The Honest Review, My Steam Clean Asia

We were invited by My Steam Clean Asia to review their services for our members, we were delighted to accept!  Providing steam cleaning services to the entire region from...

We were invited by My Steam Clean Asia to review their services for our members, we were delighted to accept!  Providing steam cleaning services to the entire region from their head office near Bandar Sunway, just 2o KM south west of Kuala Lumpur.  No task is too large, carrying out commercial and contractual work such as with hotel chains and shopping malls etc to smaller, residential work for individuals like you and I.

Providing premium steam cleaning services to clean, deodorize and sanitize your homes, hotels, offices and venue space.  Steam cleaning a wide range of items including beds, mattresses, rugs, carpets, aircon, sofa sets, bed frames, bath tubs, kitchens, tiles, curtains and even cars.  Safely eliminating bed bugs, dust mites, grime, dirt and mold, making your home or office space safe and hygienic again, giving your employees, colleagues, customers or family complete peace of mind.

One Of The Three My Steam Clean Asia “On The Ground Teams”

My Steam Clean Asia uses only the highest quality steam clean products and machines from Italy.  Their eco-friendly services can be brought to you seven days a week by one of their three friendly “on the ground” teams.  No chemicals or detergents are involved, using only heat to deep clean and disinfect.  Here are just a few of the reasons why you should seriously consider steam cleaning over and above any other cleaning method:

  • Steam cleaning is eco-friendly – no chemicals are involved
  • Steam cleaning uses heat to disinfect and sanitise nearly all household surfaces
  • Steam evaporates quickly, so surfaces dry faster than when cleaned with water
  • Steam cleaning is excellent for those difficult to clean cracks and crevices and getting rid of mold and grime.
  • Steam can dissolve hard-to-remove substances like ground-in wax, glue, and chewing gum.
  • The effectiveness of sanitizing is optimum only past a boiling temperature of 100 degrees celcius. Only at this temperature and beyond, the heat kills germs, bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites, microorganisms or pathogens.

Our Steam Cleaning Experience

To put My Steam Clean Asia to the test we asked them to steam clean one of my carpets which is approximately 2 metres by 4 metres in size, about 8 years old and has never been cleaned in this way before.  During this time we have only regularly lightly cleaned it using a vacuum cleaner and occasionally wiping with a damp cloth in an attempt to try and remove stains, often unsuccessfully, so it did have a few very old, ground in stains.


As we discovered later, and to our surprise it was well overdue for a thorough deep clean. You can see on the photo above just how dirty it was before they started.  Quite dirty all over, no surprise since it’s never been cleaned properly, and with a number of old stains that we have tried to clean in the past with limited success!

My Steam Clean Asia OTG Team With Their Team Leader, Sri Thasa(Right)

One of The My Steam Clean Asia on the ground (OTG) teams arrived at our condo at 1pm, on time, clean and smartly dressed in matching uniforms ready for action.  There were four of them in total including the OTG Team leader, Sri Thasa.  Since this was quite a small job for them, Sri Thasa explained that they have a variety of machines of varying sizes but today they had brought with them one of their smaller machines which was more than suitable for this particular job.

They started by dry vacuuming their working areas clean and dry vacuuming the carpet, both on the top and the underside before starting the steam cleaning itself.

I noticed that the steam cleaning machine itself was very clean and looked quite new, it was extremely powerful and so very noisy!  The team were also very tidy with all their working equipment concealed in just one large transparent box, instead of their tools and equipment being spread around all over the place!  They were very professional and seemed to work well as a team.

Now it was time for the steam cleaning to begin, which was also quite interesting for me.  I had of course heard about steam cleaning but never actually seen it done, especially this close up.  Below you can see in the video, the first long stroke of many, this had to be done across the entire carpet of course!

You can also see in the video how much dirt was lifted in just this one stroke, you can see the difference in colour towards the end of the video when we shot it close up.  I was so surprised how dirty it was!  So much so in fact that the team had to go over it twice in the end!

Sri Thasa explained to me how the machine works; clean tap water is used with just an anti-limestone additive to produce clean steam, which is then blasted onto the surface of the carpet.  No detergents or cleaning agents are used in the water or in the machine.

The steam, along with lots of dirt is then simultaneously vacuumed up from the surface of the carpet.  This dirty water then ends up in a bucket inside the vacuum cleaner.  They disposed of two very dirty buckets of water in the toilet.  You can see that the water is almost black!

Dirty Water Reservoir Inside The Steam Cleaner

The only time that the team used any detergent was on only very stubborn stains.  I was told that this is specialist Italian detergent which was sprayed directly on to the stain and then steam cleaned again, lifting the stain effortlessly from the carpet!  The whole process took approximately 2 hours from start to finish, the team left our condo at 3pm.  You can see a photo of the finished carpet below.


Before they left they put everything back in its place and cleaned the area where they had been working.  When they left everything was exactly as it was before they arrived, the only difference was that we now had a super clean living room carpet, thanks to My Steam Clean Asia!  When I touched the carpet just after they had finished I was surprised that it was only ever so slightly damp and was completely dry in under two hours.


Sri Thasa and his team were very professional and friendly.  I myself now understand a bit more about steam cleaning and really how important it is, and I hope you all do too, it’s been an eye opener!  I never imagined that they would have been able to remove so much dirt from one relatively small carpet!

Well done to My Steam Clean Asia, you will be the first people that we call upon when we will certainly need your services in the future.  Contact My Steam Clean Asia on the below details if you would like a quotation or just visit their Facebook page to contact them and see what other cleaning jobs they have been upto recently.  Thank you again My Steam Clean Asia!


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