The Honest Review, Gallo Wine Bar Taman Desa

You may remember a previous review of Mamamon in Taman Desa and the owners also asked us to review their other establishment called Gallo Wine bar which is almost...

You may remember a previous review of Mamamon in Taman Desa and the owners also asked us to review their other establishment called Gallo Wine bar which is almost directly above Mamamon and the Monkey bar(Gastro Bar).  A Cluster of 3 establishments, all are owned by the same new owners, all 3 of which have also recently been tastefully refurbished.

Rear Of Lounge Area

Gallo Wine Bar is situated in the pleasant, leafy residential suburb of Taman Desa, approximately 10 KM south of KLCC and just a stones throw away from the popular Scott Garden, a well known night life hub and shopping complex in the area which is popular with local residents and expats.

Front Of Lounge Area

Unlike its 2 sister bars which each have their own theme, Gallo Wine Bar is different again, it is completely tailored around those wine connoisseurs among us, or indeed the novices, like me that have a keen interest and want to learn and taste more.  Everything about Gallo Wine Bar including the food, furnishings, decor, ambience, subdued lighting effects has all been lovingly designed and created with wine tasting in mind.

Rear Of Lounge Area

Situated on the first floor, some steps will lead you up to this magnificent wine bar.  Although quite small itself, it’s clear that many big ideas have gone into the design of this fully air conditioned establishment.  Relaxing subdued lighting and music playing at soft volume immediately sets the theme as soon as you walk in.

Rear Of Lounge Area

You will be looking around in awe at the super high quality furnishings, carpets and decor all around you, from the photos on the wall to the luxurious leather sofa seating and of course the magnificent wine display area, all intricately designed to tempt you into a comfortable, relaxed abyss of wine and food tasting!  So relaxing in fact that you probably will struggle to leave!

Wine Rack Area In Lounge

Then there is of course the wine!  It seems to me that all the staff here are wine experts, ready and delighted to assist you with any questions you might have about the wine, whether you are a novice or consider yourself an experienced wine connoisseur.  I believe it is important in a wine bar of this stature to have knowledgeable staff to assist clients since the selection of wine here is so extensive, specialist help is needed, well, for me at least!

Wine Rack Area In Lounge

They stock, and have on display in the lounge area an absolutely superb selection of wines from all over the world with prices per bottle ranging from RM 150 in to the many thousands!  They also have a large selection of cigars which are available on request.

Wine Rack Area In Lounge

Important to note that Gallo Wine Bar is tailored around creating a fantastic and unforgettable wine tasting experience and that includes the food which is available.  You can take a look at their food menu here.  They only serve food that compliments wine well, hence the portions are quite small as well so that you can tantalise your taste buds along with your chosen wine(s) with various food dishes without over indulging with large portions, spending all night experimenting if you wish, in this super relaxing space!

Our Dining Experience

There were 2 of us dining today, we arrived around 5.30 pm for dinner and unfortunately we are not wine lovers so we didn’t have much wine.  We ordered 8 dishes in total from various sections of the menu.  Apologies in advance for the slight loss in quality of the food dishes photos due to the subdued lighting.

First out was Treghanna Bay Oysters 6pcs (RM 72) you can order either 6 or 12 pieces from the menu.  Served on a large round wooden dish were 6 chilled, deliciously looking oysters resting on a thick bed of ice and dressed with fresh parsley and slices of fresh lemon for squeezing and pleasing.  As part of one of the Gallo Wine Bar offers a 6 piece oyster dish is complimentary upon purchasing a bottle of Pinot Prigio wine for RM145++.

Treghanna Bay Oysters 6pcs (RM 72)

Out next was the Spicy White Wine Black Mussels (RM 25) served hot in a small metal dish on a wooden platter and consisted of black mussels with half a cherry tomato placed inside of each one and drenched in a delicious spicy white wine garlic sauce.  There was plenty of sauce resting at the bottom of the dish which I couldn’t stop tasting, it was perfect, tangy, slightly spicy with a hint of garlic.

Spicy White Wine Black Mussels (RM 25)

Next was The Ultimate Nachos (RM 18) served on a round wooden platter and consisted of hot and crispy nachos lightly glazed with oil, topped with jalapenos and served with 3 different dipping sauces.

The Ultimate Nachos (RM 18)

Next out was the Grilled Salmon & Crispy Skin (RM 28) served on an elongated ceramic plate the salmon was very tender and moist and almost fell apart with just a nudge of the fork, topped with the crispy salmon skin and a slice of fresh lemon.

Next was the Wedges With Garlic Aioli (RM 12).  We actually ordered this to compliment the steak.  The wedges were served on a round wooden platter in a small metal dish with 2 sauces served on the side.  One of which was slightly spicy and sweet and the other was the garlic aioli which I am sure needs no introduction for most.

Wedges With Garlic Aioli (RM 12)

Next was definitely my favourite of the evening the Grilled Australian Black Angus Beef (RM 68).  An absolutely incredibly tender and succulent 100 gram piece of Australian black angus beef, served medium rare as requested, sliced and all resting on a bed of fresh crispy leaves of lettuce.

Grilled Australian Black Angus Beef (RM 68)

Out next, a chefs special, recommended by the waiter was the Lambor Guinness (RM 18) this was served hot in a small metal dish on a round wooden platter.  Features succulent lamb meatballs wrapped in smoked duck breast and smothered in a rich Guinness gravy, served with toasted garlic bread.

Lambor Guinness (RM 18)

Last but definitely not least was the Angel Hair Cili Padi & Button Mushroom (RM 20) which consisted of very fine long strands of pasta (angel hair pasta) and prepared with Cili Padi, which are small chili peppers, button mushrooms, halved cherry tomatoes, garlic and nicely topped with a scallop and fresh parsley.

Angel Hair Cili Padi & Button Mushroom (RM 20)


After chatting with the waiter he told us that they don’t have a wide selection of “sweet” desserts as normally sweet desserts do not compliment wine very well.  As I mentioned earlier everything in Gallo Wine Bar is tailored around wine and a wine tasting experience, including the food.

The Choco Bomb

However what they did have was something quite unique called the Choco Bomb which is not as sweet as your average dessert.

The choco bomb is a ball of chocolate with a hollow centre.  The centre contains rhubarb, cream and an assortment of nuts.  As you will see, the way the choco bomb is presented would be an excellent surprise for someone on a birthday or anniversary so that’s why if it’s your birthday on your visit to Gallo Wine Bar the choco bomb is complimentary!  So let’s now crack it open!…


If you want an excellent choice of international wines and excellent food to compliment your wine tasting experience then this is definitely one of the best places I have come across so far, if not the best.

A super relaxing and cosy environment where you could easily get carried away and sit for hours enjoying the ambience and tantalising those taste buds with your favourite wine and food.  Our favourite of the evening was definitely the Australian Black Angus Beef!

The staff are very attentive and knowledgeable if ever you need assistance in making your choices, either food or wine.  The food is of high quality, very reasonably priced and well presented but as we mentioned earlier the portions are quite small to cater for a wine tasting experience.

Thank you to all the staff for their help and advice during the evening, we will definitely see you again!

Gallo Wine Bar Taman Desa

5-1-1, Jalan 3/109f

Taman Danau Desa

58100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-7971 9005