The Honest Review, Unique Experience Like No Other, Dinner In The Sky

Have you ever wished to take your dining experience to a new height? Well, now you literally can with a dining experience unlike anything you have ever tried before,...

Have you ever wished to take your dining experience to a new height? Well, now you literally can with a dining experience unlike anything you have ever tried before, Dinner In The Sky! This success story in the skies of more than 40 countries now, and for the first time since its launch you can now try it in Malaysia, the first country to do it in South East Asia.

Located in Bukit Bintang, right outside Pavilion and Kuala Lumpur’s iconic skyline you get to experience 360-degree unobstructed freedom. Elevated 50 meters in the air, the guests are strapped into seats welded to a table.

If you have even the slightest fear of heights, I would highly recommend to do some research before you make a final decision to proceed with it, as even people who are comfortable with heights will find it a bit disorienting for the first few minutes. But nevertheless, it is an incredible experience and I highly recommend to everyone.

Arrival is very similar to a pre-flight experience. You are advised to arrive approximately 30 minutes before your take-off and wait in the departure lounge bar. The bar offers a selection of beers, cocktails and wines by the bottle and glass. Per your request, you can take drinks with you on board or you can use them to calm your nerves beforehand.

Seating Area In Departure Lounge Bar

Experience alone would be enough to appease most of the critics, but they have managed to accompany it with a meal worthy of a note. There are three packages you can choose from; Economy (RM369), which comes with a three course menu; Business Class (RM569), which comes with cold vischyssoirse soup topped with smoked eel and dashi jelly; and First Class (RM939), will add a premium fish tartare with citrus ponzu, watermelon granita and exclusive caviar.

Before any further delay, lets jump into the menu we had, Economy Class (RM369).



For appetizer we had a crisp arugula salad and romaine lettuce with feta cheese, sliced almonds, pink grapefruit, orange segments, green apple and sherry vinegar dressing. This arugula salad is a gorgeous holiday salad. All of the ingredients were fresh and everyone at our table gave a nod of approval! Great start to an already interesting evening.


It is also worth noting how much fun everyone has between their meals. Their staff were incredibly friendly and you could clearly see they were having as much fun as all of the diners. They constantly offer to take pictures on your behalf which was incredible as you always have that nagging fear you are going to drop your phone to the ground below every time you pick it up.

Shortly after we discovered that the chairs could fully recline (and I mean laying flat 50 meters above the ground) and spin left and right. That knowledge did put a smile on my face and after double checking the security of seatbelts, I immediately started experimenting with it. People on the left and right of me didn’t find it as amusing as I did.

Main Course

When it comes to main course, you have a choice of three dishes. I personally went with a Black Currant and Soy Braised Angus Beef Cheeks. They were served with mustard seed caviar, poached bok choy and purple potato puree which were well-suited companions for it.

Black Currant & Soy Braised Angus Beef Cheeks

Considering you are getting served 50 meters above the ground, I was really impressed with the quality of the Angus beef as well. It fell apart at a touch of the fork.

My partner on the other hand went with a Pan Roasted Deep Ocean Snapper with wilted locally amaranth cress, Mediterranean nonpareille capers and sauce vera cruz.

Pan Roasted Deep Ocean Snapper

Although capers are grown throughout the Mediterranean, the finest capers are said to be the tiny Nonpareille, meaning without peer, that comes from Southern France. The snapper itself was very light, fresh and went great with a glass of house white wine.

They also have an option of ‘Coca Cola Chicken’. It is a caramel and spiced soy braised chicken, served with buttery potato puree, crispy chicken skin and glazed carrots. We didn’t have a chance to try this ourselves, but if our main courses were anything to judge by, it will live up to your expectations!


Fantastic views and unique experience is what you get when you try Dining in The Sky. After trying their dessert, I would be tempted to come back for dessert alone! Sat on a bed of velvety strawberry coulis was Strawberries and Cream Nitro Poached Coconut Milk Espuma prepared in a swirl of chilled mist, with kaffir lime leaf oil drizzled on top.

Strawberries and Cream Nitro Poached Coconut Milk Espuma

Do take your time biting into it, my neighbour dropped some of it on top of the people below us!


Dinner In The Sky is a fantastic experience, with fantastic service and atmosphere and very good food. The table rotates over the hour enabling guests to benefit from a 360-degree view throughout the meal. In total you spend about an hour in the air and we were fortunate enough to have beautiful weather.

It would make a grand celebration for a special occasion with a group of friends or your loved ones!


Dinner In The Sky Malaysia

231, Bukit Bintang Street

Kuala Lumpur 55100

Tel: +6016-299-1396