The Honest Review, Super Boring Club, Korean & Japanese Fusion Barbeque

We recently had the pleasure of getting invited to review one of the latest additions to Jalan Mesui, Super Boring Club. It certainly resists living up to its humorous...

We recently had the pleasure of getting invited to review one of the latest additions to Jalan Mesui, Super Boring Club. It certainly resists living up to its humorous name, Super Boring Club is KL’s most exciting new eatery for fans of East Asian Fare.  You can take a look at their full menu here

Terrace Area

Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s night life, Jalan Mesui, only a couple of minutes’ walk from Changkat, Bukit Bintang, Super Boring Club is a colourful and quirky place that has a mixed array of cocktails and foods that would delight anyone.

Our Dining Experience – Drinks and Cocktails

Super Boring Club KL aims to deliver Japanese-Korean fusion dishes and cocktails that won’t send you to sleep. True to that spirit, the menu bursts with playful flourishes. I have always been a big fan of Japanese Beers and Super Boring Club’s selection doesn’t disappoint. You have an option of getting Suntory on draft or going for some of more classic Japanese beers such as Hitachino White Ale, Hitachino Pale Ale or Saison Du Japon.

BBQ Table

My partner on the other hand is a big fan of cocktails, once again SBC didn’t disappoint. Calpis Sake (RM26) launches our tasting with a very easy drinking mix of sake. It tastes a lot like fruity Nigori Zake or Cloudy Sake; sweet, mild and easy-drinking. It is garnished with a fresh slice of cucumber and lime.

Calpis Sake (RM26)

Another bright beverage is Yuzu Sake (RM26). Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit. With a unique, not like anything you’ve tried before flavour, yuzu sake is uniquely refreshing – just what a sake needs. A touch of that bitter-sweet citrus note to perfectly balance the raw strength and energy of sake. A perfect combination.

Yuzu Sake (RM26)

The last cocktail, we are told by Edwin, is the most dangerous and shouldn’t be taken lightly. While it might look like an innocent beverage that you could find in any American style diners in the 50s with its ball of ice-cream floating on top, it has a significant dose of shochu. This mixed with the Japanese spirit and quirky cereal ice-cream with root beer is certainly worth a try.

Our Dining Experience – Food

Before any further delay, lets get onto Super Boring Club’s food. Same as everything else so far, it did not disappoint!

We started our evening with a Spicy Salmon Sashimi (RM28.80). This thick-cut salmon with SBC special spicy lime Shoyu sauce and watermelon is a great dish for a warm KL night that call for some light and healthy food. Salmon was of the highest quality and taste. Just by taking a look at the dark ruby red colour of these big chunks of salmon, we knew that our meal was going to be special.

Spicy Salmon Sashimi (RM28.80)

We followed up with Tori Garlic (RM16.80). Japanese style deep fried chicken with mustard garlic shoyu sauce. Their chicken was very tender and juicy, which in turn showed us that all of the ingredients they use are fresh and their chefs know exactly what to do with them by marinating it to perfection.

Tori Garlic (RM16.80)

Another thing we noticed immediately about SBC is how much attention they pay to a presentation of their food. Vibrant green pea sprouts and shredded red Japanese pepper add all the necessary colours to what sometimes might be considered as a fairly boring looking dish.

My personal highlight from the appetizers of the evening was Unagi Madness (RM32.80). It had a crunchy Thai rice cracker base, topped with moist, tender unagi and homemade apricot sauce consisted of two rather contrasting textures in one bite. I was overwhelmed with joy every single bite.

Unagi Madness (RM32.80)

For a vegetarian appetizer we had Grilled Miso Eggplant (RM 16.80). The dish looked like an edible artwork with a hollowed-out eggplant sitting on top of a nest of crispy deep-fried noodles. Made with  SBC’s own creamy homemade miso sauce the shell is filled with cubes of eggplant and shimeji mushrooms. The dish is pretty impressive where every mouthful was perfect.

Grilled Miso Eggplant (RM 16.80)

Our last appetizer for the evening was Gyoza Mania (RM23.80). Pan fried prawn gyoza, with a sheet of crispy cheese at the bottom. Also served with aromatic curry mayo sauce, but I personally enjoyed it more on its own. The crispy cheese was a great addition to a texture of the dish.

Gyoza Mania (RM23.80)

Super Combo (RM 128)

 We finished our evening with a Super Combo BBQ. With every table in the restaurant fitted with a BBQ grill and a suction fan above, it’s no surprise a BBQ is a must have in SBC! Each dish on this combo could be ordered on its own or on a combo platter starting from RM 78+.

Super Combo (RM 128)

When the platter arrives, you can see a glorious assortment of lamb marinated with char siew sauce, whole Argentinian squid, smoked duck, Japanese oyster rolled in chicken ham, prawns and Australian Wagyu beef with a marble grade 7/8. SBC’s thoughtfulness extends to the choice of dips, carefully matched with each meat. The staff are at the ready to cook it for you to your liking matching all the different dips to your dishes, or you are always welcome to have a go at it yourself.

Super Combo (RM 128)

Each bite into all those different meats and ingredients take you on an individual journey. The smoked duck is extremely soft and juicy, the Wagyu beef wonderfully tender, the lamb burst with flavours and the Argentinian squid super fresh and succulent. We first tried each individual dish on its own to experience its unique flavour and only then did we dip them into an accompanied sauce. Its outstanding either way!

Super Combo (RM 128)


 We found Super Boring Club a place you can eat, drink and have a pleasant time all at once! Incredibly friendly staff who are willing to go that extra mile to make sure you have a fantastic experience with a friendly setting makes it far from boring. We certainly will be going back and would very much love to see you there.

Super Boring Club

15, Jalan Mesui

Bukit Bintang

50200 Kuala Lumpur




Tel: +603 21104919