Tiara Melaka Golf & Country Club – Melaka – Malaysia

A friend and I had the pleasure to play Tiara in February and wish to share our experiences about the course, staff and facilities. Tiara is just over an...

A friend and I had the pleasure to play Tiara in February and wish to share our experiences about the course, staff and facilities.

Tiara is just over an hour from Kuala Lumpur and is straight down the highway, couldn’t be easier to get too.

The drive up to the Clubhouse is very nice because as you drive between some holes it makes you start thinking about playing golf and relaxing from the normal work life week.

Format for the weekend was a 2 day eclectic, best scores each holes over the 54 holes including Stableford.

On arrival you are met by bag handlers, registration is easy at reception and the staff were very friendly, you are then directed to the locker room, where you sign in, get your locker and towel and another warm welcome from the staff in the changing room….

Meadow Nine

Tiara consists of 3 nine hole courses, Lake, Meadow & Woodland and the plan was to play all three nine’s in 2 days….lets go !!!!


Having played Tiara on several occasions previously I loved the course, BUT never had the opportunity to play the Meadow Nine…..and just my luck we started on that!! Up early and playing a new course…always good for the confidence…. 


We both started well and the meadow was certainly different from Woodland & Lakes as the greens were slick, some tricky long holes, long carries and not many flat lies, but this was certainly a joy to play…..Apart from the monkey’s stealing some drinks and my pal’s Tictac’s and if anyone knows this guy, these are very important and the essence to a good round of golf…..to say I had tears of laughter rolling down my face was an understatement…unlucky bro !


Lake Nine

Good, I’ve played this nine on many occasions with a short par 4 to start, long par 4, long par 3 and so on. This nine is definitely more forgiving than Meadow …..



Until you get to the last three holes…If you’re not hitting the ball straight or long enough, you’re in the drink !!! As you can see from the picture below !!


Woodland Nine

Coming away from the clubhouse and a nice starting par 4, pretty straight and a small green to aim at, but a good starting hole none the less, fairways seem flatter and not so much water as the two previous 9’s.


There are some very well placed trees, jungle, forest and bunkers on this nine, as I found out to my detriment on several occasions but still didn’t stop me going 5 up after day one.


There are a couple of lay-up par 4’s so taking driver is not an option, along with a number of what felt like much longer holes but this was not the case, it was just the fact if you didn’t hit straight the forest felt like it was shrinking the fairway.


We played the course in exactly the same way on Sunday and was again thoroughly enjoyable…..Having gone 9 up with 11 to play and my pal coming back at me over the remaining holes….finally prevailing and winning 4 & 2 over 54 holes….The eclectic was a lot closer as you’ll see below…


All in all the course is by far the best in Melaka, it’s clubhouse is superior, the staff are friendly, the course always looks and plays great even after very heavy rain, if I were to be a little critical the bunkers need some attention and some of the greens play different speeds, but this does not detract from a very enjoyable weekend.


Lastly, I MUST share with you all that when we looked to book Melaka for the weekend I emailed both A’Famosa and Tiara from the email addresses on each of their websites, a very professional and lovely lady called Aini Ashikin replied to my email within 24 hours at Tiara…..I am yet to get a reply from A’Famosa…..These days it says so much about how the club is run and how professional the staff are as to how they communicate…..Aini was fantastic and we look forward to bringing the group to Tiara on the weekend of the 5th & 6th August.


If anyone would like to contact Aini please email here directly at – tmgcc1@gmail.com  or alternatively call the golf reservation line on +60 6 231 2366
For more information and if you wish to join the golfing group for our monthly tournaments please email klexpatmalaysiagolfcommunity@gmail.com 

By Duncan Cameron