lines and eclectic print brings a fresh take onto your average tops and skirts. The accessories perfectly encapsulate the theme of the collection too; with those paint dipped chokers and color-blocked bags make a covetable Summer accessory to get along with these chic pieces!


A coat from their SS15 runway collection

A coat from their SS15 runway collection

Models in Tory Burch's SS15 catwalk during the Press presentation in Pavilion

Models in Tory Burch’s SS15 catwalk during the Press presentation in Pavilion

The collection will be out starting in February in Pavilion KL, so be on the lookout for some of their statement pieces that you can start snagging for your summer getup.

TB T-Lock Printed Patent E-W Tote in Tabora A-Harbor blue-Tory Navy TB Tory Tunic in Coconut Tabra FTB Crewneck Printed Sweater in Pink Sonda A TB T-Lock Printed Patent E-W Tote in Tabora A-Harbor blue-Tory Navy TB Tory Tunic in Coconut Tabra F TB_Color_Cube_100mm_Wedge_Sandal_in_Coconut-Tory_NavyTB_V-Cut_Flat_With_Ankle_Strap_-_Airless_Snake_Print_in_Black-Ivory-Coconut-Black


Curated by,

Haida Yusof




Review: Opium KL

Situated at the corner of Changkat and Jalan Nagasari, Opium exudes an eclectic and oriental ambiance. The ‘Chinese Opium War’ inspired restaurant is comprised of décor from all over Asia including an extensive collection of custom furnishings. The restaurant has an alluring 19th century feel and the cuisine can be described as oriental-fusion. Opium serves a variety of dishes and intricately presented cocktails that are crafted to perfection.  Hand made menus hold all of the food and beverage masterpieces that Opium has to offer. Even with top-notch chefs, each item must undergo extensive scrutiny to ensure that the flavours and presentation make the cut. I could immediately see the effort that goes into ensuring that each dish is prepared to Opium’s highest standards. The effort definitely pays off though, because my experience dining at Opium was nothing short of an amazing evening.

Now I’ll share with you the assortment of dishes and drinks that led to making Opium a restaurant I will most definitely come back to. Opium is known for outstanding cocktails served in ways that only an artist could pull off. Tonight’s cocktails of choice were ‘Black Dragon’ and ‘Consort Yang’. Black dragon was an amazing display consisting of a ceramic goblet which was actually put inside a tea pot filled with dry ice. This vodka drink was infused with crème de cassis, lemon juice, and black berry. The ‘Consort Yang’ was a beautifully crafted gin cocktail with notes of lychee, ginger flower, and kaffir lime leaves, giving the palette a smooth and tropical essense.

‘Black Dragon’

For appetisers, we went with ‘Lamb frit balls’, ‘Phoenix dumplings’, and ‘Scallops with soya glaze’. The lamb frit balls were dangerously delicious. The preparation of the lamb starts in the morning to ensure that the tenderness is to perfection. Coated with a crispy exterior and dipped in sambal mayonnaise – this is one dish that is a must have. Phoenix dumplings were another delicious surprise. The intermingling of a variety of seafood makes this dumpling a complex and tasty Asian appetiser. The scallops with soya glaze were presented on a delicate shell, which was very appealing to the eye. The glaze gave the scallop a succulent punch of flavour, making this appetiser another must-have item.

Lamb Frit Balls

Moving on to the main course: ‘Kong Po angus beef medallions’ and ‘Curry Spaghettini with salmon’. The dish that won the award for me this evening was the Kong Po angus beef medallions. The beef was extremely tender and cooked flawlessly. Complemented by quinoa and vegetable tempura, this dish was culinary perfection. The curry spaghettini was also a delightful main course. It was sort of a fusion dish somewhat resembling traditional curry mee but enhanced with salmon and spaghetti noodles. The tofu, egg, and green beans were delicious, as was the mouth-watering curry gravy.

