The Honest Review, Joloko’s Caribbean Food Cruise

Feeling nauti? Why not eat your way around the Caribbean? Joloko’s Caribbean Food Cruise (KL’s 2020 best getaway) is here to fulfil our fanta-seas this very festive season. Circumnavigate...

Feeling nauti? Why not eat your way around the Caribbean? Joloko’s Caribbean Food Cruise (KL’s 2020 best getaway) is here to fulfil our fanta-seas this very festive season. Circumnavigate the world on a tropical food trip with us and experience the magic onboard as we take your taste buds on an 8-course tasting menu, and globetrotting Caribbean adventure from Martinique to Jamaica! Set sail for unforgettable, classic, and avant-garde specialty Caribbean food cruise for all the days of December 2020 (except 24th, 25th, and 31st) on which days Joloko will unlock the doors to the new imaginative dining, and another playfully exclusive 8 to 10-course Caribbean festive dishes served for dinners and brunches — all with satisfying selections for the foodie and the finicky.

Seeing these tropical postcards got us all giddy to start the culinary cruising experience!

Who wouldn’t love to escape to the tropics right about now? If you can’t get there in real life, Joloko’s Caribbean food cruise presents you with an incredible assortment of refreshing Caribbean cocktails, and island-friendly dishes. Starting the trip off right with some Pinacoladas and Mojitos made with Baccardi Cuatro Años, perfect tropical drinks that reminds you of a beautiful summer vacation – as well as those fruity concoction they serve on cruise ships.

Nothing spells sunshine quite like a Pinacolada

Loose enough after a few drinks, snap some pre-cruise pictures in the Photo Booth upstairs. You’ll find yourself picking some nautical and tiki photo props inspired by summer, sunshine, and cruise vacations. Simply perfect for that Caribbean holiday vibe!

Cruising from island to island will let you sample a variety of Caribbean dishes from the classics in Barbados and Jamaica. So, if the food of the Caribbean has whetted your appetite for a Caribbean cruise, then why not embark on a culinary tour to the Carribean.

Set the cruise alight in Martinique with some Accras (Caribbean fritters). In Martinique they’re known as Marinades (mah-ree-nod) but everywhere else in the islands, they’re referred to as Accras, or Accras de Morue. They’re often made with salt fish: fresh fish that has been cured in salt and dried until every ounce of moisture has been drawn from it. Think of an accra as a Caribbean ​fish cake — crispy, puffy, tender fritters with a little spice. A staple dish in the Caribbean and is the best hors d’oeuvre (appetizer) with cocktails. First dish on the list and we already are so intrigued and buzzin’ for what’s next…

Accras de Morue (Salted fish & Prawn fritters)

Sharkin’ about as we sail through Trinidad, Joloko’s Caribbean food cruise is serving the famous & ultimate Trinidadian beach food “bake and shark”. The inside of the bake is hollow so it’s the perfect receptacle for stuffing. Think of it like a Trinidadian version of a pita. The “Shark” part… well, shark, but not the huge ones we see in movies. These are much smaller. They’re skinned, deboned, and sold already filleted. Bringing at all together, the bake is cut open and the fried shark is tucked inside, making a delicious “sandwich”. It was delicious! Fresh, flavourful, and fast.

Bake & Shark fried bread, grilled shark

All hands-on deck to Haiti! No dish says independence, liberation, and freedom quite like soup joumou. Sipping the hearty soup, is an indispensable New Year’s Day tradition. The soup that symbolizes Haitian freedom — rich pumpkin soup with an even richer history. After freedom, it was time to celebrate. Extremely filling, but the pleasure of the remarkable flavours with the proudness of freedom make this dish a unique experience that one must share. Joloko’s done its twist in making this soup joumou in Pumpkin & goat. Hands down a delicious and aromatic dish to remember.

Joumou Pumpkin & goat soup

Just aboat time for Puerto Rico! We had a taste of the most important Boricua dish, the soul of Puerto Rican cuisine – Mofongo. This dish exemplifies the heart and soul of the country — different backgrounds coming together to create something uniquely Puerto Rican. No trip to the Island of Enchantment is complete without it. Ay! Bendito! The Beef mofongo was scrumptious.

Mofongo Mashed plantain, beef

Halfway down the coast, Aruba, here we come! For such a tiny Caribbean island, Aruba has a highly sophisticated culinary scene. A popular hot comfort food in Aruba is stew (stoba), enjoyed by Arubans despite the tropical climate. The fifth lush dish was served right in front of us that night, Coconut stew with mullet, mussels, and mango. The vibrant colour of the golden Mullet against all the other ingredients is so appealing; it makes you want to go back for seconds.

Coconut Stew in mullet, mussels, and mango

Tropic like it’s hot in Barbados! One of the most perfect places to visit for a gastronomical adventure! Whether you’re served food on a china plate, takeaway box or even straight from a banana leaf, the sensational taste, texture, and flavour of various Caribbean delicacies across the islands will have any foodie blown away. Pigtails and Cou Cou are two Bajan must-try dishes when in Barbados. Joloko is serving them as one in this Caribbean cruise. Bbq pigtails are a sensation in Barbados—you will find the treat everywhere, from the city streets of Bridgetown to beach-side shacks on the island’s west coast. Pigtails are particularly prevalent during festival season, great timing to indulge in this Bajan classic. Another interesting inclusion one must try!

BBQ pigtails with cou cou

As the night carried on, we found ourselves in Cuba! Cuban food is nothing like you’ve ever tried before. It’s all about Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences all combined into one, producing a unique cuisine which is rich in spices, full-on in flavour as well as nutritious. In Cuba, lechon asado is made for a celebration. Many times, a whole pig is cooked in the ground and covered with banana leaves. It is a tradition and a feast. What sets Cuban lechon asado apart is the mojo marinade made up of tangy orange juice, a plethora of garlic, cumin, and oregano. The marinated mojo pork is reserved for special occasions and celebrations because roasting is a whole day affair. Unmistakably, one of the most fantastic, unique, and modern twist on classic Cuban food.

Lechon Asado grilled pork, mojo

A certainly great way to cap the cruise off, Wah Gwaan, Jamaica! Craving for some sweet treat after that sumptuous tasting menu. We’ve devoured a delectable Gizzada, an old-time favourite pastry among Jamaicans. A delicious coconut tart with rum. Nothing beats coconut treats, though. They are just so delicious. Something about that roughness that makes you happy. What a worthy Caribbean treat!

Gizzada, coconut tart with rum

We cheered the night away with some Clairin Vaval! We are so enticed to spread the word and to Joloko you Arriba! Arriba! After all — ‘tis the season to be jolly, eat and drink and be merry. Book now and don’t miss Joloko’s Caribbean food cruise this December 2020 and check out their newest Christmas and NYE festive menus!


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