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There are many unique restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, with cuisines from all over the world, so you won’t be too surprised to find out about authentic Swiss and international...

There are many unique restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, with cuisines from all over the world, so you won’t be too surprised to find out about authentic Swiss and international cuisine, located in prime location of Ampang Utama, known as Little Korea. Chalet Suisse has been around since 1996 and stands out with its famous cow mascot, greeting patrons as they enter the premises.

They have received many awards for Swiss fine dining experience, with exquisite interior decorations and antiques from Switzerland and are famous for their Swiss Fondue and Raclette. With a wide selection on their a la carte menu and never-ending promotions and banquets, Chalet Suisse is a place to enjoy a lovely everyday meal as well as a special occasions celebration. We personally will be going back and trying out their White Asparagus Gourmet dinner set in a couple weeks.

Without any further delays, let’s get into our evening.

Dining Experience

We kicked off our evening with a nice bottle of red wine and Swiss Buendnerfleisch with condiments. Buendnerfleisch is a thin slice of air-dried beef served with pickles. Every table is automatically served with a generous serving of fresh homemade bread, butter and pickle dressing (Pesto). Pickle dressing was my personal favorite. Crunchy, pickle flavor went exceptionally well with beef and cheese alike.

Swiss Buendnerfleisch

It is rather lucky there were three of us, Chalet Suisse had no intention of letting us leave hungry or without at least trying most of their dishes. As per the owner’s recommendation we followed up with Swiss Cheese Raclette and authentic Barley Soup Grison Style. Swiss Cheese Raclette can come in an appetizer and main course portions. Indigenous to parts of Switzerland, the raclette cheese round is heated either in front of a fire or by a special machine, then scraped onto diners’ plates. It was garnished with pickles, cherry tomatoes and baby boiled potatoes.

Swiss Cheese Raclette

Barley Soup Grison Style is an authentic creamy barley soup from the swiss alps with vegetables and air-dried beef. Popular in the alps during winter, it is a sustaining dish, full of vegetables and cured meat, that’s more a meal than a soup. Incredibly hearty and warm dish that took me back to my childhood.

Barley Soup Grison Style

For the main course we proceeded with Swiss Cowboy Steak (250gm). Thick and juicy cut of Sirloin steak was cooked perfectly to medium-rare (just the way I like it) and served on a hot sizzling pan with alpine herb butter, crispy onion rings and Rosti potatoes (Swiss-style hash browns) as a side dish. In rosti potatoes you’ve got a really heady, flavorful substitute for French fries or mashed potatoes with your steak dinner. Crispy outside and soft inside they leave nothing but flavor and crunch for you to devour the instant it’s in front of you.

Swiss Cowboy Steak (250gm)

My companion decided to try Sliced Veal Zurich Style. “Zurich Geschnetzeltes”, as it’s called in Switzerland, is an incredibly popular dish, particularly in and around the Zurich region. It contained a substantial amount of high quality and very tender veal in a light brown mushroom sauce based on cream and white wine.

Sliced Veal Zurich Style

You can’t visit a Swiss restaurant without trying a signature Swiss dish known worldwide, Fondue Maison. Pull out your skewers, because it’s time for cheese fondue. Prepared with 5 different swiss cheeses that are cooked in a white wine with Chalet Suisse original recipe, it was a highlight of our meal. Besides being creamy, wonderful, and indulgent in the best possible “this is so worth it” kind of way, fondue also carries with it such a fun, communal aspect. Whether you celebrating holidays as a group or enjoying a pleasant evening with your partner, fondue will be a pleasant addition to your evening.

Fondue Maison

We had a fantastic evening over at Chalet Suisse, and it wasn’t over yet, we still had to find some space to try some of their signature desserts. First on our list was Chestnut Vermicelli. Chestnut vermicelli is a delicious, old Viennese dessert made with just a few ingredients, that was served in a large cocktail glass with Vanilla Ice Cream, whipped Cream and small Meringues. Manfred, the owner of Chalet Suisse said that after chestnuts are boiled and sugar added, they are pressed through a colander which gives them that spaghetti-like appearance.

Chestnut Vermicelli

My personal favorite dessert, which took me back to my childhood was Date Pudding. Served with Butter-Scotch Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream and garnished with fruits – a la mode du Chef Raymond. You can smell the aroma before the pudding even reaches your table. You certainly won’t be disappointed when it finally arrives. A generous pour of butter-scotch sauce makes it ultra-moist and gives it that intense dark color. I can assure you, you will be tempted to lick the plate to make sure you get every drop!

Date Pudding


Chalet Suisse is a hidden gem of Kuala Lumpur. Easily one of the best Western Restaurants in KL, they have an outstanding number of awards and achievements. After enjoying our dinner there, we can see why! You will get greeted by very friendly and always smiling staff. Very cosy and warm atmosphere inside will make you want to come back! Their food is on par with some of the best restaurants in KL at a very affordable pricing! We are looking forward to going back ourselves and seeing you all there!


Chalet Suisse Restaurant

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