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I have personally been to Lucky Tora just a few weeks back, and after having an incredibly pleasant evening with excellent and very affordable food we decided to approach...

I have personally been to Lucky Tora just a few weeks back, and after having an incredibly pleasant evening with excellent and very affordable food we decided to approach the management and asked them if we could review their establishment.

Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s night life, Jalan Mesui, only a couple of minutes walk from Changkat, Bukit Bintang.  Lucky Tora is a colourful and quirky place that has a mixed array of cocktails and foods that would delight anyone. It is also part of an already fairly well established and popular café Feeka and Pizza Mansion.

Lucky Tora Terrace During The Evening

Our Dining Experience And Food For The Day 

We arrived at 2PM for our lunch and immediately we were greeted by incredibly friendly service staff. We had a very extensive menu to choose from, but we decided to let them make the selection for us.  Take a look at the menu here

So, let’s get on with it and share with you our experience!

We had 5 dishes in total between the two of us, which in the end turned out to be way too much food!  Their portions are incredibly generous and as you will see, the presentation is immense!

Our Order Of Dishes And Cocktails

Firstly, we started with Tomyum Udon which to our surprise was just spicy enough!  Of course, as we are in Asia, they served a chili tomyum sauce on the side as well.  It certainly complemented the dish well, but for those of us who can’t tolerate spices too well, on its own, the tomyum was just perfect!  There was an abundance of seafood inside, with all of the ingredients fresh, as well as perfectly cooked noodles.

The Tora Fried Rice was a very big portion and incredibly well presented. It was not your usual fried rice, with two whole prawns all the way through it, which gave it a very crunchy and unique taste.  It was seasoned to perfection and not too oily.

Next up we tried NYC Spicy Tuna.  Once again, surprisingly we found it just spicy enough to still enjoy all the other fresh ingredients in it.  As two thirds of a sushi roll usually consists of rice, I believe using a quality rice is important. Their rice had a light, springy texture that’s not too dense which means that they use a very good quality rice.

Crazy Karaage is a traditional Japanese dish which is often mistaken for a fried chicken. Their chicken was very tender and juicy, which in turn proved once again that all of the ingredients they use are fresh and the chefs definitely know what to do with them by marinating it to perfection!

Last, but certainly not least in this case, we had Foie Gras Salmon Cheong Fun (rice rolls). Served with homemade sweet chili sauce, which complemented the dish very well, this was one of our personal highlights.  They have put an interesting twist to it, by using Foie Gras and Salmon instead of the usual ingredients.

I usually find Restaurants that concentrate on food this much tend to severely lack in drinks variety or quality.  At Lucky Tora that certainly isn’t the case.  It was an early afternoon outing, so we only dare try just two of their signature cocktails, and we were impressed!

Lucky Tora Whiskey Sour

My partner had Lucky Tora Whiskey Sour, while I personally had Ohayo Black, being a huge fan of gin myself.  We really enjoyed our drinks with an interesting twist of their brand burned into an orange peel and ice as you can see in the photo above.


All in all, we had a really pleasant experience. Their staff do go that extra mile and are genuinely concerned about whether you are having a nice experience.  Lucky Tora have added an interesting twist on their food which separates them from so many other Japanese places in town.  All of their ingredients are incredibly fresh and very tasty.  Not to mention it is incredibly affordable with the majority of the dishes not breaking RM30 barrier. Myself and my partner will certainly be going back as soon as possible!

Lucky Tora


25, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang

50200 Kuala Lumpur

+603 2859 0489

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