Kung Po Angus Beef Medallions

For dessert we had ‘cheesy banana fritters’ which was hard to resist. The melt-in-your-mouth banana fritters were amazing, especially covered in home-made caramel ice cream. Would definitely order this one again! We were also lucky enough to try the Chinese New Year dessert, a seasonal delicacy. The New Year cake is deep fried and accompanied by mandarin orange and coconut mouse. The manager was lovely and gave us some history behind this traditional dessert.

Cheesy Banana Fritters

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the cuisine, ambience, and customer service. I highly recommend the restaurant as a venue for a dinner party or for a romantic oriental fusion meal.


By Megan Balyk

KL Expat Malaysia

Flavors of KL



For more information and reservation, go to or their official Facebook page .



Review: Monkey Garage

Monkey Garage – Not just for Monkeys.

One of my friends had been bugging me for quite a while to come and check out Monkey Garage in Bangsar. What I had heard about it was inconclusive except that they had a lot of pasta dishes and the place was “good fun”.

I finally made the time to check it out and was surprised how literal the “Garage” part in the name was. It is in fact a garage, with engines hanging from chains and a wide open specious feeling. The solid brick bar in the centre, and the walls covered in art and racing specific décor make it feel quite comfortable and colourful though.  Quite cosy for an “art lounge”, despite the artsy feel there was a very relaxed and jovial atmosphere.

Something that my friends had already taken advantage of several times was the 60 RM all you can drink wine buffet, with a selection of reds and cooled whites standing readily available at the bar, no waiting times, no accusing stares from the staff when you help yourself to your twelfth glass of the night.  I was happily surprised.

This night I wasn’t here to get sloshed though, I was here for the food. So let’s get down to it.

The menu is a short simple list of items, divided into starts, snacks (all day munchies) and main courses.

As best I can remember all the main courses are a combination of noodles (capellini pasta) and or rice.

As our starter we tried the Sesame Soba Salad, and the Chinese Chicken Soup with truffle oil.

The salad is French beans, garlic, mushrooms, Japanese soba noodles, pan fried tofu, black and white sesame seeds  and spring onions. Now while it is called a salad, it is almost a cold noodle dish. The sauce especially reminded me of a dish I used to love from my time living in Beijing, called DanDan Mian.  Both of these dishes have a very rich sesame based sauce, that gives a slight sweet but nutty flavour to the dish, the fresh vegetables bring a comforting crisp and crack to the otherwise creamy dish. I actually thought that the dish would have been an appropriate size for a full lunch, if you weren’t too hungry, well sized indeed.

The soup tasted very traditionally Chinese but with a twist, I enjoyed the strong flavours and the absolutely perfectly cooked chicken which just comes apart with the lightest touch. The truffle oil was a nice addition, though subtle as it should be. The soup’s flavours are very complex and I find it hard to describe without using atmospheric examples.  So I will do just that:  If you need a flavoursome pick-me-up, then I cannot imagine a better dish.  Chicken soup is a traditional part of many cultures and has thousands of different faces and recipes. This one is a success, and even though it may be a step further from what you are used to, it will still instil the well-known comfort of the chicken soup your mother made for you when you had a cold.

Next up is the “all day munchie” roasted pork belly with crackling (Siew Yuk) with wasabi honey mustard sauce. Oh lordy, not much you can do to improve on an old classic that is pretty much been around for thousands of years. The southern Chinese style fried pork belly has been one of my favourites for years and quite often I found myself scouring the cities of southern China to find the very best version of this simple yet delicious dish. I won’t say too much about the meat itself, it tastes genuine, it’s good, if you love this kind of dish anyway, you will love this too. The kicker is the addition of the wasabi honey mustard sauce, which just works incredibly well. I was truly impressed with the combination since it felt like I learnt a secret about one of my favourite types of food, you go well with wasabi, who would’ve known? Thank god for fusion.

Next up: Signature Capellini Pasta and Garlic Prawn  served with homemade dried Shrimp. Sambal Belacan.

