The Honest Review, Blackbyrd KL, Exquisite Skyline Dining Experience

Located in Platinum Park, Kuala Lumpur’s latest business and lifestyle destination, a haven for work, leisure and living that seamlessly connects within one prominent and strategically located address.  BlackByrd...

Located in Platinum Park, Kuala Lumpur’s latest business and lifestyle destination, a haven for work, leisure and living that seamlessly connects within one prominent and strategically located address.  BlackByrd KL offers a unique dining experience overlooking the spectacular unobscured views of the Kuala Lumpur skyline.  We had already heard a lot about this place from friends before getting the opportunity to review Blackbyrd KL.

View Of The Bar Area Inside The Restaurant

The interior is decorated with predominately wood and rattan weaves with custom made table and wall lamps.  The wood and rattan fittings are all specially handcrafted and fitted to bring out the warmness that also gives you a sense of calmness.  Their goal is to transport you from the hustle of the city below, away from the madness. We made a video slideshow below, to share with you the fantastic interior and views.

While their location and menu might reach for the sky, soaring fifty levels above the streets, their prices are very much down to earth!

Blackbyrd KL is headed by Ismaya Group, which was established in 2003 in Jakarta, Indonesia, with a vision to be a leader in building strong and everlasting lifestyle brands globally across the hospitality industry, BlackByrd doesn’t fall short of its international predecessors.

Our Dining Experience

We arrived around 1pm for lunch and we were escorted to the table we reserved. There were two of us and we initially ordered two starters and two main courses, followed by a dessert.

Upon talking to the staff, they recommended that we shouldn’t miss out on one of their signature dishes, the Tuna Feuillette.  Finely sliced tuna, served with truffle aioli, caramelized onion and microgreen on top of a homemade tortilla bread.  We wouldn’t know until later that afternoon that it would turn out to be one of our favorite dishes.  Feuillette which in French means puff pastry, was instead replaced by a crisp tortilla crust.  The dark pearls over the dish were little balsamic vinegar beads that gave a sharp, intense burst with each bite.

Tuna Feuillette

Next up was the Crispy Nori Crunch, tempura nori seaweed with spicy salmon, salmon roe and topped with parmesan cheese.  In addition to being delicious, light and crunchy, as you can see on the pictures below they have outdone themselves on presentation!

Crispy Nori Crunch Pictured With BlackByrd’s Wagyu Beef Satay

Last of the starters was the BlackByrd’s Wagyu Beef Satay, this would surprise even the keenest satay lovers out there.  Marinated in soy sauce and mouth-melting tender beef cubes fall off the skewer with a slight tug.  Remember the lime for that kick, and coat the cubes in a homemade peanut sauce.  As all the flavours mix in your mouth, its hard not to let out a sigh of contentment!

With all of the starters now out of the way, it was time for our main courses.  They have certainly set a high expectation for the things to come and delivered a home run with Escargot Cavatelli with Porcini mushrooms.  Served with pea puree and burrata cheese, this dish is going onto our MUST TRY list.  In-house, made daily, cavatelli pasta with chopped escargots that literally melts in your mouth.  All of the ingredients gave the dish some vibrancy and quite an earthy, unique flavour.

Through this next dish, you can see BlackByrds Indonesian influence enter the repertoire.  Iga Bakar Sambal Idjo, black angus short ribs were cooked low and slow until until the meat was literally falling off the bone.  You didn’t have to use a knife!  Served together with the spicy punch of green chillies, urap steamed vegetables and coconut milk laced rice, we had realized that BlackByrd offers flavours that we are familiar with, only adding their own unique and fun twist.

To be honest, we didn’t have any room left for dessert, but we really wanted to try their take on Es Cendol Waffle. This creation combines two fantastic Asian desserts; egg waffle and a local Malaysian cendol.  Pandan waffle was used like a sponge to soak up the sweetness from slivers of jackfruit, cendol, toasted coconut, grass jelly, gula melaka syrup and coconut gelato. In our opinion, this distinctly different take of the classic dessert worked out really well in BlackByrd’s favor.

Es Cendol Waffle


At BlackByrd, they use the best ingredients to create delicious meals, topped with attentive service, in a comfortable and warm environment.  The cuisine they serve revolves around the reminiscence of classic comfort food with a twist.  It is essentially combining the flavours and taste that South East Asians are familiar with but presented by an elite kitchen team with an elegant and unique Blackbyrd signature.

They aim to provide guests with an outstanding and memorable experience every time you dine.  Allowing guests to unwind after a long day at work or celebrate a special occasion with loved ones.

Blackbyrd KL

Opening Hours: Daily from 12pm

Level 50,Naza Tower @ Platinum Park

50450 Kuala Lumpur

Reservations Tel: +6012 689 8576

Events and press information related questions, kindly contact: ANGEL CARMEN at ANGEL@BLACKBYRD-KL.COM

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