A photography exhibition at Aku Café and Gallery. Aku Café & Gallery will open a solo photography exhibition featuring the work of the Indian photographer Subhrajit Mukherjee. Titled ‘Black...

A photography exhibition at Aku Café and Gallery.

Aku Café & Gallery will open a solo photography exhibition featuring the work of the Indian photographer Subhrajit Mukherjee. Titled ‘Black and Light’, the exhibition reveals Mukherjee’s study of light and its relationship with darkness.

The exhibition will open on 21st April, 2017 and will run till 12th May 2017.

Photography, for Mukherjee is a passion, which turns his gaze inwards and at the same time makes him open up completely to the world around him.

The two things that excite him most are empty spaces, which he visualizes in terms of darkness and light. He believes that when he makes available light work for his photographs, it is a result of him not such seeing the light but also hearing and

smelling it, just like one listens to a piece of sublime music or breathes in the perfume of a lavender field.

It is the conversation between darkness and light that takes precedence over camera techniques.

“Each photograph, when framed and shot, is a like a little journey, which starts with me as an outsider observing the conversation between darkness and light, and ends with me recording that conversation and becoming a participant in it,”said Mukherjee.

Mukherjee studied Film and Television in Bond University, Australia and has worked in the television commercial industry in Bombay before moving to Kuala Lumpur, where he lives with his wife.

In university his interest in photography was further amplified from the guidance he received from his teacher Ridley


Most of the photographs in this series were shot in Calcutta, Mukherjee’s hometown and some in Indonesia and Cambodia.

‘Black and Light’ is Mukherjee’s first exhibition. “I wanted the first exposition of my work to take place in an informal setting, where people can come and see my work and do their own things at the same time.

Aku Café& Gallery is a good place to indulge in some human interaction, and located in a part of the city, which retains some of its bygone character,” describes Mukherjee.

Subhrajit Mukherjee

Artist statement

In these times of an overwhelmingly cluttered existence, when I have a camera in my hand, I mostly look for empty spaces, where there is a lack of light.

It is a sense of static, blackened emptiness, where most petty details and clutter are eliminated except for some light, which starts a conversation with the darkness.

For me it’s a journey, which starts with me observing this conversation from outside and ends with me and becoming a participant, through an exposure, which, lasts a fraction of a second.

The dialogue between light and lack of light is an essential element in the poiesis of life, of the human experience.

It is like voices of music, which, are harmonically interdependent but independent in rhythm and contour.

This exposition is only the beginning of a journey in finding myself through an exploration of emptiness.

I call it ‘Black and Light’.

Artist bio

I am a film and television professional, and have worked extensively in television commercials in Bombay, and have also directed animation shorts for clients like World Wide Fund (for nature) – WWF.

Hailing from the eastern-Indian city of Calcutta, my interests include music- an eclectic and democratic palate where rock coexists with classical, both eastern and western, and folk music of my native Bengal ; cinema; Sanatan Dharma and Zen Buddhism ß.

For more information, please contact:

Esther Lee/ Aku Cafe & Gallery:

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Artist : Subhrajit Mukherjee

t. +6011 3708 5799 e. subhrajitm@gmail.com

*Artist is available for interviews.


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