Its pasta with dried shrimp infused olive oil, shrimp floss and a half boiled egg for 25 rm.  Now this dish is a large shrimp atop a bed of capellini pasta, covered with a thin blanket of shrimp floss with sauces put around the edge. Now this dish will be polarizing. I can best describe the dish as being a distant cousin of the popular Nasi Lemak.  Its mixture of sauces and ingredients needs to be mixed up to be fully enjoyed, since by themselves the shrimp fluff and the sambal sauce are too fragrant.

Mixed up you have a dish which is quite salty and very flavourful. If you enjoy anchovies, then you will enjoy this dish. The shrimp fluff is reminiscent of salted fish, but with the shrimp finish, the capellini pasta replace the rice in a Nasi Lemak and the half boiled egg does its part to dampen the strength of the flavours somewhat.  All in all this dish is still infused with very strong flavours and some might find it too salty, so beware. If you don’t enjoy Nasi Lemak, most likely this dish is not for you.  One thing that surprised me was the large prawn on top was fried in a way that the shell was really good. Yes I know most people dislike eating the shell and go to the trouble of peeling it. I don’t, I’m not much for fiddling around with food when I’m wearing my evening dress.   I dare you to eat the whole prawn, head and all and am quite sure you will be surprised at how good the whole thing works together.

At this point we were unsure as how to continue our meal, there are a variety of cakes available, ranging from 10-15rm and my companion assured me that they were delicious. They were however not made in-house and I felt it would defeat the purpose of coming here in the first place, so instead we opted for another “all day Munchie” .

Signature Char Siew Skewer with Homemade chilli and Lime.  A single Skewer with a large chunk of pork on it and a small bowl of Chilli and Lime. The pork, was prepared with a sweet bbq style, in the southern Chinese style. Something in itself with lots of flavour that doesn’t need any supplementing sauce. I had however earlier been surprised by the wasabi honey mustard sauce, so I was willing to give this homemade chilli and lime sauce a chance as well.  Now to my tender and easily irritable western pallet this chilli sauce was too strong, too spicy and almost took away the delicious flavours the pork had. So except for the first bite I decided to leave the sauce and just enjoy the sweet sauce already on the skewer.  My companion however enjoys spicy food a lot more than me and she enjoyed the chilli, even though we both agreed it was quite overpowering.

Last dish, and I realise now that we were quite greedy that day… :  Caramelised Spicy Fried Siew Yuk (Pork Belly with Crackling) with Chilli and Garlic.  Ok, this dish is dangerous.  Mainly because it smells so good that you will end up shoving it in your mouth before the caramel has cooled off and burn the roof of your mouth like I did.  Once you stop crying and return from the fetal position to your chair, it will have cooled off enough to be thoroughly enjoyed.  How can you make something as awesome as pork belly with crackling any better? Cover it in sugar, fry it, and give it a subtle but definite spicy finish.  Now this is the way I like my spice.  It starts of just being sweet and hot and scrumptious and not until after you’ve swallowed it for a few second don you realise that there was actually some chilli there as well. A good spicy finish, proper bite with the delicious meat and just caramel goodness throughout.  This is a decadent dish for sure, but every item on every menu ever that started with “caramelised” has been a decadent dish.

All in all Monkey Garage has a lot of enticing dishes. I found quite a few Chinese and Malay flavour influences and have to say I am still curious as to many of the dishes I couldn’t try. It has a lot of room for groups and the pricing is moderately placed so I’m sure this place will become “the hangout” for some. The service was friendly and attentive all night.  In conclusion, for meat eaters a definite yes, for wine drinkers a definite yes, I can say this place is far from traditional but more than a fad.  I love the concept of the entire place and am sure that it’s worth a visit, even for  a sober vegetarian.


