The Toys are Coming to KL!

A toy washed up ashore and it yearns to return to its master. Is it lost? Has it been left behind? Or has it been forgotten? Follow a group...

A toy washed up ashore and it yearns to return to its master. Is it lost? Has it been left behind? Or has it been forgotten? Follow a group of toys as they embark on one last adventure to return this toy to its rightful owner before they must return to their long, deep sleep. But will it be as easy, as it sounds?


Expect colourful toys and equally animated characters who will bring you through this amazing adventure in “Home at Last : A Toy’s Journey”. This children’s theatre production is written and directed by Murdoch University’s Assoc Prof Jenny de Reuck, designed by Dr Audrey Fernadez-Satar and Arif Satar, with original music by Nick Choo and lyrics by Sarah Courtis. The playwright also wrote the wonderful “Zak Zebra’s African Safari” that was staged in KLPAC in 2015. This time, she is bringing along an Australian cast to mesmerize one and all, at the Temple of Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur from 1-2 December, 2017.


This production is the outcome of a research collaboration between children’s playwright, Jenny de Reuck and visual artists, Audrey Fernandez-Satar and Arif Satar. Funded by the Australia Council for the Arts and the W.A. Government’s CAN initiative and supported by Murdoch University, the play raises issues around migration and belonging through the unusual perspective of a child’s toy. A blend of fantasy and historical fact, this interactive production offers children access to an imagined world where their voices have impact.


Show Dates : December 1st at 7.30pm

                           December 2nd 11am & 2pm

Address        : Kanagasabhai Studio, Temple of Fine Arts (TFA)

                        116, Jalan Berhala, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

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Tickets by Invitations:

Standard RM30 (Adults) ; RM20 (Children)

Concession RM20 (Adults) ; RM10 (Children)

Bob Morshidi: +6010 221 4930 ; Meng Kheng Tan: +6012 201 0135 ;

Muralitharan Pillai: +6012 306 7489

Email Booking:

Home at Last : A Toy’s Journey Synopsis


There is something strange happening on Leighton Beach. A little toy zebra has washed up on the shore and Chitty-Chitty, the Willy-wagtail, has heard his child crying for him. With her friends, the forgotten toys in the Museum, Hanneen, Mous and Pauline, and an unexpected arrival, Raggedy Annie, she embarks on a journey to save him and return him to his child before the magic fades and the toys must return to their long, deep sleep. The Great Snottygobble, whose powers have summoned them all, has given them a difficult task to perform and they’re not sure they are up to it. For, alarmingly, Mugga, the Tasmanian Tiger, is on the loose, also summoned it seems by the Great Snottygobble. With the magic fading fast, they have to rescue the little zebra … but can they do it in time?