The Honest Review, Nippori Japanese Restaurant

Nippori Cafe is situated approximately 13 KM north west of Kuala Lumpur on the first floor of Empire Damansara.  This was our first time at Empire Damansara, there is...

Nippori Cafe is situated approximately 13 KM north west of Kuala Lumpur on the first floor of Empire Damansara.  This was our first time at Empire Damansara, there is plenty of parking in the basement and on the walk up from the basement parking through the ground floor we couldn’t help but notice that there were many very nice, interesting looking restaurants.  However, we of course were making our way to the first floor to find Nippori Cafe.

Nippori Cafe, is quite a small but very clean and cosy place, what I would describe as a hidden Japanese gem!  Neatly tucked in the corner of the first floor of Empire Damansara as you can see from our video of the surrounding areaWe arrived at about 12pm for lunch, just after we arrived it began to get extremely busy so it seems that they have clearly built an excellent reputation for their truly authentic Japanese home cooking.

The restaurant interior, furnishings and decor also has a very authentic Japanese theme.  The restaurant is split into two sections.  The first section has the traditional Japanese restaurant seating arrangement, featuring a low table set on tatami flooring.  Excellent for people who would like to immerse themselves deep into the typically Japanese, traditional method of dining.

First section with a traditional Japanese restaurant seating arrangement

The second section has a seating arrangement that some of us might be more familiar with.  In this section there are also larger tables to cater for bigger groups of guests, and smaller tables too, for those who might prefer not to indulge quite so much into a truly Japanese dining experience.

Second section of the dining area

Our Dining And Lunch Experience

The service was excellent, especially since they were very busy.  We had 7 dishes in total between three of us and that was more than enough.  The dishes are quite small in size, as is always the case in a Japanese restaurant.  There are two food menus at Nippori:

First we had the Inari Sushi which is Sushi rice wrapped inside seasoned deep fried tofu pockets which comes on a small plate of three.  I have to say the rice in all the dishes was of a lovely fluffy texture, clear that they know exactly how to cook it and that they are using a high quality rice.

Next was the Trout Duo Nigiri which was definitely my favourite.  This dish you can order completely raw or very lightly torched.  We asked for it be lightly “torched”.  Simply delicious and melted in the mouth with the fluffy textured rice underneath each mouth watering portion.  This was served at the same time as the Prawn Tempura Mori which is a fresh, elegantly presented deep fried sea prawn tempura.

Then we had Soft Shell Crab Maki which is a deep fried soft shell crab wrapped in sushi rice and coated with ebiko.  Then came the Japanese Hamburger Rice Set With Cheddar Cheese Sauce.  This was a large steamed rice chicken burger set, which you can order in one of four different variations.  We chose the cheddar cheese sauce option.

Japanese Hamburger Rice Set With Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Then came the Nippori’s Style Nachos Curry Cheese Duck.  This dish is large enough for two to three people sharing and is available in two different variations.  Either curry cheese duck or classic chicken.  We ordered the duck option.  The Nachos came at the same time as the Avocado Prawn Tempura Maki, which is a deep fried prawn tempura, wrapped in sushi rice, tamagoyaki and kyuri, each carefully topped with slices of fresh avocado.


Considering I am not a huge fan of Japanese food, I can honestly say that all the food was very tasty indeed and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Nipporis pride themselves on their truly authentic Japanese home cooking, and now I know why!  It was very clear to us that the food was home cooked and extremely fresh.  Nipporis is quite well hidden on the first floor of Empire Damansara, but we are definitely glad we found it and we will be going back.

From the number of people that arrived for lunch shortly after we did, it’s very clear that Nippori have a good following of satisfied guests and certainly seems like Nippori have already built themselves an excellent reputation for good, tasty, home cooked Japanese delights, all served in a very typical and authentic Japanese environment.


Nippori Cafe

102 (First Floor), Empire Damansara

Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana,

47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

03-7733 8592
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