IMG_6396 IMG_6398 IMG_6400 IMG_6408 IMG_6409 IMG_6414


Food review: CICCIO – Changkat

Ciccio  Changkats Italian-Italian

Ciccio has been around for a while. Among the constant circulation of names and managers that some establishments go through, a place that has existed for 12 years has to be offering something worthwhile and lasting.

To save time, I’m just going to change what I think, not offer options or explain why so just compare with original and see what you think!

Slap bang in the middle of bar street it has the typical Italian ambience – dimmed lights, high chairs, lamps made of black cast iron and lots of wood and brick giving a rustic feel.  It is open at the front but despite being cool outside the day I went, the temperature inside was comfortable.

Despite having room for only around 30 to 40 people,  there were plenty of staff zipping around diligently scanning the tables.  None of the finished dishes stayed on our table for longer than two minutes and the staff was very attentive and polite.

Ciccio has a wide selection of wines and spirits, however,  not being a sommelier, I cannot say more than that the wine went well with the dishes I ordered.

When I go to a restaurant I like to ask the waiter for the chef’s  own creations and if there is a particularly popular dish. At Ciccio’s I actually got to speak to the manager, a native Italian who had a lot of suggestions and seemed passionate about the olives that came from a small village in the south of Italy. That was a good indication for the rest of the evening.  So far so good.

Starters: (Starters range from 15 to 25 ringgit)

Unfortunately my dinner companion had big plans for the night so he withheld from ordering a starter therefore limiting the dishes I could try, shame on him. I, however, ordered the beef Carpaccio. It was thinly sliced, moist and garnished with rocket salad and large slices of parmesan.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought both flavour and texture very well balanced.  Good, simple, delicious and typically Italian

Main Courses

Now, since my companion didn’t have a starter, we decided to order three main dishes between the two of us.  Not a bad idea as it turned out. And, as we were reviewing an Italian restaurant, we felt obliged to try the pizza and pasta.

We started with Pizza Napolitana. My companion insisted on having the anchovies, despite my warnings about the implications for his future date.

It arrived swiftly and looked good. I had seen the large stone oven in the back of the restaurant, always a good sign!  The pizza was average size and had a thin Italian crust ,although not the super genuine paper thin version, more a “western European Italian” dough.  Every bite was fishy and salty and full of anchovy flavour – a bit strong for me but my companion thoroughly enjoyed it.  Pizzas range from 28 to 45 ringgit. This may seem a bit pricey, but I guess you pay for location and ambience too.

The pasta: Oh, the pasta was good!  My personal favourite was the Ravioli di Pesce.  “Squid Ink seafood  Ravioli with baby scallops, pink peppercorn  and cream saffron sauce” is what the menu says, and it’s as a good description. The ravioli were tender and had a good salty seafood flavour. There were plenty of scallops on a bed of ravioli, covered in rich, creamy sauce. The pink peppercorns worked really well, accentuating the flavour and saving the dish from being just creamy.  This pasta was quite heavy and very filling. This dish was my companion’s favourite dish of the night and I have to agree. I find a creamy sauce, if done correctly, enriches the other flavours, and this one let the seafood tang and the saffron linger, while the peppercorns delivered a soft spicy finish.  Another very well balanced dish, though not suited for those who wish to go dancing after.

The second pasta dish was Linguini al branzino.  “Seabass with Red chicory, garlic, a touch of chilli and white wine sauce.” This dish is a creation of the chef and one of the most popular pasta dishes here. The linguine was served with a Vongola base and seabass, fresh cherry tomatoes and lettuce were added for some crunch.  The seabass was delicious and very tender.  The linguini was al dente and the dish was altogether more traditional Italian, lighter and with oil and garlic instead of a heavy creamy sauce. The addition of seabass was the chef’s own creation. It was excellent and I can find nothing bad to say about it except that the stronger flavours dripped to the bottom of the plate and needed to be scooped up with every new bite!

The Ravioli was 45 and the Linguine was 38 ringgit.


