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After a long and tiring work week, it’s normal to crave for a relaxing weekend getaway, but you don’t own a car, the cost of flight tickets can break...

After a long and tiring work week, it’s normal to crave for a relaxing weekend getaway, but you don’t own a car, the cost of flight tickets can break the bank easily and long and uncomfortable bus journeys are not even an option for you. What is the solution?

Lucky for you, we found out this new car-sharing app in Malaysia called SOCAR. You don’t need to own a car, dealing with the buses or pay a lot of money of money for flights. Time to save money and time with SOCAR. Join the car-sharing movement and enjoy 3 hours off on your first reservation today.

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SOCAR is a car-sharing platform that allows you to book a car which suits your needs by the hour, day or week all through using their mobile application.
A great way of sharing for the weekend discoveries which offers you to book a car within a variety of SOCARs for as low as RM8/hour. Moreover, 30KM of petrol per hour and insurance is included in the price. You can drive any SOCAR from 30 minutes to however you desire.

Download the app and upload your IC and international driving license and then you’re ready to go! SOCAR is as easy as ‘Tap, Unlock and Drive’!

Malaysia has many things to offer an expat, and you are excited to travel, explore Malaysia. Our expats friends Ecem, Francesco and Ruvina just got back from their their weekend in Tioman Island for just RM 70 per head.
Say goodbye to long bus rides!

Here are some ideas on how you can plan your next adventure with a SOCAR! Kapas Island,
Tioman Island,
Genting Highland,
Langkawi, Perhentian Islands, Cameron Highlands, Johor

Let’s face it, travelling abroad can be a little costly as we not only need to pay for the flight tickets, accommodation, transportation abroad but also getting to the airport. SOCAR aims in making it so much more convenient for you with their recently launch one-way to the airport!

Here’s how it works:
Step 1: Select your preferred pick-up point from the one-way zones available within the app. (Pudu UTC, Lot10, Ampang Park or KL Sentral)
Step 2: Select your time and drop off zone (KLIA 1 or KLIA 2)
Step 3: Select your SOCAR and confirm your reservation.
Step 4: Driving to the airport is now a breeze!
Always wanted to go to Cambodia or just chill by the beach in Thailand? There’s a much easier way of doing it now with SOCAR.

For more info, check out their website at:​ ​
If you’re an expat living in KL, follow their ​foreigner’s guide to use SOCAR.
Download it now! Start sharing with SOCAR.

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Apply Promo Code: SOEXPAT