The Honest Review, Kampung Contemporary Dining

Kampung Contemporary Dining is situated in Section 17, Petaling Jaya, approximately 16km south west of Kuala Lumpur.  It is quite easy to get to and there is plenty of...

Kampung Contemporary Dining is situated in Section 17, Petaling Jaya, approximately 16km south west of Kuala Lumpur.  It is quite easy to get to and there is plenty of street parking very nearby.

As you can see from our featured video Kampung Contemporary Dining has quite a small but very neat and tidy looking shop front with lush green plantations outside.

Exterior Of Kampung Contemporary Dining

On entering, we were very surprised by the large, very long, narrow interior which seemed to stretch as far back as the eye could see, plenty of room for diners.  There is a reception and bar area on the left which joins onto the large enclosed kitchen.  To the right is the seating and dining area.  A very clean and tidy interior, with a very airy, bright and spacious feel, both air conditioned and fan cooled.

Video Of Interior

Kampung Contemporary Dining pride themselves on true home cooking of modern “Nyonya cuisine” which is the food of the Straits Chinese people who migrated from different provinces in China centuries ago, they inter-married with local Malays over the years, giving birth to what is known today as the “Nyonya cuisine”.

An Asian fusion restaurant and unlike most places of its type, they use only the finest, freshest ingredients all sourced locally from their trusted partners.  No MSG and antibiotic free meats.  All their sauces and foods are made from scratch with the finest ingredients.  Undoubtedly the reason why this relatively new restaurant already has an excellent following of evidently very satisfied, returning guests.  When we arrived for lunch it was extremely busy.

Dining Area Of Kampung Contemporary Dining

Kampung Contemporary Dining have a wide selection of food to choose from on their main menu.  A good selection of drinks is also available on their drinks menuUnusually for this type of restaurant and for those of you who prefer something alcoholic, they have a small selection of fine craft beers and wine too!  They also have a separate All Day Rice Set Menu.  Considering the excellent quality and freshness of each and every dish, the food and drinks are very reasonably priced.  They also offer an outside catering service.

Our Dining Experience

We arrived at approximately 12.45pm and luckily we had reserved a table as it was very busy.  There were just two of us dining today and to start with I ordered a craft beer and my wife ordered coffee.  We ordered a total of six dishes.  We didn’t order any rice to ensure we had enough room to sample and taste as many of their dishes as possible!

First out was the Classic Pork Bang Kuang Cha (RM12) from the starter section of their menu.  This consisted of nyonya turnip and minced pork with fresh and crispy lettuce wrap, topped with a little fresh red chili and some juicy pomegranate seeds.  It came with two sauces which clearly were home made, not at all salty or oily like I have previously experienced in other similar places, just slightly spicy, very tasty with a slight tang to them.

Classic Pork Bang Kuang Cha

Next was the Sautéed Garlic Mushroom (RM16) from the vegetables and tofu section.  This was certified on the menu as a vegetarian dish.  Small or regular size is available.  We had the small size which is considered good for 1-3 persons sharing and the regular is considered good for 4-5 persons sharing.  Very tasty dish with just a slight hint of garlic and topped with chopped spring onions

Starfruits Assam Fish(seasonal price) was next for 1-3 persons sharing, this is also available for 4-5 persons sharing.  Choose your type of fish from either Siakap, Grouper or Red Snapper, half or a whole fish.  This was simply delicious, the fish was cooked to perfection, white, soft and tender.  It just fell off the bone with a stroke of the fork into the surrounding mouth watering sauce.  Topped with lime, fresh red chili, lightly cooked tomato, okra, long green beans, star fruits and aubergine.

Star Fruits Assam Fish

Kampung Dining promise:

  • Sea to table guaranteed
  • Freshness guaranteed or they will replace it for you
  • 100% made from real ingredients, family recipe

Next was the Melaka Pork Satay (RM19) 5 sticks of deliciously tender pork satay served with in house pineapple and peanut sauce.  You could tell that the sauce was truly home made with very fresh ingredients and soft succulent chunks of pineapple, simply mouth watering!  Also served with crispy, chopped cucumber and onions.  Kampung Contemporary Dining are definitely fulfilling all their promises so far!

Melaka Pork Satay (5 sticks)

Kampung Dining promise:

  • Grilled to order
  • 100% real ingredients only
  • Antibiotics-free pork

Next up was the Nyonya Pandan Pork Curry (RM28) for 1-3 persons sharing, this is also available for 4-5 persons sharing.  Infused with pandan and lemongrass, served with potato and pork chunks.  Kampung Dining tell us this dish contains no coconut milk, I believe them!  Topped with fresh red chili and English parsley.  The pork was so tender in fact, that I honestly didn’t believe at first that it was actually pork!

Nyonya Pandan Pork Curry

Last but not least was the Pineapple Prawn Curry (RM42).  This dish was actually my favourite!  Consisted of mouth watering curry sauce with at least 6 or 7 huge, freshly cooked prawns and an abundance of fresh, juicy pineapple chunks, amazing!  The freshness of the prawns was obvious.  Cooked just enough so that they slide out of their shell easily and maintain their juicy heads!  Topped with fresh red chili and English parsley.

Pineapple Prawn Curry



If you like to eat Malaysian cuisine in a very clean, tidy place and you would like freshness and authenticity “guaranteed” then you should give this place a try.  It’s a very busy place, that only opened recently, with already many satisfied followers, proving their bold promises and guarantees.

It was the owner and chef who told us before we left that they do not use any MSG or related products such as curry powder etc, and all of the dishes on their menu are made from scratch with only locally sourced ingredients from suppliers whom they trust.

I have dined in a number of Malaysian restaurants, but none so far that can match the authenticity of Kampung Contemporary Dining.  Quality and freshness is their guarantee to all their guests.  It’s tucked out of the way slightly in PJ Section 17 but definitely worth the trip.


Kampung Contemporary Dining

11, Jalan 17/45

Seksyen 17

46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +6012-737 2085


Opening Hours:

11.30am to 3.30pm

6pm to 10pm

Tuesday Closed

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