Supperclub: A different kind of dinner experience – the honest food review

From the first moment we entered the venue, we thought to ourselves: this would be interesting…the interior design looks like a super elegant lounge club, you see dim lights...
Photo by Andy Kho

From the first moment we entered the venue, we thought to ourselves: this would be interesting…the interior design looks like a super elegant lounge club, you see dim lights that catch your eye just for a second before you’re distracted by a stage in the background that makes you realise that this is not just a regular dinner place. If you’re gonna come here for a late supper, you’ll definitely look around and stay more to experience what the venue has to offer.




We looked around for a place to sit and all around there were super comfortable huge couches, classy, black leather with an elegant feel, so we chose to enjoy the peculiar dinner seating as if we were preparing to experience a club night.

In a few words, Supperclub KL is a French gastrobar and club lounge that transforms itself into a nightclub later in the night. This urban cool industrial chic-themed venue features a large bar, dining lounge, a boudoir and an outdoor terrace which could fit up to 300 guests at a time.

And what kind of food would you expect in a place that has the word ‘club’ in its name…well, this is where the surprise came from because we were pretty blown away by the diversity and the originality of the dishes. And it’s not just that, the entire atmosphere was unique: chill-out lounge vibes were played the entire time by a few DJ’s. The rhythm was in tune with the relaxed and calm start of the dinner and all the way to the end to make you feel that in fact, the night is far from over: the night is young and it’s time to have fun!

Photo by Andy Kho

Photo by Andy Kho

French Chef Romain Fabre is certified by the prestigious Culinary Institute Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France before working in various Michelin-Starred establishments in France and Switzerland.

The mixology was good also, quality strong cocktails like Dragon Fist or Flying without Wings were a delight. To be fair, we would have liked to check all the cocktails that night but we concentrated more on the food.




Speaking of food, first we had the oyster and seafood platter. It was an explosion of freshness and it felt great as a starter to enjoy these quality oysters all the way from France plus scallops and shrimps; it tasted exactly how it should, it had the flavour of the sea, fantastic taste even without any lemon added.

Photo by Andy Kho

Photo by Andy Kho


The second starter was a beef soup with truffle and foie gras surrounded by an ingenious globe of…bread yes, fresh bread. The way to eat it, crack the bread slowly, dip it in the soup and enjoy the full aroma of this dish that was also part of the original menu of the first three star Michelin restaurant in the world!


Hokkaido scallop with chestnut and lobster, in an amazing celeriac puree sauce was my favourite dish, very tasty and smooth after taste. While we were enjoying the food, the music transformed slowly the entire place from a fine dining restaurant to an eclectic and modern gastrobar lounge culinary experience.


The Foie gras with three green apple variations and the balsamic sauce was mild and powerful in the same time because of the peculiar combination of tastes that would enhance your taste.

Photo by Andy Kho

Photo by Andy Kho

The two main dishes, Australian rack of Lamb with black pepper sauce & sauteed potatoes and the Turbot Fish in Grenobloise sauce deserve indeed a high mark. Soft and clear taste, fresh and cooked just enough to give you the right feeling of a fine cuisine. Romain, the chef made it very  clear that he misses the food of his country and he is proud to create for the gourmand patrons of KL a taste that reminds him of home. And indeed, it makes you feel the French perfectionist food culture in every dish.




Before the desert, the Tomahawk Black Angus made the dinner have a proper closure, a soft and tasty medium rare beef with a beautiful truffle sauce to support it.

Photo by Andy Kho

Photo by Andy Kho

The mango Souffle and the Strawberry Pie, vanilla pastry cream marinated strawberries, with lime chantilly & red fruit sorbet made us finally be ready for another round of cocktails, and before we realised it we were ready to ‘start’ the night again. But this time with completely satisfied appetite and with subliminal dancing vibes in our heads thanks to the DJ sessions during the dinner.

Photo by Andy Kho

Photo by Andy Kho

Supperclub is indeed an experience in its entirety, not just about food and drinks but through its unique concept of combining the live music, the comfort of the lounge design, the French fine cuisine and the eclectic atmosphere into a unique mix located in the heart of the KL’s new nightlife, TREC.


My conclusion

Ambience: 10/10


Great mix of eclectic, DJ set vibes and lounge atmosphere

Appearance of the Establishment: 10/10

It looks like a posh club and the stage, couches, dim lights and elegant decor bring the entire dinner experience to a new level of nightly party mood

Service: 9/10

The waiters are very friendly and polite, they explain the dishes but they don’t know them all the time so they excuse themselves to find details from the chef.

Food: 10/10

Thanks to the chef’s immense experience, the food was indeed a true French delight. No compromises on his part with the ingredients and the passion, no compromises on our part with the mark. The variety, the taste and the originality deserve the highest mark.

Price: 8/10

The price is not very high considering that you are getting a fine cuisine restaurant treatment and a lounge atmosphere all in one.




Supperclub contact:

Lot E12-14, TREC, Electric Boulevard, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50400
+603-2110 0866
Hours 5:00PM – 3:00AM