Oh, my bloomin’ companion was full so he didn’t want dessert! What a lightweight!   I chose the Panna Cotta as it was with coconut and I’m a fool for coconut.

Wow! ‘Good choice!’ is all I can say. It came swiftly and jiggled joyfully when the waiter brought it to us.  The Panna Cotta was light and refreshing, covered in slowly hardening, house made chocolate sauce. The additional coconut sprinkles were not really necessary as the Panna Cotta itself was already packed with coconutty goodness. Even though I was already full, it went down easily, just the way good dessert should.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Ciccio is a straightforward Italian restaurant. The menu is limited to some classics and a few more original choices, but quite compact nonetheless. The food is of a high quality and service is excellent.  Ciccio doesn’t push the boundaries or try to be overly impressive. Its unpretentious  and it doesn’t baffle you with choices.  It’s the good ol’ Italian restaurant that every city needs and being just what you expect it to be, it delivers.  If you feel like good Italian food, you should check out Ciccio.

Contact details:

Address: 15 Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-2141 8605

blogger-image-390444531 blogger-image--825763411 ciccio5 ciccio4 ciccio3 ciccio2 Ciccio IMG_20140924_215247

Signature Lounge

Food Review: Signature @ The Roof

Signature’ is one of the cluster of fashionable new places atop the 1st Avenue building that makes up the complex known as “the roof”.

When you walk in you start to realise this is not your typical Sunday evening restaurant.  The entry area is huge, with high ceilings and a mix of dark colours reminiscent of a nightclub. The place is outfitted with a combination of edgy and unusual interior design.

My partner and I had booked a table for two at 7:30 and were taken around a corner, past a long stretching bar, to a circular room with simply the most amazing view.  While viewing Kuala Lumpur’s lights sprawling across the horizon, we felt very smug and pleased with our choice for that evening.


‘Signature’ looks great. There is no doubt that the high ceiling, wide open connected rooms and modern décor make this place feel fashionable and classy. The wide open view is the memorable highlight, but the interior of the place is no less impressive. In the background there were some comforting jazz piano tunes playing.  This kept up until around 20:30 when the neighbouring establishment started playing pop and electronic music, at which point all you could hear was their thudding base, the piano music effectively being drowned out.

The chairs are very fitting and look and feel to be of high quality, but they were simply uncomfortable. The back rest consists of a wooden plank set up high on your back. There is no lumbar support what so ever so for a long evening these chairs do become an issue.  For someone like me with a history of back problems, this kind of thing is important.

Upon arrival, my partner was quite cold, so if you intend to stay a while, don’t dress too thinly.  It got warmer towards the latter half of the evening.


The starters on the menu range from 20 to 40 ringgit. I went for the Summer Duck and my dinner companion decided on the Salmon and Maguro Tartar. Both dishes arrived after (a swift) ten minutes and looked flawless. The Summer Duck was thinly sliced duck breast with cubes of feta cheese and some fruit and salad.  While the dish was indeed delicious, especially in combination with the longan fruit, I felt it was a little small for my taste. Even as a starter I expect more than four bites.

The tartar was a much larger portion, and the salmon part was just perfect. I especially enjoyed how the seasoning was subtle enough to simply underline the salmon’s innate flavour.  This worked less well with the Maguro which turned out to be a little bland. My partner however, thought it was just right, so you should take that as it is, my personal, very subjective opinion.

Main Course

After finishing the starters, it was a comfortable ten minutes until the main course came, just enough time to realise you are still hungry.  I(had ordered the Signature Salmon Pasta, and my partner had ordered the Black Angus Tenderloin.

The Signature Salmon Pasta was a well sized salmon fillet bedded on a base of mushrooms and tagliatelle for 45 ringgit. The waiter had already taken my knife from me, but I did not need it. The salmon easily pulled apart with the nudge of a fork and tasted fresh, juicy and dissolved in the mouth. The pasta sauce was a combination of sweet tomato with pepper. Personally, I am not a huge fan of spicy foods, as too  often  I find the spices too overpowering and that they hide the other flavours. In this case however the spice was just an aftertaste and I was surprised how well the sweetness of the sauce worked in combination with the spicy finish.  I loved this dish, and will be hard pressed not to order it again.

