The Honest Review of Foodpanda Malaysia: Pathetic

If you don’t already know Foodpanda is probably the biggest food delivery service in Malaysia and all over Asia, BUT is their service going down hill ??? In my...

If you don’t already know Foodpanda is probably the biggest food delivery service in Malaysia and all over Asia, BUT is their service going down hill ???

In my opinion….YES !


I wanted to share my experiences of their delivery service, quality, customer services and website and I also want to ask you all for your feedback as I suspect Foodpanda really don’t care at all. So, I ordered food around 7pm on Sunday evening from the website as I wanted something quick, and delivery time stated 25 minutes ……I then received this message below 30 or so minutes later.


I logged back on to the website and the ‘Track Your Order’ said 15 minutes……OK, I’m thinking, won’t be too long……


Then 30 minutes later, still no food, so I logged back on to my online account (I don’t have the app and don’t want it)……24 minutes away, so I kept my phone running just to entertain myself and wind myself up even more for the next 45 minutes with the delivery time moving from 30 minutes, to 5 minutes, to 16 minutes……basically the ‘Track my Order’ is a waste of time….


I looked desperately for a telephone number online, NOTHING! The Google one does not even work and is disconnected, I sent a message on FB Messenger and got a reply 1 hour later apologising that my food had not turned up and then heard nothing more until 21.43 when they said they take responsibility…..Really ?? I don’t think so.


Foodpanda’s commitment to me was none existent and I will NEVER use them again….at 21.15, yes, 9.15pm after ordering at 7pm my food turned up….with the driver expecting me to be happy and pay, brave boy !!


Needless to say I refused the food and refused to pay as 9.15pm is too late to eat, 15 minutes later customer services, or that’s what they call themselves called me asking why I had refused the food order and that the driver was downstairs still waiting with my food… I explained to her what the correct procedure is for speaking with a customer……NOT once did she apologise and kept repeating ‘Do I want the food, you need to pay, the driver is waiting’…after a 5 minute schooling she cancelled the order…(See below)


BUT, I asked her at the end of the call that I expected a call from a manager within 24 hours…as yet, this being Wednesday 2nd May I have yet to receive a call for explanation…..anyone else get this service ????


24 hours later all I received was this below, but I will NEVER use it or use Foodpanda again !



There are so many better options out there now and I feel that Foodpanda really don’t care about their customers… I suggest Honestbee, Dahmakan, Dietmonsta, Mammam or even ….


I urge you to comment, write your experiences on FB as nothing will improve unless they see how unhappy their customers really are….Is it really that difficult to get things right ??

And if you are wondering this article was the straw that broke the camel’s back, I have ordered 47 times since 5th July 2015 and most of the time they are either late or the food is cold


Thanks for your time

Duncan Cameron