The Honest Review, Rasa Viet

Rasa Viet is situated just 10 KM south west of KLCC in the award winning Sphere shopping complex and life style hub.  Set amidst the iconic Bangsar South, a...

Rasa Viet is situated just 10 KM south west of KLCC in the award winning Sphere shopping complex and life style hub.  Set amidst the iconic Bangsar South, a well known, affluent residential area, with a plethora of life style amenities and complexes.  The Sphere, is just one of those complexes, and perfectly complements the integrated city development by offering a world class food and life-style destination.

Main Entrance Of The Sphere

The Sphere intertwines green landscaping and flowing water features for a fresh, vibrant look and feel.  Modern steel and glass architecture creates a spacious, aesthetically pleasing layout that integrates both the indoor and outdoor sections of this life style hub.  It’s much more than just a pleasant environment, a “one-stop shop” where you can find an array or retail outlets, lifestyle brands, and a vast selection of eateries and restaurants, making The Sphere the ideal destination for convenient enjoyment.  There is plenty of paid parking nearby and inside the complex itself.

Front Terrace & Entrance

Rasa Viet is definitely a unique and eye catching addition to this life style hub.  Situated on the ground floor, right outside the main entrance of the complex.  Just a few steps lead you to the front terrace of this delightful, Muslim friendly, culinary oasis.  We shot a short video of the surrounding area.

A beautifully decorated, well laid out, double fronted restaurant with 2 fan cooled terraces, one at the front which looks out onto the main road, and one at the rear which backs onto the adjoining complex.

Rear Terrace & Entrance

Super clean and meticulously maintained with a truly authentic Vietnamese feel, eye catching, lush green plantations and fresh flowers everywhere you look, both inside and out.  Inside is fully air conditioned and super clean with high quality wooden furnishings and beautiful hanging lighting fixtures in the centre.

Inside Dining Area

It’s not only the ambience that is out of this world!  Rasa Viet pride themselves on preparing to order fresh, authentic, reasonably priced Vietnamese cuisine all to be thoroughly enjoyed in this uniquely and lovingly designed restaurant which as soon as you enter gives you that dreamy feeling of actually being transported to somewhere in Vietnam for a while!

Front Terrace Plantations

Rasa Viet also has its own website where you can find details of their menus, information about deliveries and much more.  So let’s get on with it and tell you about our dining experience!

Our Dining Experience

We arrived around 6pm for dinner and there were 3 of us dining today.  It was quiet when we arrived but after a short while it started to get quite busy, evidently Rasa Viet already have a good following of already satisfied clients!  We ordered 5 different types of main course or savoury dishes, 2 desserts  and 2 drinks, all to share between the 3 of us.

Ice Blended Coconut Coffee (RM 15.90)

Important to point out that all the dishes, sauces, beverages and desserts are prepared fresh, to order and on site.  First out was of course the drinks, Ice Blended Coconut Coffee (RM 15.90) and the Avocado Smoothie (RM 14.90).

Avocado Smoothie (RM 14.90)

Very shortly after came the very well presented Assorted Spring Roll Platter (RM 25) which consists of a chicken and prawn summer roll, 2 chicken fried rolls, 2 sweet potato yam netted rolls and 2 mayonnaise prawn netted rolls all served in a basket style dish, lying on a bed of fresh leaves of lettuces with a selection of 3 spicy and sweet sauces served on the side.  These piping hot and crispy spring rolls made for an excellent taste bud teaser and starter, mixing and matching with the 3 delicious sauces.


Assorted Spring Roll Platter (RM 25)

Next was the Vietnamese Pancake (RM 22) and we chose the chicken and prawn filling which was pleasantly spicy, served hot on an elongated wooden platter along with 2 sweet and spicy sauces, a separate plate of various fresh herbs including mint, basil, fresh leaves of lettuce, cucumber, pickled carrot, onion and bean sprouts.