My partner, who also happened to love the Salmon Pasta by the way, is a steak lover. The Black Angus Tenderloin, was a thick juicy slab on top of a creamy mashed potato base, surrounded by sautéed vegetables and a creamy gravy sauce.  The vegetables still had crunch and flavour, and the mashed potato went very well with the gravy. The Tenderloin was juicy, very tender, and just right. It was just plain good: exactly what you expect from a good steak. At 88 ringgit this was the most costly dish of the evening, but steak lovers know that the price lies with the ingredients. Often have I paid more for less.


Desserts run from 17 ringgit to 25 and encapsulate a pretty common selection ranging from a cheese platter to red velvet cake. I opted for the trio Crème Brûlée  and my dinner companion went for the Spicy chocolate lava cake.

The trio Crème Brûlée consisted of three flavours, classic, cappuccino and ginger.  The classic Crème Brûlée was as expected, delicious. The cappuccino flavour was very strong. If you decide to order this dish, I suggest you start with the ginger, since the cappuccino flavoured Crème Brûlée will overpower the taste of the ginger one.  All three are delicious, and the ginger one works better than I had anticipated. If you enjoy Crème Brûlée, then this dish might offer a pleasant change to the regular flavour, while still offering the comfort of knowing exactly what to expect.

The Spicy Chocolate lava cake is an alternative version to another classic. When we ordered it the waiter warned us that it would take 25 minutes, but we were well satisfied with the main courses and had set our minds upon getting some lava cake. Well worth the wait!

Instead of a molten core of chocolate, it is a combination of red fruits mixed with chocolate. The outside has a certain crunch, and the inside just oozes out once the spoon cuts to the centre. A single scoop of vanilla ice cream goes well to balance out the strong chocolaty goodness. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish, as did my partner.   One thing that I noticed however was the absence of the “spicy” part.  It tasted like regular delicious chocolate lava cake. This is not a criticism since I will have this again, but the title suggests a stronger spicy component.  I do enjoy chilli chocolate occasionally and wouldn’t mind experiencing it in combination with the lava cake, this dish however, did not need any tampering with and is just right the way it is.

This place is suitable for:

If you have planned a quiet relaxing evening, then Signature is not for you. Although you may be able to relax and have a nice evening, there is too much stimulation going on.  The place filled up with large groups at around 20:30 and the drinks menu gives clear implications as to why that is.  The selection of  bowl sized cocktails seems well suited for groups out for a big night.

While the first impression is one of class and luxury, I do  recommend this place if you have a big night planned. The energy is quite high and the adjacent nightclubs are hard to ignore.  If you wish to impress a date, and go dancing after, I cannot think of a better place to do so. However sitting down with family that has come to visit will become awkward once the group of young party goers next to you liven up!

The food is fairly priced and delicious.  The drinks, especially at happy hour, seem to attract a lot of people as well. Next time I go, I plan on testing more of the drink options. Oh! And I will definitely try that Chocolate Lava Cake again!

Tay Sengul,

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SWAG Bar and Grill

Industrial Themed Bar & Grill located in Petaling Jaya. What are we good in and why should you come enjoy your free time with us? We are a passionate bunch and will take your pleasure personal. Expect great drink prices on glasses and bottles. All our prices are net. Our fresh burger patties are juicer than juicy. We keep the fat in! We don’t do processed foods. You can taste all our ingredients come from fresh ingredients and manual labor! Having a birthday to celebrate, just give us a call and as our gift to you we will smack you around the head with some crazy promotions for you and your friends. See you soon at SWAG!

1 Lorong Sultan, PJ Palms Sports Centre
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Today 4:00 pm – 1:00 am
Phone 03-7932 2307

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