Introducing Our New Expat Property Specialist Partner!

I am delighted to introduce our exclusive Expat property specialists. I spent a lot of time hunting down the best for our members and Sri and Jessy, I believe,...

I am delighted to introduce our exclusive Expat property specialists. I spent a lot of time hunting down the best for our members and Sri and Jessy, I believe, really are the experts in their field. Sri and Jessy are definitely best placed to meet the heavy demands of any Expat wishing to acquire property. Whether buying or renting, anything from schools, maids and pet care to the acquisition of the property itself. An absolutely and completely end to end service at its best!

Very soon, they will be posting their property listings here on our very own KL Expat Malaysia website!

I would like to share with you what I found about them on the occasions that I met them. They were childhood sweethearts and later married for 11 years, Sri and Jessy have traveled and lived abroad in many countries before settling down back in their home country, Malaysia, 5 years ago.

While Jessy furthered her education in engineering in Newcastle, England, Sri worked in Newcastle in hospitality. Together, they bought their first home in Newcastle and later started “flipping” properties in Newcastle as a hobby.

After living 8 years in the UK, they followed a spiritual inclination that led them to serve at a renowned NGO in India for over 4 years. Whilst there, they worked on projects creating affordable housing for low income groups.

Coming back to Malaysia and starting anew, they were both looking for something to do that they were passionate about. As real estate has always been a part of their lives no matter where they went and with their extensive experience in real estate, it was clear that they shared this innate love for real estate and should stay in the industry when they returned.

They realised there were many improvements necessary in the local real estate industry in Malaysia. This is especially true when a foreigner (mainly from developed countries) finds it difficult to understand the local real estate and the processes of acquiring a property, processes that could have been simplified with the help of an experienced intermediary such as HomehuntersKL.

Having lived and dealt with real estate in several developed countries (UK and Europe), Sri and Jessy encountered the same confusions when they came back to Malaysia. Discovering how complex this process can be and finding solutions to their problems, founded the stepping stones to Home Hunters KL.

Home Hunters KL prides itself in adopting simpler and safer processes for Expats to look, rent and buy real estate in Malaysia. We are proud to say that our operation is on par with international standards adhering to all local real estate laws, in turn making real estate hunting in Malaysia a fun and enjoyable experience.

The Home Hunters KL’s journey has also led to end-to-end solutions for expats looking to relocate to Malaysia. They have been helping Expats further with teething issues they could possibly face i.e. Setting up local bank accounts, finding new schools, car rental, visa applications, logistics, Malaysia my second home program (MM2H), taxation etc.

In short, Home Hunters KL will always strive and pride itself in being your friendly, reliable and professional partner in Malaysia whose sole motive is to make your relocation to Malaysia a much more exciting, safe and simpler experience.

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