The Honest Review, Jing Ze Contemporary Asian

Jing Ze Contemporary Asian Restaurant invited us for a second time to review their establishment and we were delighted to accept, not least because our first time here was...

Jing Ze Contemporary Asian Restaurant invited us for a second time to review their establishment and we were delighted to accept, not least because our first time here was such a delightful and unique experience!  Situated in Petaling Jaya, Section 17, a quiet, affluent residential area approximately 14KM south west of Kuala Lumpur.  Excellent if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur for a little while.  There is plenty of street parking immediately outside the restaurant too.

View From Exterior

Since our last visit in July 2019 we were not at all surprised that they have now become the proud owners of the Tatler Dining Top 20 Restaurants In 2020, Malaysia.  You can find them at number 10 in the list.  Quite an achievement in such a short space of time and especially since the restaurant reviews in the Tatler Dining Top 20 are all carried out by an incognito reviewer!  Also on the same Tatler website there is an article about the owner of Jing Ze, Nicholas Scorpion which you can find here.

Dining Area & Open Plan Kitchen To The Rear(View From Front Entrance)

Jing Ze have an easy to use website packed with information about the place including their brand new menus in the menu section of the website.  Aside from the main menus, there is a reasonably priced set lunch menu now available for those of us on the go and a Valentines Menu which in case you have forgotten and need reminding, it’s just around the corner fellas!  Booking in advance is advisable.

Dining Area & Bar Area At Main Entrance(View From Rear, Kitchen Area)

Jing Ze are very proud and passionate about what they prepare for their valued guests and unlike some restaurants they really do want you to see what their chefs are doing in the kitchen.  Hence, they adopt an open concept rendering a nice, airy feel and wherever you choose to sit, you can see the chefs working their magic in the open kitchen and Chefs Table at the front of the kitchen.

Open Plan Kitchen

Jing Ze is a very clean, relatively new, up and coming restaurant due to its unique dining experience.  You can choose to sit at the chefs table situated right at the front of the open kitchen.  This is where the chefs prepare your food, right in front of your very eyes!  Sit and watch in amazement and feel free to chat with the chefs as they work their magic especially for you!

It was very clear to us that the chefs at Jing Ze are highly qualified and highly experienced professionals, meticulously preparing and checking the food before it arrives at not only our table, but the tables of other guests as well.  Since we were so close to the action we also noticed what a friendly, chatty, team working environment there was in the kitchen and working area.  It was good to catch up with the owner again too, Nicolas Scorpion who clearly runs a happy ship here!

Our Dining Experience

We arrived around 6pm for dinner and there were 3 of us dining today.  Important to point out that all of the culinary delights at Jing Ze are home-made and freshly prepared to order, including their sauces.  The chefs table was reserved today for other guests, so this time we sat near the open kitchen area instead so we could still see what was happening.

We were ordering from their A La Carte Menu.  From this menu you can order the dishes individually or choose the “Kitchen Menu” at a set price of RM 170 which includes 10 items which the Chefs will write up a bespoke menu for your table after considering dietary requirements, perfect for the adventurous or large groups, this takes out the “hassle” of coordinating all your party’s orders and communicating it through to the waiters.  We ordered dishes individually and one dessert.

First out was a surprise complimentary snack that we hadn’t ordered of freshly prepared Crispy Rice Crackers with a delightful home-made Rendang Curry Mousse.  As you will see on some of the photos, a nice touch is the wet towels that are provided at Jing Ze instead of the usual napkins.

Crispy Rice Crackers

Next was the mouthwatering Fresh Oysters.  We ordered 3 which were served very cold on a bed of sea salt, dressed with a citrus based Ponzu sauce and topped with Tobiko which is the Japanese word for “flying fish roe” in other words, fish eggs similar to that of caviar!

Fresh Oysters

We also ordered some home-made Sourdough served with a delicious smoked butter that is churned right in the Jing Ze kitchen, served on the side.

Sourdough Bread & Smoked Butter

Next out was the Pork & Prawn Gyoza.  Gyoza, for those of you that don’t know are dumplings, and in this dish they are filled with either pork and prawn, served with fire sauce and crispy chunks of lard, all elegantly topped with fresh spring onion which adds a fresh zing to the bursting dumplings.

Pork & Prawn Gyoza

The Tuna Gohu was served next which consists of fresh tuna mixed with mustard sorbet, gohu spices, chopped nuts, red onions and fresh leaves of Kemangi, which is a type of Thai basil.  This superb concoction is a real taste bud teaser bringing you a delightful mix of sour, sweet, and spicy in equal measure and all in one small dish!

Tuna Gohu

Next was a delightful vegetarian dish, the Roasted Cauliflower which consists of large chunks of roasted cauliflower not over cooked and so still just ever so slightly crispy.  Served with a snake bean curry, roasted peanuts under a foliage of crispy curry leaves and fresh herbs.

Roasted Cauliflower

Next was the Dry Aged Duck Breast which was served “medium”.   This dish was simply superb and cooked to perfection.  It was definitely my favourite of the evening!  Super tender, succulent roasted duck with a crispy outer skin, exactly as it should be.  Paired with Rawon broth, a stock traditionally hailing from Surabaya, Indonesia, and served with zippy cabbage.

Next out was the Wagyu Beef which was served “medium-rare” as we requested.  An absolutely incredible piece of super high quality (rating MB5) Australian Wagyu!  Succulent and tender with well marbled fat, it almost melted in the mouth!  Served with a delicious secret sauce, charred romaine and freshly shaved horse radish.

Wagyu Beef

Next was the Deep Fried Crispy Pork Belly served with Jing Ze’s recipe of sambal matah which is a spicy salsa originating from Bali, Indonesia.  A superb and flavourful match along with the crispy pork.

Deep Fried Crispy Pork Belly

A refreshing end to the savoury delights was the Stir Fried Market Greens especially since we were feeling guilty after just indulging in 3 meat dishes!  Prepared and stir fried in garlic oil.

Stir Fried Market Greens


We had an excellent evening with truly amazing food.  Well prepared and presented by true professionals, both in the kitchen and the friendly waiting staff.  Answering our questions about the foods, sauces and ingredients .  A big thank you to Nick the owner and his team for their guidance, but most of all, for their delicious food!

This is a place where you can enjoy a quick bite to eat, ordering just one or two things from the menus or full on lunch or dinner.  The personalised method of preparation at the chefs table will definitely impress not only you, but your colleagues, friends or clients.  We will certainly be going back with friends.

The chefs consistently excelled themselves on presentation and quality throughout.  They were very busy when we arrived on this Saturday evening and in such a short space of time Jing Ze have managed to get themselves in the top 20 restaurants in Malaysia and at the same time established a great following of other delighted guests!


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