The Honest Review, Smokehouse Hotel, Cameron Highlands

Standing at 5,500-6000ft above sea level, Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s oldest and “coolest” tourist resorts. Named after the British explorer and geologist William Cameron, the plateau is...

Standing at 5,500-6000ft above sea level, Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s oldest and “coolest” tourist resorts. Named after the British explorer and geologist William Cameron, the plateau is noted for its tea plantations, strawberry farms, cool weather and colonial style buildings. We recently had the pleasure of being invited up to probably the most famous building in Cameron Highlands, to stay for an evening, the Smokehouse Hotel Cameron Highlands.

Getting to Cameron Highlands and the Smokehouse Hotel

People warned me about the curvaceous road after you leave the 1.5hr drive on the highway, it can get pretty busy, however it was surprisingly a nice relaxing drive up. You can notice the change in climate the further you drive up, opening the window and you’ll start to get a taste of the cool clean air that awaits you at the top.

Smokehouse Hotel Cameron Highlands

It was approximately a 3 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur in total, but well worth it!  This English Tudor bungalow, built in 1939, is situated adjacent to a beautiful golf course. During the early hill station days of Cameron Highlands, the hotel was the first of its kind in the region, serving an exclusive bunch of British expatriates and their families. Smokehouse Hotel Cameron Highlands has operated since Christmas 1937 and has an unbroken tradition of fine British fare since then with a focus on fresh local produce and herbs grown in our gardens.


Each room is named after a little piece of the UK. We stayed in the aptly named Squire room. Alex must have known me well!  The rooms are big and are kept in the colonial style.  Beautifully decorated with a 4-poster bed, rocking chair, bath and shower. Our room was looking on to the gardens and golf course, breathtaking!


The Smokehouse Hotel Cameron Highlands owners are very proud of their award-winning gardens. Lush greenery where you can settle down in the cool fresh air with some freshly brewed tea or wine, looking on to the golf course or the antique, typically British style red phone boxes!


For breakfast I opted for the waffles with strawberry. My friend went for the eggs benedict

Waffles With Strawberry

Eggs Benedict

High Tea

Warm Scones, freshly sourced homemade strawberry jam, cream and locally derived tea. Now that is what I call an afternoon!

These scones were exactly what I was hoping for, soft, moist and perfectly rich and accompanied with the jam and cream.

Warm Scones And Home Made Strawberry Jam


For starter I went for the Scotch Broth, a soup my Nana and Mother would cook for me back in my hometown of Edinburgh growing up. Good texture and very flavoursome, highly recommended.

For main, I ordered the signature dish on the menu, the beef wellington. Beef tenderloin wrapped in a liver and mushroom pate, encased in homemade pastry. This meal is not for the faint hearted, especially after a filling Scotch Broth!

Beef Wellington

I have to say, I really enjoyed it. The beef was tender and cooked to perfection, the pate and pastry combine to make this a delicious meal.

In Summary

I can honestly tell you that you won’t regret spending the time to check this place out!  The Smokehouse Hotel Cameron Highlands certainly is a fantastic venue for those that need a quiet, relaxing excursion to a little English style retreat.  Upto 1600 metres above sea level in parts of the Cameron Highlands, its an excellent way to escape the heat too!  Good food, scenery and accommodation, makes this an experience to be remembered.

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