The Honest Review, Ombak Kitchen, An Absolute Must Try Restaurant For All Seafood Lovers!

We recently had the pleasure of getting invited to review one of the latest additions to Bangsar eateries scene, Ombak Kitchen. They consider themselves to be the Best Halal...

We recently had the pleasure of getting invited to review one of the latest additions to Bangsar eateries scene, Ombak Kitchen. They consider themselves to be the Best Halal Seafood Restaurant in Bangsar, and rightfully so! Ombak Kitchen serves genuinely affordable and incredibly fresh seafood. It is a fun filled family restaurant with the famous seafood boil concept originating from the state of Louisiana, USA. This concept is used to maintain the freshness and juiciness.

They also have an excellent, easy to navigate website where you can find all their latest deals, prices and menus.

Everything you love from the sea is poured onto a covered table, waiting for you to dig in and lip-smacking their daily fresh seafood served with their premium dishes such as the Alaskan King Crab, Canadian Red Lobster, XL Live Premium USA Oyster and XL Live Mud Crab!

Since 2018, Ombak Kitchen has had the pleasure of serving local and international guests from all walks of life, the finest and freshest seafood coated with their incredible range of signature sauces, chief among them, and the glorious Ombak Crazy Cajun sauce! Their seasoned chef with three decades of extensive hands-on experience in the world of culinary and his team will always make sure you get only the best from their kitchen.


At Ombak Kitchen, conventional utensils are optional as diners are encouraged to indulge everything on the table using their God-given hands for a holistic and extraordinary dining experience. It’s all about getting your hands dirty which aligned with their tagline #pakaitanganjer.

Ombak Kitchen is also known as The Best Restaurant for Birthday Celebration in Bangsar. Let’s celebrate your birthday with their great birthday packages. They present you with “Ombak Kitchen Signature Rainbow Dessert”, a new concept in the art of dessert featuring local and international fruit. This dessert can be drawn for any special occasion and can include your personalized wishes!

Our Dining Experience 

The highlight of Ombak Kitchen is their Seafood Combo and Garlic Butter Crab. Mixed seafood platters are great because you have flexibility to only eat what you like best and at Ombak Kitchen you have plenty of choices for each.

They aren’t shy on portion sizes, we had Combo 3, which is designed for 3 pax, but it can easily be shared between 4 people or more with just a few extra side dishes. My personal favorites were the enormous King Prawn. 

You have to give them extra credit for their variety of sauces. Cajun seasoning makes everything better and always one of my go-tos and their Crazy Cajun Sauce was perfect. Its spicy enough to feel a kick, but not spicy enough to having to drink water none stop. If you someone who isn’t a big fan of spicy, they have plenty of other choices. One other sauce we tried with our crab, was garlic butter. This mouthwatering sauce tasted amazing! 

With incredibly affordable pricing, and over 70,000 followers on Instagram, Ombak Kitchen lets you luxe up your dinner party with incredible seafood platters, rather than the usual antipasto. This place is an absolute must try restaurant for any seafood lover!

Ombak Kitchen

12, Lorong Ara Kiri 2, Lucky Garden,

59100, Kuala Lumpur,

Tel/WhatsApp: +60 102405946

Website: Ombak Kitchen – Pakai Tangan Jer…