The Honest Review, Knowhere Eatery And Bar Bangsar

We had heard so much about Knowhere in Bangsar we approached the management and asked them if we could review their establishment. They accepted! This is what we found....

We had heard so much about Knowhere in Bangsar we approached the management and asked them if we could review their establishment. They accepted! This is what we found.

Knowhere a relatively new bar opened in July 2018. It is growing fast and becoming increasingly more popular with expats and locals alike. A really clean, tidy, well laid out eatery and bar with unique décor and ambience situated in a happening location. So unique in fact that when we interviewed Shalini Surian, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Knowhere she enlightened us on the very special theme of the restaurant….

“We call ourselves Knowhere just like the entity in the Marvel Universe. It’s everything and nothing at the same time, a place where all the misfits go. We style ourselves as a bit of everything for everyone. Knowhere marries mysticality with a recognisable hint of nostalgia. It is the place you come to collect new memories, form new bonds, reminisce about the places you have been and still be reminded of your roots; incorporating global cuisine with Malaysian flavours we know and love. Our pork-free kitchen makes for an all-inclusive environment allowing you to make new friends.” — Shalini Surian, Managing Partner of Knowhere Eatery and Bar.

We heard about Knowhere as it seems to be becoming very famous for its splendid selection of cocktails and food, for sure very popular with the night crowd! We reviewed the brunch menu and we purposely arrived very early just after opening time around 11.30am, we wanted some quiet time to allow us to review it properly for our members, avoiding the rush of Cocktail lovers!

Knowhere Menus

Since we arrived early we only had the brunch menu to choose from although we did take a look at both the food menu and the cocktail menu which consists of some real classics aswell as originals too. Now we can see why we have heard so much about this place! That will surely be the nifty cocktails!  The management told us that the Cocktail menu changes every quarter with only their “Signature” range of drinks being permanent, whereas the “Seasonal” list is based on the theme of the quarter and they change the “Classics” just so their customers are able to sample a wide range of cult favourites.

Cocktail Menu

Food Menu

Brunch Menu


So lets get on with it and share with you our experience!

We had five dishes in total between three of us and they were adequately sized portions too.  We ordered the first two to share between us.  The Bougie Brunch and the Nasi Ulam Ayam Bakar.

We asked for coffee but they told us that they dont yet have a coffee machine, OK with me, but not OK with my wife as she is a real coffee lover!   However, Sam, the Manager advised us that the coffee machine is on its way and should arrive in the next couple of weeks, it has taken time for them to find the right machine as they want to get specially selected coffee beans from Melbourne. My guess is with the massive selection of cocktails available in this bar, changing quarterly, they had to prioritise aswell, between coffee and cocktails!.

Bougie Brunch

Nasi Ulam Ayam Bakar

The Bougie Brunch was a big portion and well presented which consisted of baked beans in the centre, 2 sausages, mushrooms, 2 slices of fresh, lightly cooked tomato, 2 hash browns, 2 large pieces of toast, scrambled egg and a long twirl of beef. The scrambled egg was my favourite, cooked to perfection and melted in the mouth with a smooth, creamy, very lightly salted taste and herbs sprinkled on the top adding to the flavour.

The Nasi Ulam Ayam Bakar was a chicken thigh resting on a bed of rice and its own sauce.  A typical Malaysian dish I believe! Very nice!  The chicken was, soft, tender and juicy, not over cooked, but cooked just enough and the sauce complemented it so well.  The rice was not your usual rice and was full of flavour with a clever concoction of herbs and spices to tease the palate.

Next up was what we classed as our main dishes, one each!  We had the 14 Days Dry Aged Strip Loin Steak, the Fuming Duck and the Timbale Ratatouille Pasta

14 Days Dry Aged Strip Loin Steak

Fuming Duck

Timbale Ratatouille Pasta

I am a great lover of steak and for me personally a steak well prepared is the sign of a good restaurant and chef.  This steak was!  I asked for it medium rare and unusually, that’s exactly what I got!  Just the way I like it. Very flavourful and accompanied with crispy potatoes still in their jacket and vegetables.  It came with sauce, but if I am honest, I didn’t even try the sauce as I like my steak just as it comes!

The duck was so tender, juicy and flavourful, served with creamy mashed potatoes and vegetables, topped with a sweet sauce, it was quite a small portion however, there was a lot of meat.

The Ratatouille was also “Awesome” according to my 10 year old son! All of the food was superbly presented.

All in all, it was a really pleasurable experience, with amazing food in a nice environment, very friendly staff and obviously a superb chef! I would definitely recommend this to others and we will be going back for more.  And truthfully, the only disappointment we had was the absence of a coffee machine, but it’s on the way!

After the meal we had a small photo shoot with the two chefs, Safuan and Faiz and the restaurant manager, Sam!

From left to right, Safuan, Sam and Faiz

Opening Hours

Mon – Tues 4pm-1am
Wed – Fri 4pm-2am
Saturday 11am-2am
Sunday 11am-12am

Tel: +60102202358 

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