The Honest Review, Jing Ze Contemporary Asian Restaurant

Jing Ze Contemporary Asian Restaurant is situated in Petaling Jaya, Section 17, a quiet neighbourhood area approximately 14KM south west of Kuala lumpur.  Excellent if you want to get...

Jing Ze Contemporary Asian Restaurant is situated in Petaling Jaya, Section 17, a quiet neighbourhood area approximately 14KM south west of Kuala lumpur.  Excellent if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur for a little while.  We shot a video of the exterior and immediate surroundings when we arrived.  Sorry about the rain!

The dining and kitchen area have a nice and airy open-plan feel, so wherever you choose to sit, unless of course you choose to sit outside, you can see the chefs preparing your food.

Kitchen area and dining table/chefs work area

Main Dining Area

Jing Ze is a very clean, relatively new, up and coming restaurant due to its unique dining experience.  As you can see from our featured video of the interior you can choose to sit at the chefs table situated right at the front of the open kitchen.  This is also where the chefs prepare your food, right in front of your very eyes!  Sit and watch in amazement and feel free to chat with the chefs as they work their magic especially for you!

Head Chef, David Tay, Preparing The Roast Duck

Preparing our food for the evening was Head Chef, David Tay and Owner, Nicholas ScorpionIt was very clear to us that both of them are highly qualified and highly experienced professionals, meticulously preparing and checking the food before it arrives at not only our table, but the tables of other guests as well.  Since we were so close to the action we also noticed what a friendly, chatty, team working environment there was in the kitchen and working area.

Culinary Director, Nicholas Scorpion Preparing Appetizers

Our Dining Experience And Food For The Evening

We arrived at 6.30pm for dinner and we had reserved the large chefs table right at the front of the kitchen which was already prepared for our arrival.  There is a number of Menus available at Jing Ze.  We were ordering from the A La Carte Menuwith this menu you can either choose individual dishes that you would like or select the “Kitchen Menu” where “Wine Pairing” is also available.

We chose the Kitchen Menu and the chefs helped us to decide the dishes from the menu that we might like to order.  They also told us that all their ingredients are organically sourced locally.  Even the fruit juices on the Beverage Menu were freshly made!

Ginger, Carrot And Green Apple Fruit Juice

The chefs curated 8 dishes in total.  After the Appetizers we kicked off with the Crispy Corn and Stuffed Wings which came together.  The corn came in a form of a lightly roasted caramelized fritter with a peanut sauce and the stuffed wings were just melt in the mouth, also with its own sauce.  The chefs told us that all their sauces are home-made.

Next up was the Beef Tartare and Tuna Gohu.  These came with lightly toasted sourdough bread, even the butter was home-made!  Both of these dishes were definitely taste bud teasers with light bursts of so many different, well combined flavours.  The preparation and pleasing asthetics of all the food speaks for itself, as I am sure you will agree in our video slideshow of the food below.  I can assure you, it all tastes as good and as fresh as it looks!

The next two dishes were the Fresh Mud Crab And Young Papaya Salad and Cauliflower.  The Mud Crab was with preserved purple cabbage, crispy basil and the best cherry tomatoes I have ever tasted!  The Cauliflower was cooked to perfection and served with roasted nuts, snake bean curry and spring onions.  We also squeezed in a couple of Fresh Oysters prepared with Orange Sambal, so refreshing and delicious!

Fresh Oyster In Orange Sambal

We were feeling slightly full by this time, but my favourites were still yet to come, the meats!  We had the Wagyu Rump Cap Steak and the Roast Duck.  The roast duck, which you saw the chef preparing in an earlier video was simply melt in the mouth, cooked medium rare to medium and bursting with flavour.

I love steak and when I eat out it’s what I normally order, and I have to say that I have never tasted steak quite as good as this before.  Although you will have seen our earlier slideshow I couldn’t resist sharing with you another close up photo of this wonderfully succulent Rump Cap, with well marbled fat!  Served with crispy garlic, green sauce, burnt onion broth and grilled leeks.

Wagyu Rump Cap Steak


We had an excellent evening with truly amazing food.  Well prepared and presented by two true professionals who guided us through our experience with professionalism too.  Answering our questions about the foods, sauces and ingredients whilst they prepared it!  A big thank you to Nick and David for their guidance, but most of all, for their food!

From Left To Right, Nicholas Scorpion, Paul Summerfield & David Tay

This is a place where you can enjoy a quick bite to eat, ordering just one or two things from the menus or full on lunch or dinner.  The personalised method of preparation will definitely impress not only you, but your colleagues, friends or clients.  We will be going back with friends.  Thanks again David and Nick!


Jing Ze Contemporary Asian

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