Real Deal BBQ – The Honest Review, The Burnin’ Pit

Is this the real deal BBQ? The Burnin’ Pit has been around a fair few months and has already seen a great foot flow of people enter its establishment....

Is this the real deal BBQ?

The Burnin’ Pit has been around a fair few months and has already seen a great foot flow of people enter its establishment.

On arrival, we had a very good first impression, the place is designed to a very high spec and you can clearly see that they had professionals in to renovate the space into a high-end eatery. One complaint I’ve had with other BBQ joints is that they have cut corners on the finish, but this place is up there with some of the best in town.

Kok Fung manager was a great guy and made sure that we had a wide selection of meats to choose from. He also wanted to hear feedback for any negative points, which is exactly how places improve, so great to hear.


We were kindly shown around the BBQ pits and these are high end smokers that give that perfect smoke ring around the selection of meats.

We had the full meat platter which had Beef Brisket, Beef Rib’s, Lamb Shoulder and Jamaican Jerk Chicken. The sides were Mac n Cheese, Beans and a Crispy Slaw.

The best delight on the plate was the beef rib, we went for the wagyu and the fat was incredible throughout the meat; I personally would have had a thicker bark on the meat. But that’s personal preference. You could taste a hint of vinegar which they spray the meat with over the many hours of smoking and this helped cut through the natural fats in the meat.

IMG_6389 IMG_6385

The Brisket was next and this was again tender, juicy and cooked internally to perfection. Again, I think a bit more bark would have worked better, but that’s personal preference.

The Lamb was succulent and great, but really was overshadowed by the beef ribs, they were by far the best cut on the plate!

The chicken needed a little work, but the manager sat down and wanted to hear why and that‘s always a good sign from a restaurant. The chicken was Jamaican Jerk and we explained that it MUST be hotter and spicier from using Scotch Bonnet chilis to be considered so, their version was a little too sweet and not enough spice.


For the side dishes, these in our opinion were the best that we have had from a BBQ joint in Malaysia.

The Mac n Cheese was decadent and creamy and very bad for you…… in a good way 😉

The slaw was crispy and helped cut through the fatty meat and the beans were full of flavour and spices.

The beans were by far the best we have had from a BBQ place in KL, but I bet they can still impart more smoky flavour into them.

So, the simple question is, would we go hear again and would we say it’s the best in KL?

Simple answer is yes, the food was great, and the setting and venue decor makes it a great place to visit.

We only thought a few things could be improved and for now its our number 1 BBQ joint!

Price-wise, this is somewhere middle of the road and when you consider the number of hours work that goes into the preparation, its well worth it.


This really is the best BBQ place and for us has overtaken one of their rivals. It’s a classy joint and the experience was great. A few things to add was the attention to detail on the bar upstairs and by the fact that they have a great selection of wines and spirits…….there Gin selection is out of this world.

IMG_6384 IMG_6379 IMG_6380


Ambiance: 10/10

Full place and we expect this to continue. Make sure you book in advance.

Appearance of the Establishment: 10/10

It’s a classy BBQ joint and we like it.

Service: 9/10

Very few things could be improved on.

Food: 9/10

The meat quality was great, just the chicken to improve on.

Price: 7/10

It’s about right for the price, it’s not cheap, but when you taste the meat quality, you will see its worth the price.

45/ 50

Contact Info: 24, Jalan 24/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur