• Adult male Bornean orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) in rainforest canopy, Gunung Palung National Park, Borneo, West Kalimantan, Indonesia

    Pregnant orang-utan pictured clinging to final tree as bulldozers destroy rainforest around her

    She is too weak and frightened to leave the trunk where she had sought sanctuary as machines tare down her ­jungle home in Borneo. Boon-Mee holds on to trunk high above wreckage below A starving, heavily pregnant orang-utan clings to a solitary tree high above what had been pristine rainforest for ­millennia – till giant bulldozers moved in and flattened it in days. Boon-Mee was too weak and frightened to leave the trunk where she had sought sanctuary as the machines tore down her ­jungle home in Borneo, reports the Sunday People. That meant she could not forage for...
  • pork

    Obama drop-in for pork soup with Anthony Bourdain stun Hanoi street shop owner

    HANOI: She has ladled out countless bowls of her pork noodle soup, but the owner of a Hanoi streetside restaurant says she was stunned when Barack Obama strolled in, pulled up a plastic stool and slurped down Vietnam’s famed “bun cha” delicacy. The US president slipped away from his hectic Vietnam visit on Monday night to sample the dish with Anthony Bourdain, a chef and food critic who fronts a travel show about hidden culinary gems around the world. While 54-year-old restaurant owner Nguyen Thi Lien knew a foreign television crew was on the way, she had no idea...
  • canal

    The canal that will sink Singapore’s maritime-trade dominance is one step closer to fruition

    For the uninitiated, the canal in question is Thailand’s Kra Isthmus Canal, or simply known as the Kra Canal. Unlike the Suez Canal depicted in the photograph above, the Kra Canal does not exist yet. For centuries (yes, centuries), the Thais have been mulling about the possibility of building a deep-water canal cutting through Thailand’s long peninsula to link the Indian Ocean with the South China Sea. If the Kra Canal is built, it will cut the journey between the Indian Ocean and South China Sea by up to 1,200 km: Source: Picsora MOC between China and Thailand for the construction...
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