Grammy Award winning, TINARIWEN – LIVE IN KL

Grammy Award-winning ‘Sahara Blues’ band, Tinariwen will be performing their first-ever concert in Malaysia, as part of their Asia Tour 2017.

PUSAKA and Selangor Youth Community are proud to present


Grammy Award-winning ‘Sahara Blues’ band, Tinariwen will be performing their first-ever concert in Malaysia, as part of their Asia Tour 2017. Malaysia is privileged to be the only Southeast Asian destination on Tinariwen’s Asia Tour; other stopovers are Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Mumbai and Dhaka.

Proceeds from this concert will go towards the project Creative Youth. This project is dedicated for the long-term creative and cultural development of Malaysian youth, through wider exposure and cultural exchange, as well as training programmes with our local masters of tradition to support transmission to the next generation.

The concert will be opened by renowned Malaysian Indian temple drummers, Chinna Rasa Urumee Melum Masana Kali.

This concert is also supported by Malindo Air.


Details of the performance are as follows:

PUSAKA and Selangor Youth Community present  


Date: Monday, 13 November 2017

Venue: KL Live, Life Centre Kuala Lumpur

Time: 8.00 – 10.00 PM

Tickets: VIP (Seated) RM250 minimum donation | Premium (Seated) RM160 | General (Standing) RM120 Book your tickets at:

– General : Ticketpro

– VIP & Premium : PUSAKA (

For more information, follow us on Facebook: Tinariwen – Live in KL, or call 03-7732 1407.



Tinariwen is a Grammy Award-winning group of Tuareg musicians from the Sahara Desert region of northern Mali. The band was formed in 1979, founded by Ibrahim Ag Alhabib. Their music is performed in the traditional West African music guitar style known as assouf that originated from the “great bend” region along the Niger River, between Timbuktu and Goa. Blending traditional Tuareg melodies and rhythms with instruments such as the shepherd’s flute, the one-string fiddle or imzad, tinde’ drums with more contemporary western instruments such as the acoustic guitar, Tinariwen plays traditional repertoires adapted to the modern instruments. All their songs are sung in their native Tamashek language. Tinariwen is admired by celebrated musicians such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Thom Yorke (Radiohead) and Carlos Santana.


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Image source ©Thomasdorn

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Reach & Acclaim

  • 7 albums to date, millions sold worldwide
  • Grammy Award for Tassili – Best World Music Album in 2012
  • More than 1,000 concerts at various music festivals around the world (North America, Europe, Asia, Africa)
  • Performed at 2010 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony in South Africa, alongside Alicia Keys, Shakira, John Legend, and the Black Eyed Peas.
  • MTV regular feature. #1 on European World Music Radio Play Charts.
  • Headlined major festivals around the world, including Womad Music Festival and Glastonbury
  • Performed with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Carlos Santana, Robert Plant


The Creative Youth Project

Tinariwen will be the first in an annual series of world music concerts, in support of the Creative Youth project. Proceeds from these concerts will be reinvested into the long-term creative and cultural development of youth under the Creative Youth project, which aims for:

  • Wider cultural exposure & exchange among youth
    • Introducing world-class cultural performances to Malaysian youth via the world music concert series.
    • Future performances will incorporate workshops led by the world-class performers for selected youth, facilitating interaction and exchange of traditional and contemporary elements in both musical cultures.
  • Sustainability of local performance traditions among youth
    • Training programme led by the masters of local performance traditions for youth, to support the transmission of traditions to the next generation.
    • The programme will focus on local youth within the practising community, however it will also be open to youths with committed interest in both traditional and contemporary music from outside the community



PUSAKA is a non-profit organisation established to conduct research and create a comprehensive documentary archive of traditional performance in Malaysia, while strengthening the viability of these traditions at the community level.

PUSAKA works intimately with some of the most distinguished performers of the Wayang Kulit, Mak Yong, Manora, Main Puteri and Dikir Barat traditions of Kelantan, and has expanded its work to embrace traditions from other states in Malaysia, including the Kuda Kepang of Johor, the Joget Gamelan of Terengganu, and the Dabus tradition of Perak.

PUSAKA also works closely with international masters of tradition, bringing renowned virtuosos of traditional music and dance to perform to and engage with Malaysian audiences. The international master performers we have worked with include: Alim Qasimov Ensemble of Azerbaijan, Mehr Ali and Sher Ali Qawwali Ensemble of Pakistan, Shwe Man Thabin Dance Theatre of Myanmar, Thang Long Water Puppet Troupe of Vietnam, and Sanggar Rempelis Muda Saman Dance Group of Aceh, Indonesia.

PUSAKA also attempts to respond to present-day challenges that threaten the continuity and integrity of traditional performance.

In all its work, PUSAKA seeks to establish a deep interaction with aspects of history and contemporary ideas while illuminating and providing an intellectual context for the contemplation of broader aspects of culture, tradition and ideas.

For more information, please contact Pusaka at


Selangor Youth Community also known as SAY Community is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organisation that aims to create a community of youth, for youth and by the youth themselves. Inspired by DYTM Raja Muda Selangor’s vision for his state to be a vibrant and dynamic youth community, SAY Community aspires to provide an avenue to connect Selangor youth to development opportunities.

SAY works closely with community organisations to organise high impact and high value added initiatives. They also help facilitate the engagement between the youth, corporates and governments (local, state, federal) to problem solve issues pertaining the four focus areas of SAY Community.

SAY strives to foster interest and increase participation of Selangor Youth through community based initiatives in the areas of Arts & Creative, Sports & Wellness, Entrepreneurship and Community Service.

For more information, please contact SAY at or visit selangoryouth