Mercato welcomes you to a whole new experience. May 2017

We were invited to the newly refurbished store at Pavilion Shopping Mall to see how the new Mercato looks like. To be fair we didn’t know what to expect....

We were invited to the newly refurbished store at Pavilion Shopping Mall to see how the new Mercato looks like. To be fair we didn’t know what to expect. It’s a supermarket, a grocery store, what is there to attract attention? Does it really need an official opening? It is famous enough, everyone knows it if they ever visited Pavilion and let’s face it, we’ve all been there, done that.


I was in for a surprise, not just because of the humble and welcoming attitude of the CEO in person but because of the appealing decor and luxurious space that the new designed Mercato has to offer: wide range of premium and international food selections, supported by two new highlights: Oyster & Seafood Bar by Mercato and Mercato Cafe.


In the beginning, Mr. Pierre Olivier-Deplanck (CEO of GCH Retail – parent company of Mercato) explained what they tried to do with the new face: to transform the casual shopping for groceries into a whole new experiential journey, where you can relax and indulge in the carefully crafted menu of the new eateries while you are doing your shopping, taking a break or after you finish.

Basically, you go around the aisles to get what you need for the house, you have much more diversity and premium quality of products than ever before, you enjoy a glass of wine at the wine bar inside Mercato and stop by the cheese sector to see what matches your wine choice.You can leave your products at the delivery service (which is complementary if you spend more than RM200 within 10KM radius of the store) and go enjoy an elegant oyster platter and have a cappuccino later at the new Mercato Café and Oyster & Seafood Bar by Mercato half a floor above. And one of the new things, I’ve never heard of this before, you can even request for assistance in carrying your shopping to the car! This is something unique for sure and helpful if you are doing all the work by yourself.

DSC_7479 DSC_7415 DSC_7466

After we watched a cooking show from one of our Malaysian celebrity chef Celina Khor, we started a food journey with Olivier through the aisles of Mercato. We began with a walk through the premium store where the floor space for fresh products has been enlarged from 20% to 40% to better support the customers’ needs. The grocery food assortments were also increased by more than a third with exclusive differentiated products available only in Mercato, with a new range for Taste of Asia and Malaysia Delight as well as selections from Australia, USA, organic products and potted herbs.

DSC_7563 DSC_7577 DSC_7573 DSC_7619

We saw the wide range of meat selection including Dorper lamb and Wagyu beef from Australia, fresh seafood including imported salmon and shellfishes,  and a booth with more than 100 types of cheese from around the globe, wow that was for sure one of my favourites. Combined with the finest wines from the new premium wine room, that was indeed a delight.  By the way, a new bar counter is available to host wine tasting events for wine lovers. Maybe I’ll do our next KL Expat Malaysia wine and cheese event right in the supermarket! That would be a first for sure 🙂

DSC_7632 DSC_7591 DSC_7593 DSC_7614

And speaking of delight, the sweets from the Turkish booth were just amazing and the variety, well it was heaven there for a couple of minutes while we indulged ourselves with a few of their products.

What about exclusive international brands? Here are a few: Booths from UK, Casino from France, E-Mart from Korea, local producer O’Fresh, Monjava coffee, organic food from Love Earth and more to come.

You’ll notice at one point a new escalator to the level above, don’t be shy to go up because you’ll discover the oasis of the entire shopping experience: the Oyster & Seafood Bar by Mercato and Mercato Cafe. Tapas, mains, salads, sushi, fresh oysters from France, first ever Belgian Hot Chocolate Fountain in Malaysia, fresh brewed coffee, whatever you think of, you’ll probably find it here.

DSC_7643 DSC_7651 DSC_7652

In the end what we can say for sure, we’ll go there again and if the shopping takes an entire day, probably for the better, there’s a lot to see… and taste. And if you get your food delivered home, that would be the cherry on the top for an enhanced shopping experience!

PS: When to go? From 10am to 10pm, any day. Enjoy! And check their Facebook (Mercato Malaysia) also for details.


KL Expat Malaysia Team