The Honest Review, My New Smile At The Dental House KL

I always wanted to get shiny white teeth, but I was always put off by the price of Veneers costing around $4000 in most places, but ended up paying...

I always wanted to get shiny white teeth, but I was always put off by the price of Veneers costing around $4000 in most places, but ended up paying only a fraction of that.

I did not have bad teeth but with many years of coffee drinking and partying you can see it started to take a tole on my teeth with gum problems and stained to a darker color, and you will be surprised how much more confident you feel with a brighter smile!

Left: Dental Surgeon And Owner Dr Aman Modhgil, And Patient Leon Mccall

I did some extensive research into finding a reputable dentist in KL, but also one that had done a lot of smile makeover cases already with good reviews, great work and took pride in their treatment, and are also extremely competitive on prices, that’s when I came across Dental House KL in Wangsa Maju.

You will be surprised as to how many fake treatments are being advertised on Instagram and Facebook by beauticians that are not even dentists providing composite veneers at half the price which can be extremely dangerous and ruin your teeth, for a short term fix.

My dentist Dr Aman Modhgil, being the perfectionist that he is, encouraged me to look into composite veneers to further perfect my smile. I wasn’t really interested in getting them at first but after googling about veneers and seeing a million and one before-and-after photos, I reconsidered.

What exactly are dental veneers?

If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities always seem to have perfect teeth, this is their secret! Dental veneers are super-thin materials that are molded and bonded over the front of the teeth to improve their appearance. It’s a lot like gluing acrylic nails over real nails. When you get veneers, you’re essentially getting artificial enamel.

Veneers can change how the teeth look in terms of size, length, shape, or color. You can get them done to close gaps and to fix chipped and worn-down teeth like I did. Veneers can also help make teeth look more aligned.

Veneers can either be made of porcelain or composite resin. Porcelain has the translucency of real teeth, doesn’t stain, is less prone to chipping, and can last up to 15 years or more. On the other hand, composite can get stained, is not chip-resistant, and only lasts for around three to five years. But, the latter is significantly cheaper! With composite veneers, you can recreate your smile at a relatively low cost.

I decided to get composite veneers mostly because it looked completely natural! That gave me comfort because I was worried that I’d end up looking like I’m wearing false teeth.

I also thought that composite was the best option for me because I wasn’t fully committed to the idea. Composite veneers can be easily removed and re-done if you end up not liking the results, and I wasn’t sure what teeth size and shape to go for. Your dentist can make recommendations but you get to decide what size and shape your veneers will be, so it suits and flatters your face.

Unlike porcelain veneers that are made in a lab, composite veneers are done in the clinic and molded directly on the teeth in bespoke fashion. My dentist sculpted each veneer on my teeth like a master sculptor so if you decide to get veneers, make sure to go to a dentist who is a true dental “artist”.

Procedural Video

Getting my new smile

Aside from finding a skilled dentist, it is also very important to find someone you can easily communicate with. In my case, my dentist made sure I knew everything I needed to know. He answered all my questions, and we exchanged a lot of pictures and YouTube videos to make sure we were on the same page on what I wanted done and what I should expect.

We planned on doing veneers only on 8 of my upper front teeth. So before the procedure, my dentist took my tooth shade to make sure that the composite he will use would closely match the rest of my teeth.

Before the composite is bonded onto the tooth, it is cleaned and an etching solution is applied to help the “glue” to stick. The whole prep and the procedure itself was easy-breezy. I didn’t feel any pain, but there was a slight discomfort from having my mouth open wide for a little over 5 hours, on and off.

As soon as the composite was bonded and sculpted, I was handed a mirror to check how I liked my new teeth. I requested for a few adjustments, and my dentist used a polishing tool to reshape the teeth to my preference. After I give the OK to the final look, he buffed my teeth to sparkling shininess!

Here’s the final look:

Before Procedure

After Procedure



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