Vietnamese Pancake (RM 22)

Sheets of rice paper were also served on a separate plate.  This was to be used for preparing and wrapping the pancakes into rolls!  We called on Dennis, the owner to help us with this and I can tell you that his kind assistance was definitely needed……!

Dennis had definitely done this before!  Using the leaves of lettuce as the initial wrapper for the fresh ingredients and then carefully taking one of the 3 pancakes and wrapping it all together with the rice paper.  We ended up letting Dennis wrap all 3 of them for us!

The Finished Product!

A Vietnamese meal is not complete without trying out the soups and next out were the Pho.  For those of you that don’t know “Pho” is Vietnamese for noodle soup and “Vermicelli” literal meaning is “little worms” and refers to a type of pasta or noodles.  Traditionally, the noodles used in the Pho is made of rice flour and water.

The Rasa Viet menu has an entire section of Pho & Vermicelli.  Pho is a very popular street food in Vietnam and has become famous around the world, traditionally made with broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat, sometimes chicken.  At Rasa Viet there is also a choice of seafood or vegetarian as well as the more traditional meat and chicken.

The Pho is prepared with ingredients including yellow onion, spring onion and fresh coriander and all are served with a small separate platter of bean sprouts, served with fresh herbs, fresh red chili and fresh lime for pleasing and squeezing.

The Pho is not served particularly spicy from the kitchen, however you may compliment and spice up your Pho to your liking even further with condiments on the side of hoisin (lightly spiced), sriracha (very hot) and pickled garlic vinegar as well as fresh red chili if you wish.  Do be careful as these condiments do tend give quite a kick to your soup quite quickly, so my advice is use them sparingly, at least at first!

Condiments Of Hoisin Sauce, Sriracha Sauce, Pickled Garlic Vinegar & Sliced Red Chili Peppers

We had 3, one each, the Special Beef Noodle (RM 24.90), Meatball Noodle (RM 17.90) and Smoked Duck Noodle RM19.90.  All served piping hot and very well presented with a generous sprinkling of fresh coriander floating on top.

Next out was the Grilled Chicken Vermicelli (RM 18.90) and the Beef in Betel Leaf Vermicelli (RM 18.90)

Grilled Chicken Vermicelli (RM 18.90)

There are 4 different types to choose from in the Vermicelli Salad section of the menu, a type of Vietnamese noodle salad which includes fresh leaves of lettuce, herbs, carrot, cucumber, bean sprouts, onion and shaved nuts.  These were deliciously refreshing especially after eating our spicy soup.

Beef in Betel Leaf Vermicelli (RM 18.90)

The final Savoury dish of the evening was the Claypot Braised Butter Fish Rice (RM 21.90) which is quite a salty, lightly spicy dish and absolutely bursting with flavour, topped with slices of onion and fresh coriander.

Claypot Braised Butter Fish Rice (RM 21.90)


Caramel Pudding (RM 5.90)

Last but definitely not least came the desserts.  The Caramel Pudding (RM 5.90) topped with fresh leaves of mint and the Fried Jack Fruit With Coconut Ice Cream (RM 9.90) served on a wooden platter with a small glass dish of coconut ice cream and the crispy fried jack fruit served on the side.

Fried Jack Fruit With Coconut Ice Cream (RM 9.90)


We had a wonderful evening at Rasa Viet with amazingly fresh, well presented, Vietnamese cuisine all served by friendly staff in a super clean, pristine ambience and setting.  Also, we had never been to The Sphere before and we were quite taken aback by the number of what seemed to be fairly new, up coming eateries here and in the surrounding area.

Another thing that surprised us about Rasa Viet was the prices!  With the plush, clean surroundings and high quality food, we expected a heavy price tag for that!  This was our mis-perception, as on seeing the menu we discovered it was actually very reasonably priced indeed!

Well done to Dennis and his team, we will definitely be back to try more of their culinary delights!

Rasa Viet

Unit No. G-3A

Level Ground

The Sphere, 59200 Kuala Lumpur





Opening Hours: Daily 10:30am – 10pm

Tel: +603 – 2242 1880