Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club

Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club lies about 45 minutes outside of KLCC area and opened up in October 2016 The course landscape is designed according to the “Colours...

Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club lies about 45 minutes outside of KLCC area and opened up in October 2016

The course landscape is designed according to the “Colours of The Forest” and on first arrival the whole complex is more than impressive. You drive up and are met by a fantastic Colonial Style building that just looks perfect in the morning sunrise, then are met by bag handlers and it’s a short step from the car park.

Check-in is easy and moving through to the locker room, 10rm deposit for towel and locker which is good and the locker rooms are that of a true championship course, spacious, spotless and nice and cool.

Most of the time Kota Seriemas offers a couple of packages, either morning tee off which includes breakfast buffet and lunch or afternoon tee off which includes the lunch buffet and I have to say the food caters for everyone, is hot or cold, tasty and the restaurant area is well lit, clean and has a view of this fantastic new course.


I have to say, so far my friends and I are very impressed and looking from the restaurant area over the 1st tee and over to the 9th the course looks nice and open, big bunkers and some water….Oh yeah the dreaded water by the side of the 9th green that’s slips into a bunker ala TPC KL.


So it’s off to the 1st tee and the sun is coming up…..Long par 5 to start, uphill most of the way, in to the sun……Did anyone see my ball ??? It’s a good starting hole and first thoughts as we drive up the path …I’ll tell you why we drive up the path later…Is that the grass is championship quality, the fairways are very well maintained, the bunkers look immaculate and the greens….WOW, well done !!! They are huge, very true, good speeds and seems like people have actually been fixing the pitch marks, unlike most of golfers in Malaysia…


The 2nd is a sweeping par, pretty long, bunkers in the fairway, but generally we have seen that this course can be slightly forgiving given that it has not had the chance to mature, with many staked trees, smaller palms and most of the time, unless you go in the water, you’re going to be pretty safe to say you’ll find your ball.

On the front nine we found that the bunkers are in great locations to catch your shots, unless you attack the pins you’ll find that you’ll have a long putt, BUT there are some great holes, the par 3, 6th hole, uphill covered by bunkers and the 9th hole stood out, but shot value for the front nine would be 8 out of 10, it’s memorable, there is no reason why you couldn’t score well…..He says as he scores 48 !!


On to the back nine and again there are some fantastic holes, sweeping par 5’s, uphill par 4’s, stunning par 3’s over water and it’s a challenge. I would say this nine is prettier than the first, but that’s my opinion, the greens again are similar sizes all the same speeds and the maintenance is great….Let’s hope that stays the same as the course gets mature as we have all seen in Malaysia that this can happen as the course gets less funded and the quality then becomes an issue..


As you’ll see from a lot of the pictures this course, I think has been designed to attract championships, whether it be for amateur opens or pro events, this course is definitely set up for both, BUT I will say that there doesn’t seem to be black tees, or if there is they are very similar to the blues and this may become an issue for pro’s as the distance is very similar.

Again I loved the back nine….even though I hit 48 on the front I managed to get it together and come back in 42…18 over par for a 16 handicapper…not bad !! …not that the front nine is harder, it’s just simply, I played better, attacked the pins, didn’t hit as many bunkers and bad shots….the stand out holes for me are 16th & 18th holes, 16th being a par 3 over water.


And the 18th, sweeping par 4, downhill, over water, uphill and unless you dare go for the drive over the water you have to lay up and then you’ll have a 200m+ 2nd shot…..don’t top it !! The view from the 18th over the front nine is impressive, giving you full view of the clubhouse and drive up…it’s impressive and yes, that’s the green below, over palm trees, over water…good luck if you try to clear the water.


So to summarise the course as best I know how to, having played many courses of similar quality, IOI, Saujana, Tropicana, Glenmarie to name but a few….yes, this is a young course and needs maturing, BUT this course is a great challenge and is DEFINITELY worth the drive from KL, it’s better than the other courses in the area, it’s better than 90% of the other public courses in KL and Malaysia (public, meaning you can phone up and book a tee time without being a member), you can play 2 ball at weekends and the price is right.

I wouldn’t be me If I didn’t have a little gripe remember I said earlier about driving on the path ?? Well, you can either pay the flat rate green fee or an extra RM50 per buggy to drive on the fairway, this is something I have never come across in Malaysia and certainly a first globally, this may be something to do with a lack of caddies, BUT this is not advertised and should be.

I would also like to suggest that the greens keep their quality and by giving each golfer a pitch mark repairer with not only be use to fix pitch marks but is always good for advertising, then lastly, I would like to see marshals making sure these pitch marks are repaired, the company who have built this course have spent a lot of money on the design, facilities and especially the greens.


Shot value                           Front nine 8, back nine 9

Memorability                     Great course 9

Aesthetics                           Needs maturing, but 8

Variety of holes                                Well designed, 8

Resistance to scoring      If you hit the ball straight you’ll score well, 8

Conditioning                      Great, 8, let’s hope the condition does not deteriorate over time

Ambience                           Welcoming setting, thoroughly enjoyable, 8


This is one of my favourite courses now in KL, we have now confirmed a date this year for our monthly tournament and will be offering a further 2 or 3 dates for 2018….Great course, keep up the good work and we will see you soon, thanks to Belle and the team !!


For more info about our monthly challenges email klexpatmalaysiagolfcommunity@gmail.com

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