The Honest Review, Whimsy, Malaysia’s First Interactive Fine Dining Experience!

Whimsy opened in April this year and is situated in Skyland Kuala Lumpur, near Bukit Bintang, just a couple of kilometres from KLCC.  Here you can also find two...

Whimsy opened in April this year and is situated in Skyland Kuala Lumpur, near Bukit Bintang, just a couple of kilometres from KLCC.  Here you can also find two of the company’s other outlets, Plane In The City and Dinner In The Sky.  Whimsy is Malaysia’s first interactive, five senses based fine dining experience.  Whimsy is not only a restaurant with fine food and superb quality decor, furnishings and surroundings, it’s an unforgettable experience, designed to delight every single one of your senses, not only your taste buds!

You may have already seen from our featured video above, if you haven’t yet seen it, then take a look now!  All this is brought to you by state-of-the-art 360 and 3D projection technology, delighting all your senses by deeply submerging you in a perfect and exciting adventure of sound, vision and flavours which is literally out of this world!  Check out their pre-opening video below too.

Whimsy is another one of the Elements outlets which are all nearby KLCC.  We have already reviewed Elements (The Grill).  We will also be bringing you soon Le Petit Chef, Dinner In The Sky and Plane In The City, and just like Whimsy, the Elements group prides itself on bringing their guests something completely different and that’s why they all have their very own unique dining experience, so stay tuned!

As you can probably imagine, due to the show they put on for all guests, Whimsy has to operate distinctly differently than your average restaurant, although rest assured the food more than matches this unforgettable experience!  Whimsy is more about the unique experience rather than say having a wide selection of food and drink available.  So there are only two set menus to choose from.

They have a “GOLD Journey” and a “PLATINUM Journey” you can see both of the journeys and prices here on their website.  The Platinum package also includes a complimentary glass of cocktail or mocktail upon arrival at the lounge and RM50 cash voucher for redemption at ANY Elements outlets.

The lounge can accommodate a maximum of ten persons at each session.  Set times for booking also need to be adhered to.  Each time slot lasts for approximately one and a half hours and you can choose which slot you prefer as below.  Booking in advance is mandatory, on-line on their website, phone or email.  Whimsy is closed on Mondays.

6.00pm | 8.00pm


6.30pm | 8.30pm

5:00pm | 7.00pm | 9.00pm


Our Dining Experience

The Whimsy menu was experienced and approved by Michelin Starred Chef Jeff Ramsey to help us create this immersive 360-degree multi-sensory culinary experience.  Let your senses go on a journey through a 5-course projection mapping meal created with the help and experience of Chef Jeff Ramsey.

KL Expat Malaysia have been looking forward to dining here for some time, this dinner is completely different to all other restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and we were definitely not disappointed. For those foodies looking to step up their sensual dining, this is the place!

360-degree wall projections, table projections, scent diffusers and a multi channel speaker system set the tone, enhancing diners’ experience of flavor through a meticulously controlled atmosphere.

Ushered into the theatre/dining arena, you are seated in a group of ten.  I would recommend to get friendly with everyone at the table, it’ll make for a more enjoyable experience.  Once you are seated, relax and enjoy the amazing show!

We were on the “Gold Journey”.  Each course, leads you through a new cinematic world, guided by Whimsy’s very own virtual host. We will take you through our five worlds and five courses!

The Gold Journey Menu


A futuristic world, where each guest uses the iPad provided to check their horoscope sign that was then projected across the room.

Biodome consisted of smoked duck and lentil salad, squid ink risotto moon rock, pesto and roselle geodesic bubbles.

The Nest

The room transformed into a magical forest with the table turning into roots and vines of trees.  Magical mushrooms around the room and fairies popping up everywhere!

Served in a birds nest was 63 egg, asparagus, parmesan cheese, mushroom duxelles and chicken jus.

The Nest

The Sea

Some parts of the experience were a bit more hands on, to get to this next world we all had to break the ice by banging hard on the table!

Once we broke the ice on the table, we got transported under the sea.  It felt like we were dining in a massive aquarium!  The Sea consists of roast scallop, japanese turnip, samphire, and red ogo seaweed.  Possibly my favourite dish of the evening, the scallop was huge and juicy and it came served in an enormous shell.

Popcorn & Chocolate

This time we were asked to clap our hands, a few rounds of applause later and we managed to end up at the circus!

This dish consisted of pan seared foie gras with chocolate perfumed jus and guina fowl with popcorn sauce

The Egg

This experience again involved using the IPad which is provided for each guest.  Here we could write uplifting messages down which would appear on lanterns around the room!  Out of all the visuals, this was definitely my favourite; the colours and delivery method made it a very romantic, beautiful ending to the show.

The Egg

The dessert was impressive, full of flavour and pleasing on the eye, consisting of  a white chocolate egg, praline and dark chocolate fuilletine, vanilla creme pate and fresh fruits.  I could have eaten two of these if it wasn’t for being too full!


Overall, a fantastic experience, with fantastic food!   A lot of work, thought, technical and culinary expertise has gone into bringing guests Malaysia’s first multi sensory dining experience, well done Whimsy!  As you can see, unlike other restaurants, it’s not only about enjoying fantastic food, but more about enjoying this unique experience as a whole.


WHIMSY @Skyland

231, Bukit Bintang Street

55100 Kuala Lumpur

+60 14 6698 404



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