The Honest Review, Le Petit Chef KL, The Journey Of Marco Polo!

This October, the world’s smallest chef returns to Malaysia with a culinary adventure that combines fun 3D table projection with cuisines from France, Arabia, India, Himalaya and China, all...

This October, the world’s smallest chef returns to Malaysia with a culinary adventure that combines fun 3D table projection with cuisines from France, Arabia, India, Himalaya and China, all during one meal. Entitled ‘Le Petit Chef In The Footsteps Of Marco Polo’, this unique 90 minutes dining experience tells the story of Le Petit Chef as he follows the route of famed Italian explorer Marco Polo. The show’s six-course menu will take diners along a unique culinary journey across the regions visited by the legendary traveler. This feast of the senses combines food with cinema and technology – making it a must try experience.

Presented in Malaysia for the first time ever, Le Petit Chef In The Footsteps Of Marco Polo has already enjoyed massive success in other parts of the world such as London, Stockholm and Dubai.

For those of you who have already read our review of an original Le Petit Chef, The World’s Smallest Chef, I do apologise, I will have to again briefly go through a technology, the people behind it and pricing for those who are just tuning in!

This innovative dining concept brings visual mapping to the diner’s table, using cutting-edge 3D visual technology, delightfully immersing guests into a continuous tale paired with sophisticated themed music, table patterns, props and decorations along each chapter of the story.

The experience takes place at Elements Kuala Lumpur, TREC, Jalan Tun Razak and is the latest addition to an inventory of unique dining experiences under 2Spicy Entertainment (known for its Dinner in the Sky, Plane in the City & Whimsy) in partnership with Elements Kuala Lumpur.

Sitting a maximum capacity of only 36 people per session to maintain exclusivity, tickets sales are now open and are priced at RM299.00 per pax for Marco Polo’s Journey, RM499.00 per pax for Marco Polo’s Expedition and RM999.00 per pax for Marco Polo’s Around the World. Kids aged between 6-12 years old will only have to pay RM99 per person to experience this exciting show.  You can see full menu details here on their website.

Now before any further delay, let us go into more detail about the food!

After a brief introduction from Le Petit Chef himself, we begin this dining experience with the first dish, The Journey Begins. You start the evening with a Pacific oyster, oyster cream, cucumber jelly and caviar which is served in a small ceramic pot with a lid.

The Journey Begins

On top of the lid you can see a toasted walnut brioche with Fourme d’Ambert and honeycomb. At first bite we weren’t too sure about mixing a mild brininess flavour of oyster with a sweeter flavour of walnut brioche and honeycomb, but as you continue into this dish, you quickly realize how well paired they are. These two flavours complemented each other really well.

Your next stop on a journey with Le Petit Chef is a Middle Eastern Cuisine. Presentation alone was immaculate. When it first arrives to your table, you can’t stop looking at the variety of food in a gorgeous colourful basket and unique to the region containers and pots.

Middle Eastern Cuisine

You will get a chance to try charcoal roasted beetroot; chickpea hummus with parsley and feta cheese; marinated lamb with shallots, pomegranate and yoghurt dip; smoked duck with Lebanese onion, raisins and hazelnut. All the portions were incredibly fresh and were really generous as well, which made us wonder where are we going to fit the rest of the dishes, as we started to get filled up. Looking back at the whole evening in general this was certainly their highlight both in terms of presentation and taste!

Just when we thought they can’t possibly keep it up through the whole evening, we arrived in India. Once again you are served with a variety of different dishes from the region. Dishes include; rasam with green lentils, mint leaves and deep-fried sweet neem leaves; cooked to perfection polos salmon with green pea masala, curry leaf and spicy shallots; rice idli (type of savoury rice cake) with tikka chutney and kurkuri bhindi.

Indian Cuisine

The highlight of this course was the absolutely unique flavours you were getting in each dish. On the side we had salted chilis for those who needed a bit more of a kick and poppadoms.

As a well needed rest from food at this point in time, you get to carry on enjoying Le Petit Chef’s travels which eventually take him to Himalayas. At this point in time it’s very clear that they want you to have a completely immersive dining experience.

Himalayan Cuisine

This is not just a fine dining restaurant; their goal is to make sure you are well entertained and leave craving for more! Himalayan course of a raspberry sorbet with Kaffir lime soda and mint jelly was a great example of that. As a waiter pours Kaffir lime soda onto your Raspberry sorbet you get a perfect fog effect.

China certainly lived up to already hyped up expectations of the evening. For this region, we were served a corn-fed chicken with monkey ear mushrooms, mushroom foam, foie gras, asparagus and flat rice noodles with prawns. I have especially enjoyed how generous the serving of foie gras was.

Chinese Cuisine

Chicken was literally melting in your mouth and you could feel all the amazing flavours of this dish coming to you from every side. Never been a great fan of chicken myself, I find it more of a staple food, but in this case, it was my personal highlight of the evening. I would come back for this dish alone!

To finish the evening off, Le Petit Chef travels back to France to show everyone what he has learned travelling the world. For your second, and in this case main dessert, we were served with a tonka crème brulee, chocolate mousse, blackberries and freeze-dried orange.

The Crème Brulee had a unique flavour of cloves and vanilla, which derived from a Tonka bean. Chocolate mousse could stand well on its own and the addition of blackberries and freeze-dried orange just complemented an already great dish. It was interesting to see how they managed to combine the cultural diversity of every region into one stunning dessert!

France – Tonka Crème Brulee, Chocolate Mousse, Blackberry, Freeze Dried Orange


It was impressive to see how immersive and once again unique this experience was. They have managed to take you through six completely diverse cultures with each one taking your taste buds to new heights. This time around the presentation was immaculate, service well deserving highest praises and a much more interactive experience. They have certainly outdone themselves and I would gladly come back again!


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