The Honest Review, Southern Rock Seafood And Fishmonger

We had a very unexpected and pleasant surprise last week, when we got invited to attend Southern Rock Seafood Restaurant in Bangsar. We certainly got more then we bargained...

We had a very unexpected and pleasant surprise last week, when we got invited to attend Southern Rock Seafood Restaurant in Bangsar. We certainly got more then we bargained for! Discretely located on Jalan Kemuja, literally 3 min walk from Bangsar LRT, Southern Rock specializes in Western seafood. Check out their Kitchen Menu to see more about what’s available.

When we paid them a visit, we immediately fell for their beautiful ambiance. You get immediately taken into an oceanic themed interior with a highlight of the restaurant is obviously the oyster bar, which allows you to see all the action before you are served.

Oyster Bar

Oyster Bar

If you are lucky enough to meet the owner of Southern Rock, Josh Green, the ultimate hawker of oysters in the country, he will happily give you the origins and provenance of each type and variety of oysters, fish and other crustaceans they are carrying.


Easily the Best Tasting Oyster in the World!

We started the evening with Oyster Shooters (RM15 each), Freshly Shucked Oyster with a Bloody Mary shoot. If you are an oyster connoisseur you can order Around The World Dozen (RM188), where you will get a platter of two of each of the six best oysters freshly sourced from around the world.

Your platter could consist of smaller, smoother Tragheanna Bay oysters from Ireland and Fine De Claire oysters from France, all the way to the jewels of the sea, Gallagher Specials as they are usually referred to by oyster connoisseurs around the world “best tasting oysters in the world”. Josh, will always tell you oysters have quite a remarkable taste and are best eaten in their raw and natural state.

In keeping with their style of serving only the highest quality of oysters, Southern Rock Seafood Restaurant has secured Shan, current Malaysian Oyster Shucking Champion, who can shuck 12 oysters a minute, while still able to have a pleasant conversation with you behind the oyster bar.


Mussels and Clams

Southern Rock’s oysters were certainly impressive, but by no means the only stars of the show. They pride themselves with serving the highest quality of Holland Royal Blue Mussels which you can order in 3 different ways;

Legendary Laksa – one of the restaurant’s best sellers, and rightly so, their creamy laksa broth had enough spices to give it the necessary kick without overpowering the sweetness of the blue mussels. None of us could resist dunking the bread into the broth to soak up all the flavours.

Meuniere – which aren’t traditional addition to the sauce, their chef adds white wine to the sauce, which in return really complements the mussels. This turned out to be my personal favourite dish of the evening.

Tomato & Basil – a more traditional take on the mussels around the world, which Southern Rock has perfected.


Fresh Wild Fish

I would be lying to you if I said Southern Rock Seafood Restaurant is the only place you can find a quality fish, with so many different cuisines mixed together here in KL, it is fairly easy to find a high quality fish around town, but Southern Rock is the only Western fish restaurant I came across so far in KL.

According to Josh, they originally decided to launch the place back in 2008, when one of the original restaurant owners couldn’t find King George Whiting here in Malaysia, which explains their fascination and passion for some of the best fish around the globe!

You can get anything from Mediterranean Seabass, New Zealand Lemon Sole, Australian King Fish all the way to English Dover Sole, Australian Barramundi and Scottish Loch Duart Salmon. They do go that extra mile and pair the fish you ordered with the most suitable chef’s selection of sides, such as Potatoes, Mash, Chips and Veggies.


For those of you who miss a traditional Fish & Chips, Southern Rock Seafood Restaurant is certainly a place to satisfy your cravings. Served with hand cut chips, just like the ones you can find in any chip shop back in the UK, it deserves a special praise!


Seafood Platter to Share

For those of you who are seafood connoisseurs, Southern Rock offers three different types of Sharing platters; you will have an option to go with their Grilled Fish Tasting Board (RM125) which comes with three different types of fish & sides; more experimental and courageous patrons can order Fruit De Mer Platter (RM188) served with a variety of Oysters, Mussels, Clams, Smoked Fish, Shrimps and Prawns; and for the patrons who are looking to have a luxury experience they have the option to order Royale Platter (RM330) which is served with Lobster, Scallops, Mussels, Prawns and a variety of Smoked Fish. The latter would go great alongside a special occasion!


Desserts by Bake With Dignity

Desserts are also on a menu. Giving back to the community, Southern Rock Seafood teamed up with Bake With Dignity, a project by Dignity & Services, providing paid employment for people with learning disabilities to learn and earn! We had a Salted Caramel Fudge Brownie (RM26), it had a thick salted caramel oozing from between sandwiched layers of fudge brownie. Not to mention names, but Bake With Dignity will put a lot of bakers out there to shame.



If you are looking for a good Western Seafood Restaurant in KL, look no further. Southern Rock Seafood Restaurant delivers high quality and fresh fish from around the globe. Their staff are incredibly friendly, very well trained and from what we experienced ourselves you are likely to always run into Josh himself, who will be more than happy to go over their story and produce they use. There aren’t many people who are this passionate about what they do as Josh. They can host events both inside and outside on their huge covered terrace, and the car park is literally right out front, which makes it a completely stress-free dining experience.


Southern Rock Seafood

32-34, Jalan Kemuja

Bangsar Utama

59000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603 2282 8315