The Honest Review, The Lankan Crabs

Wondering where’s the best signature crab dish in town? A haven for crustacean fans? A place for something truly decadent? A fun date night? Skip the search because “The...

Wondering where’s the best signature crab dish in town? A haven for crustacean fans? A place for something truly decadent? A fun date night? Skip the search because “The Lankan Crabs” has opened its beguiling doors last March 2020 in the heart and lively streets of Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Outdoor View

The Lankan Crabs is like taking a bullet train to Sri Lanka allowing people to experience a dash of Sri Lankan flavours without having to hop on a flight. This crab-tastic restaurant is fashioned in a casual contemporary wooden-chic style with a few vibrant interiors.

Indoor View

The intricately patterned tiles on the main dining floor, yellow lighting – everything oozing old charm and character. With simplicity and subtle sophistication, The Lankan Crabs is celebrating the Sri Lankan culture in everything from the authentic crab dishes to the artsy flooring up to the alluring peacock painting in the wall that serves as the restaurant’s main décor as you enter, and say “Ayubowan!” (Hello), keep calm and crab on!

Peacock Painting

The Lankan Crabs forte plates highlight the Indonesian-sourced mud crabs (Scylla serrata), blended with exotic Sri Lankan spices and premium ingredients making their crab dishes absolutely a stellar.

The Negombo Style

The restaurant’s MasterChef Wijaya, from Colombo, Sri Lanka extends his skills for creative and succulent flavours taking the XXL mud crabs (weighing 600g each) to a whole new level perfecting the restaurant’s three signature crab dishes (The Negombo Crab Curry: The Chef’s signature, & strictly Singhalese. The Jaffna Crab Curry: The crown favourite, & perfect for Spicy lovers.

The Jaffna Style (Shrimp)

The Garlic Butter Crab: The ultimate experience & prepared with France’s No. 1 President butter). We’ll have to return to try the tetralogy!

The Garlic Butter Style

There is something enormously satisfying and carnal about ripping a large crab apart and devouring its beautiful sweet contents – especially when it is well-cooked like they do in The Lankan Crabs – in either Negombo, Jaffna or Garlic Butter.

Disposable Aprons

It can be a little challenging getting the meat out of all the little crevices, but that is half the fun of eating it. This is what makes The Lankan Crabs so inviting and extraordinary as they have the coolest vibe, and they ensure the most comfortable, cosy, and lavish crab-alicious meal in Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant will provide you a decent set of disposable aprons, hand gloves, crab scissors, and kitchen tool making it so easy to remove the crab meat. So, say goodbye to strenuous times. Come and revel in along with some Lion Beer!

Sri Lankan Local beer

 The Lankan Crabs’ menu features a collection of authentic Sri Lankan recipes made especially suitable for Malaysian tangs. As much as they serve exceptional crab dishes, they have a few authentic Sri Lankan varieties to devoured on: The Chicken Biryani, Mutton Bone Marrow Varuval, Paal Poriyal, 3 Sambols, and 1 Paal Appam with Brown Sugar are the perfect must-try’s to complete the experience.

Chicken Briyani

The elaborate Chicken Briyani dish full of enticing flavours matches the finger licking good, rich, and smooth spiced gravy in which the Mutton Bone Marrow is served.

Mutton Bone Marrow Varuval

For something straightforward yet satisfying, the Paal Poriyal is not to be missed! Bring out the iced water as you savour the Sri Lanka’s hearty traditional mutton dish.

Paal Poriyal

As lovers of all things hot and spicy, every south Asian country has their own version of a sambol. The Lankan Crabs presented their 3 authentic Sri Lankan sambols: Pol sambol is delightful relish consisting of freshly grated coconut, shallots, dried chillies, lime juice and salt.

Sinni, Katta, & Pol Sambol

 The Sinni sambol is a Sri Lankan version of caramelised onion chutney. The Katta sambol that awakens the taste buds and works as a perfect accompaniment to a myriad of favourites – ranging from pol roti to pittu to hoppers to anything else in between. Together these little sides provide a fun adventure for your taste buds as you dip your delish crabs into the curry and mop up the sauces.

BS Appam

From the coconut sambol to the crab curry and gravy, your taste buds are in for a treat. Completing the line-up is our resident appam Maitresse Amma Lalli who hails from Seremban, and serves up the freshest of appams made with her homemade recipe perfected over a span of 40 years.

For food enthusiasts, the friendly staff and owners are more than happy to provide information about the preparation and cooking process. Whether you are swinging by for lunch or a romantic dinner, The Lankan Crabs is a wonderful venue for any occasion and its consistently luscious cooking continues to attract numerous visitors. The team provides top-notch services and very pleasing. The welcoming and professional service will guarantee you leave happily fed, entertained, and you get your money’s worth. The restaurant strives to deliver highest quality sustainable mud crabs. Meaty, flavourful and a nice texture to the flesh.

Will we return? Without a doubt, The Lankan Crabs is easily one of the best crab cravings fixer in Malaysia. The crabs are fresh, and we love the Negombo Crab and Garlic Butter Crab. It is like no other crab we have ever tasted – clean, superbly fresh and crisp making us want to suck the shell. If you could only eat just one crab curry for the rest of your life, you’d want it to be this. The signature dishes so good, that it makes you do a happy dance, sing its praises, and forget all that hard work of cracking the claws and crab shells to get to the good stuff! We will certainly be back!  No time to visit Lankan Crabs for any reason? No problem, they also offer take away and delivery service to your home or office!

The Lankan Crabs

4, Jalan Kemuja

Bangsar, 59000

Kuala Lumpur

Opens Daily 11am to 10pm




WhatsApp/Tel: +6012-579 4435/+602201 0128



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