The Social Group Partners With Melissa Tan To Launch ‘We’re Endangered Too’ Drinks Menu In Aid Of The Lost Food Project And Free Tree Society

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 SEPTEMBER 2019 – Neighbourhood institution, The Social Group, has teamed up with Melissa Tan, a zero-waste advocate, TV host and Asia’s Next Top Model contestant, to...

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 SEPTEMBER 2019 – Neighbourhood institution, The Social Group, has teamed up
with Melissa Tan, a zero-waste advocate, TV host and Asia’s Next Top Model contestant, to launch a new
and exclusive drinks menu to raise awareness of the global climate crisis. In support of two charities, The
Lost Food Project and Free Tree Society, the list, entitled ‘We’re Endangered Too,’ carries an important
message highlighting that climate change not only endangers life in our oceans and in the arctic, but
humanity too.

Melissa Tan, A Zero-Waste Advocate, TV Host And Asia’s Next Top Model Contestant

Launching in October, and available at all of The Social Group’s outlets, the collection of coolers will see
50% of each drink sold donated to The Lost Food Project and Free Tree Society. The Lost Food Project
is Malaysia’s largest food bank, rescuing surplus, quality and nutritious food that would otherwise go to
landfill, and redistributing it to those most in need, whilst Free Tree Society is an environmental
organisation which gives and promotes the planting of trees to naturally reverse the impacts of climate

Speaking about the campaign, co-founder of The Social Group, Mei-Li Tan said: “Climate change is one
of the most urgent crises facing the world today and we’re taking baby steps to do our bit for the planet in
any small way we can like managing our food waste with our partner Eco Foodsoft to convert food waste
to compost using black soldier flies and African night crawlers, which is then used for animal feed and for
planting trees.”

From Left To Right, The Social Group General Manager, Daniel Hackenberg; Zero Waste Advocate, TV Host & Asia’s Next Top Model Contestant, Melissa Tan; TLFP Head Of Communications, Tracey Wardaugh; President of FTS, Baida Hercus

“And now, through this project, we hope to tackle climate change by raising awareness and influencing
the people around us to live and consume more conscientiously and sustainably before it’s too late.”
The names of the drinks have been carefully selected to give a nod to the urgent need to save our bees,
which we depend on to pollinate our crops to produce fruits and seeds for human consumption; save our
trees which we depend on to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cool the planet; and save our seas,
which absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reducing climate change impacts as well as providing
a huge proportion of the animal protein we eat.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the ‘We’re Endangered Too’ project and hope more people will journey with us
to raise awareness and join our fight against climate change,” says Melissa. “To add to that, there is
nothing better than an ice cold thirst quencher to beat the heat, so when I was asked to craft a series of
drinks for this amazing project, I jumped at the chance – and they look and taste fantastic too!” she adds.
Using Trigona honey – produced by stingless bees that are endemic to Malaysia – as the base of the
mocktail sippers, Save the Seas blends ginger mint tea, mint syrup, lemongrass, Trigona honey and
butterfly pea flower to create a vivid blue appearance; Save the Bees brings vibrant zests of passionfruit
syrup, yellow capsicum juice, freshly squeezed lemon juice, butterfly pea flower, tonic and Trigona honey;
while Save the Trees oozes fresh zings of earthy pandan juice, caramel syrup, condensed milk, yogurt
and Trigona honey.

“The climate emergency is a very real and imminent threat to our species,” says Suzanne Mooney,
founder of The Lost Food Project. “ The time to take action is now, before we all feel the irreversible
effects of climate change, and through initiatives like this, we hope to be able to reach people with this
important message,” she adds.

Baida Hercus, President Of
Free Tree Society, Kuala Lumpur

“The compost generated from the ‘We’re Endangered Too’ initiative will go into the planting of trees,
towards the mitigation of climate change through carbon sequestration,” says Baida Hercus, president of
Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur. “Every restaurant that composts and re-distributes excess food means
a reduction in the amount of waste going into landfills, which are significant contributors of greenhouse
gases. We’re happy to see The Social Group leading the way on this.”

We’re Endagered Too, Melissa Tan

The ‘We’re Endangered Too’ drinks will be priced at RM15++ per drink and will make their debut at
the KL Eco Film Festival on 12 October 2019. The menu will also be available at The Social Publika
and Lisette’s Café & Bakery in Bangsar and Subang.

For more information, please contact (+6012 628 1152) or (+6016 550 3505).






About The Social Group:

The Social Bar & Restaurant started in 2001 and prides itself on exceptional food and personable, friendly service. While the
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About The Lost Food Project:

Founded in 2016, The Lost Food Project is a pioneering food bank in Malaysia that rescues quality, nutritious surplus food that
would otherwise end up in landfill, and redistributes this food to those who need it most regardless of religion, gender, age, disability
or ethnic group. As Malaysia’s leading food bank The Lost Food Project is committed to reducing the amount of food and other
products unnecessarily sent to landfill. The charity currently prevents a weekly average of 19 tonnes of greenhouse gases from
entering the atmosphere by diverting food waste. In 3 years since launching, The Lost Food Project has been able to rescue enough
surplus food to give over 3 million meals to people in need. For more information, please visit

About the Free Tree Society:

Free Tree Society Kuala Lumpur is an environmental organisation that spreads the environmental stewardship message through
giving away trees for free to green our Earth. Since 2013, we have given away over 34,000 plants to homeowners, schools,
marginalized groups, community gardens and wildlife habitats to proliferate planting, to encourage biodiversity and to promote a
love of nature. For more information, please visit