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With innovation and advanced technological capabilities, opportunities abound. However, even with new jobs being created and new possibilities for work unfolding, unemployment is, sadly, still a dilemma that persists...

With innovation and advanced technological capabilities, opportunities abound. However, even with new jobs being created and new possibilities for work unfolding, unemployment is, sadly, still a dilemma that persists in parts of the world.

Malaysia’s unemployment rate stands at approximately 3.4 per cent, while the youth unemployment rate in the nation stands at about 10.8 per cent. Various factors may contribute to this troubling picture, prominent reasons often include a lack of career direction, a lack of job-specific skills and unrealistic talent expectations set either by employers or by the potential employees themselves.

A lack of career direction is a particularly major issue which may affect around 3.1 million young people.


Matching talent with demand

Future Leaders Internship Programme(FLIP) is a purpose-led consulting firm that provides internship & career-oriented coaching for 15 to 20 year olds. Through its comprehensive design, programmes at FLIP are aimed to disrupt pathways that have traditionally been dictating career moves only after the completion of tertiary education.

By connecting the dots backwards, FLIP empowers students by helping them explore new pathways in emerging sectors and also help them out in choosing subjects and courses that play to their strengths. Our programmes develop skill sets necessary for millennial talents and expose them to work-life from a young age.

In order to prepare the youth for their transition into the workforce, FLIP is hard at work getting students career-ready (and future-ready) by engaging them with real-life experience in various fields.

FLIP’s programs include coaching and internships for students from the age of 15. Since 2016, FLIP internships have helped hundreds of students zero-in on careers and avoid any mismatch in talent expectation. FLIP offers access to over 80 mid-to-large-sized corporations across multiple industries globally, making it one of the very few companies to offer work exposure over such a wide spectrum of sectors.


Bridging the GAP

FLIP also has a heavy focus on providing career coaching initiatives for students who aren’t confident about their abilities but are passionate about exploring various disciplines. One of the issues with education today is that students who are looking to start their careers often have no connections inside the industries they want to enter. 2 out of 3 students are unhappy with their career choice

CAREER COACHING gives students a competitive edge – to help establish realistic goals, discover solutions to challenges, develop action plans, institute motivation and build self-confidence.

Through this process, students are empowered to take charge of their career pathways and to strategise and plan ahead to achieve individuals career goals.


Building brighter future

FLIP has organised initiatives with established international schools, public schools and various education institutions that focus on inculcating career-ready mindsets among students. Actionable steps towards achieving career goals are also a focus. These programmes include elements such as design thinking modules that teach kids about solution-based approaches to solving problems, community building workshops and other courses that are related to career-based skills like pitching, first impressions, language proficiency and much more.

Internship initiatives organised by FLIP have also impacted the lives of many students. One such example is a young lady who finished her IGCSE and was deciding between law and journalism. She was undecided and decided to take on an internship to help give her some clarity. She opted to do a 2 weeks placement with an online publishing company and this turned out to be a wonderful experience for her! She learnt the ropes well and her article at the end of the placement received 15,000 likes and went viral. This was her 1st attempt and she discovered her passion in writing. She is now pursuing her degree but is still doing freelance writing for this company. This experience gave her the opportunity to explore and discover her passion and strengths

Experiences like these can go a long way towards helping ensure that students are well-prepared to enter and thrive in various industries.

FLIP’s mission is to empower students to choose careers that inspire them every day and develop career mind-sets from the grassroots


FUTURE LEADERS INTERNSHIP PROGRAM, FLIP inspires young adults to find their Love, Interest and Passion in careers and life beyond schools through the FLIP Way.

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