The Honest Review, PRIVATE @ The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar, A Socially Distant Dining Out Experience

Whilst the Government’s recent announcement allowing the re-opening of restaurants on a limited basis will have come as a relief to operators and diners alike, many people in KL...

Whilst the Government’s recent announcement allowing the re-opening of restaurants on a limited basis will have come as a relief to operators and diners alike, many people in KL are still concerned about the potential for COVID transmission.

With this in mind, award-winning KL boutique hotel, The Chow Kit, is launching PRIVATE @ The Chow Kit, a unique offering where guests enjoy the comfort, privacy and safety of private dining residences designed by Brooklyn-based collective Studio Tack and award-winning cuisine concocted by CNN’s Best New Restaurant in Asia.

The Chow Kit PRIVATE Dining Room

Available from Valentine’s Day weekend onwards – Friday, 12th February – patrons may book a private dining experience in a stylish, bed-less guest room at The Chow Kit which will stress minimal, but impeccable service in order to reduce touch points and interaction with staff and other guests. In order to comply with current restrictions, each guest room may only be booked by a maximum of two people – perfect for romantic getaways! – but this shall increase to groups of up to six once regulations are relaxed.

Guests of PRIVATE @ The Chow Kit, will also be able to avail themselves to a delectable cocktail and aperitivo program devised in partnership with Shawn Chong, South East Asia’s best mixologist.

Dishes are delivered by visored, masked and gloved servers at set intervals and guests have the option of extending their stay beyond the set three-hour period at a 50% discount to prevailing overnight rates.

Service requests and additional orders may be placed using the guest’s personal phones and customization of the residence’s décor is available for special occasions. Diners are also able to tailor their experience and set the mood as they see fit with the ability to customise the décor of the residence and play their own Spotify playlists via their personal devices on the guest room’s interactive televisions.

Before any further delays, let us jump into our dining experience!

Our Dining Experience:

We arrived around 2pm for lunch and we were escorted to the room reserved for our Sunday Roast.  Shortly after settling in, an incredibly friendly waitress, called Pritika, came over to check in on us and take our drinks order. We found her to be extremely friendly and professional.

To start with, they served us a homemade fish crackers with two different types of sambal (hot and spicy red Sambal Merah and milder green Sambal Hijau). Sambal was one of the highlights of our overall experience. I personally found Sambal Merah to be a touch too hot and could only take a bit of it at a time. Sambal Hijau on the other hand was perfect for my chili tolerance. This incredibly smooth sambal had enough kick to empower your taste buds instead of completely overwhelming them.

Homemade Fish Crackers With Two Different Types Of Sambal

When the main course arrived, Sunday Roast, we couldn’t believe the sheer size of the beef, I am sure picture will explain everything better than I ever could in a thousand words. It was served with roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts, Yorkshire pudding and jar of gravy on the side. Pritika mentioned the Chef also recommends to eat it with a touch of sambal, which at first was a bit odd to me, but instantly proved any thoughts I had against it were entirely wrong.

Sunday Roast

The beef was incredibly tender and cooked exactly the way I ordered it, Medium-Rare. The homemade gravy was still piping hot and supplemented everything perfectly. Grilled brussels sprouts were still crunchy, just the way they are supposed to be!

Upon finishing our main course and resting for a while (I am not kidding, that beef was BIG), Pritika brought us our desserts. A traditional homemade Bread and Butter Pudding. In addition to being baked with custard, they also serve it with light, creamy custard, sprinkled with blackberries on the side.

Bread and Butter Pudding

I personally enjoyed that a lot as you get to add as much or as little custard as you wish.


At Chow Kit Kitchen and Bar, they use the best ingredients to create delicious meals, topped with attentive and some of the best service I have seen in KL, in a comfortable and warm environment. The cuisine they serve revolves around the reminiscence of classic comfort food. They aim to provide their guests with an outstanding and memorable experience every time you dine. Allowing guests to unwind after a long day at work or celebrate a special occasion with loved ones with a fully customisable dining experience.

KL Expat viewers can use Promo Code KLEXPAT20 when ordering with the following conditions:

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How to use:

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 Terms & Conditions:

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The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar

1015, Jalan Sultan Ismail

Chow Kit

50100 Kuala Lumpur





Website: PRIVATE @ The Chow Kit

Tel: +603 27786688

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