The Scuba Diving Specialist in Malaysia, Scuba Mike’s – Free trial lesson to experience the greatness in scuba diving

I’m proud to present Scuba Mike's dive Co. and Brand to fellow adventurists in KL Expat Malaysia community.


The ocean, the largest habitat on earth. Let Scuba Mike’s helps you in experiencing and exploring this part of the world.


See yourself relaxing in warm tropical water or diving with a whale shark. If you consider yourself adventurist and strive to do things the right way, then dive with the best! At Scuba Mike’s Dive Co & Brand, diving is our passion, and we want to make it yours too.

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Learn how to dive from people who make you their #1 priority! They make every dive experience unique, and individual to meet the needs of their customers. They customize your diving, so let’s go to one of the wonderful Malaysian islands for that unique experience.

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Scuba Mike’s offers a variety of courses you can take, from Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver to Dive Master courses. From pool time and theory to getting some sand between your toes and experiencing diving in the sea! Join one of their buoyancy clinics or a refresher course for those who want to hone their skills. Scuba Mike’s encourage families to learn together and make it a truly memorable adventure. Understanding that not all people learn the same way, they take the time to individualize their teaching to fit the need.


For kids, 8-10 years old, Scuba Rangers is exclusively for kids to experience diving for the first time with the emphasis on fun while learning in pool conditions.

Still not sure? Contact Scuba Mike’s for a free “Try Scuba Diving” to experience what it feels like to be weightless and breathing underwater.


Scuba Mike – 012 392 0124

Scuba Tim – 017 204 1995