• Chinese-Hungry-Ghost-Month-Taboos

    Malaysians share their spookiest Hungry Ghost Month tales

    This year, the seventh Chinese lunar month, also called the Hungry Ghost Month, falls from Aug 11 to Sept 9. During this period, a common sight will be roadside offerings of food, candles and joss sticks, to fete the wandering spirits. Makeshift tents are set up for the same purpose. Chinese elders advise the young not to offend these spirits of the nether world which will be set free to roam the earth for a month. And everyone is advised not to stay out too late. But the Hungry Ghost month isn’t exclusive when it comes to ghost sightings....
  • wangsa maju

    Making an oasis in Wangsa Maju

    WANGSA Maju is surrounded by recreation and entertainment centres as well as shopping malls such as AEON Alpha Angle, AEON Big, Wangsa Walk and Giant. There are also international schools, worldclass healthcare and education facilities, such as Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC), University Tunku Abdul Rahman and Malaysian Institute of Art. These are, perhaps, some of the reasons why the area is becoming so popular with owneroccupiers and property investors. While good location remains the reason why you would buy a property, accessibility is also equally important. If the property you have bought as an investment is located strategically...
  • invest-srwk

    Restore Sarawak’s rights to its oil

    Economic Affairs Minister Mohamed Azmin Ali has told Parliament that Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) election promise of giving a 20% “royalty” to oil-producing states was based on “a loose definition of the word… The term cash payment is not used generally, but it is generally understood to mean a royalty”. He said a special Cabinet committee had been formed to negotiate with the oil-producing states on how to increase the 15% payments to them, on top of the existing 5% of gross profit cash payment under the Petroleum Development Act (PDA). Opposition lawmakers from Sarawak have since accused PH not...
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