The Honest Review, Spaxxks Restaurant & Bar

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting Bangsar once again. We were invited to visit a SpAxxks Restaurant & Bar located on Jalan Telawi in Bangsar Baru. Bangsar...

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting Bangsar once again. We were invited to visit a SpAxxks Restaurant & Bar located on Jalan Telawi in Bangsar Baru.

Bangsar Baru is a lively shopping and entertainment enclave known for its offbeat vibe. Casual, open-air restaurants specializing in Western and Indian fare line the busy roads of Jalan Telawi and Lorong Maarof, while the surrounding lanes host a boisterous mix of sports bars, gastropubs and cocktail lounges. There are also plenty of indie fashion boutiques and hip cafes serving specialty brews.

Lounge & Dining Area

Angeline, one of the owners of SpAxxks believes in creating a comfortable and easy-going place where friends and families can enjoy their simple, yet great tasting food or just knock back a few beers and have a really great time!

Pool Table Area

Before we get into the food review, one of the things that immediately stands out about SpAxxks Restaurant & Bar is their selection of beers on taps. With the usual suspects such as Carlsberg, Connors and Asahi, SpAxxks also have Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, Stella Artois, Little Creatures and even Brooklyn Lager on tap. There are only a few bars in KL that go to this extent with their draft beers! A cold Little Creatures or Brooklyn Lager glass is always a plus in my books.

Without any further delay lets dive straight into their food.

We started our evening with two of their signature sharing platters, Cheesy Nachos and Mutton Masala.

An interesting twist on SpAxxks Cheesy Nachos is; the tortilla chips are served with zesty salsa sauce and topped with spicy homemade lamb Bolognese sauce instead. Nachos were nice and crispy with just the right amount of Jalapenos in-between which did well to spice it up. You are sure to love this nacho recipe of tortilla chips smothered in meaty spiced Bolognese sauce.

Cheesy Nachos

Before long we found our nachos plate completely empty and we moved onto a Mutton Masala. Delicious, soft tender chunks of mutton meat in Indian style spiced Masala gravy. Mutton pieces were delicately slow cooked to soft, succulent tenderness.

Mutton Masala

SpAxxks did a great job with appetizers, which made us crave for their main courses even more. We have decided to start our evening with Grain Fed Rib Eye Steak. They use Australian prime rib eye grilled to request and served with mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes and red wine gravy. Steak was cooked perfectly and very tender. We have personally really enjoyed their mash potato. They have managed to get the texture just right, unlike some other experiences I had in the past.

Grain Fed Rib Eye Steak

Next, my personal favorite course of the evening, we had a Braised Lamb Shank. This very large, tender piece of braised lamb shank came together with mixed salad, mashed potatoes and red wine gravy. Simmered in a rich red wine sauce, the meat was sliding off the bone!

Braised Lamb Shank

Lastly, to finish our evening on a high note, we had Seafood Pasta. Super easy and delicious spaghetti with large prawns, muscles, clams and squid all sprinkled with parsley. SpAxxks were really generous on the fresh seafood.

Seafood Pasta

I would like to finish this review with a quote from SpAxxks owners: “Food excites the imagination along with the taste buds and it becomes a topic of conversation itself at a dining table. This coupled with our wide range of beers, cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails, the conversation never stops at our table. We believe in providing a simple yet tasteful experience in a comfortable and relaxed ambience, whether it’s with family, friends, colleagues or just plain old you; in here at SpAxxks Restaurant & Bar, we serve everyone just like a guest in our own homes.”


I would certainly be going back. SpAxxks are perfectly located in the middle of a buzzing shopping and night life area of Bangsar. Whether you are looking for a nice, affordable meal with your family or a new cozy hangout spot with your friends over a few nice beers and a game of pool, SpAxxks is for you! And for the next 3 months, with every purchase of a selected main course item, you get a complimentary glass of house white/red wine.

Spaxxks Restaurant & Bar

42, Jalan Telawi

Bangsar Baru

59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2859 0266