The Honest Review, Eighth Avenue Bar & Resto, Publika

The Eighth Avenue Gastro Bar is situated just 8 KM north west of Kuala Lumpur in Publika.  I am sure for many of you, Publika needs no introduction as...

The Eighth Avenue Gastro Bar is situated just 8 KM north west of Kuala Lumpur in Publika.  I am sure for many of you, Publika needs no introduction as it’s a very well known, vibrant night life hub, very popular with expats and locals alike.  We had heard a lot about Eighth Avenue and so we asked the management if we could review their establishment and they accepted!

Eighth avenue is just a short walk from the congregation of other more mainstream gastro bars in Publika.  I can assure you that you won’t regret the short walk from your local to check this place out, whether you want to eat, enjoy a drink, or party through to the early hours!  A very sleek and cosy place, with very unique decor and high quality furnishings that give it that very homely and friendly feel.

They have a large open air terrace with plenty of seating and pleasant, unobscured views of the local park just across the road.  When we arrived, we shot a quick video of both inside and outside the bar.  Once we were standing on the terrace, we were taken aback by the sleek decor and furnishings of the immediately adjoining interior.

Their website is as aesthetically pleasing as the bar itself and super easy to navigate.  Packed with information, including the food and drinks menus, details about their daily offers and events.  There is always something going on at Eighth Avenue as you can see from the Seven Days Special section of their website!

As you can see from the liquor menu there is something for everyone!  A fine and extensive selection of gin, wine and whiskies, reasonably priced too.  Check out their Hendricks “Gin Like A Boss” concoctions, their best ever yet!

We had the opportunity to have a quick chat with the Owner, Roger Tucker when we visited.  He told us that his biggest priority is quality control, so important to him in fact that he personally oversees that area of the business to ensure everything is fresh and of excellent quality.  Everything on the food menu is presented exactly as described or pictured on the menu, continuously monitored by him personally.  Quite a simple rule for Roger, If he would not eat it himself then he would not expect his guests to either.

Our Dining Experience

We arrived around 1 pm for lunch and we were escorted to the table we reserved.  There were 3 of us dining today and we ordered a total of 7 dishes, 4 appetizers and then 3 main courses.

First up was the Spicy Prawns(RM 29.90), pork sausage wrapped with bacon, served with spicy prawns and avocado salsa.  It was just spicy enough, with an explosion of tastes and flavours.

This was shortly followed by Spicy Shrimp & Chicken Tacos(RM 25.90), soft shell tacos stuffed with a dose of veggies, guacamole, pico de gallo, and sautéed shrimp and chicken.  Complete with a sauce, finely chopped fresh tomatoes and half a lemon for squeezing and pleasing.

Spicy Shrimp & Chicken Tacos(RM 25.90)

Next up was a huge mountain of Nachos(Beef RM 30.90, Chicken Or Pork RM 27.90, Vege RM25.90).  This dish of Nachos was simply awesome and bursting with flavour! Easy to see why Eighth Avenue boast that they serve “The Best Nachos in Town!”

The last of the Appetizers was the Pork Albondigas En Salsa De Tomate (RM 20.90), pork meatballs in Spanish tomato sauce with green peas and home-made mint sauce which is served separately.  For me, the mint sauce is what made this dish great.  Slightly minty and spicy at the same time, absolutely perfect, combined with the pork and deliciously spiced tomato sauce.

The Appetizers were good sized portions and so we were feeling almost full at this time, but the 3 main courses were still yet to come!

My wife had Honey Glazed BBQ Ribs(RM 49.90).  This was for one person, if you wish, a sharing platter for 3 persons is also available (RM 139.90).  Served with a side of roasted sweet potatoes, tomato salsa and salsa verde.  We were told that all the sauces from the Eighth Avenue kitchen are home-made.

I had the Pan Grilled Beef Tenderloin(RM 59.90).  Super tender New Zealand tenderloin cooked to your liking and served with confit potatoes, shitake and perigordini sauce.  The potatoes sauce was creamy and very tasty indeed.

Pan Grilled Beef Tenderloin(RM 59.90)

My son had Salmon Thyme(RM 39.90).  This was marinated with dill and thyme served with asparagus, cherry tomatoes and radish topped with creamy garlic honey mustard sauce.

When we eat out we don’t normally eat dessert but the waiter brought us a surprise chocolate dessert which we shared between us. At this time, we also ordered Cappuccino for my wife and an Orange Mocktail for my son.


All in all we had a great afternoon with great food and drink, in a cosy, friendly environment.  After lunch we stayed around for quite a while enjoying a few drinks.  As the afternoon went on it started to get busier with diners and drinkers alike.  We had a long chat with the owner who told us some interesting and exciting stories about the night scene at Eighth Avenue.  He definitely inspired us to come back one evening to check it out for ourselves!

During the day Eighth Avenue is more than suitable for young kids, in fact there were a couple of children there whilst we were there and they were a lot younger than my 10 year old.  The very friendly staff certainly made all feel welcome, including the kids.

As I mentioned earlier, Eighth Avenue is just a short walk from the congregation of the more mainstream bars in Publika, make that short walk from your local to check it out, either to eat or enjoy the night scene!  You won’t regret it!


The Eighth Avenue

D2-G3-3, Publika, Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

+6012 407 7045

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