ResQ Club, recently launched in KL, fights with food waste

and we just rescued our first meal

ResQ Club, recently launched in KL, is giving restaurants and customers a win-win opportunity to reduce food waste.

In Malaysia, 15,000 tonnes of food is wasted every day, of which 3,000 tonnes is still fit for consumption, and could be used to feed 2,000,000 people.


Founded in Finland, and currently present in 6 other countries, ResQ Club bridges a unique gap and allows consumers to connect with top quality restaurants, get great offers, save money and save the environment. To date, they have over 65,000 registered users and have ‘resQ’d’ over 120,000 portions of food from going to waste unnecessarily.

Consumers can sign up to the ResQ Club service via browser or download the mobile app (available on both Android and iOS).

The food on offer is currently sold as takeaway meals for between 40-70% less than the regular price. This helps ResQ Club users eat affordably, therefore reducing their overall expenditure on food.

Restaurants similarly can earn additional income from selling portions that would otherwise go into the garbage, as well as keep a fresher offering of food for patrons of the restaurant.

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Right now, active providers in the Klang Valley include: Mikey’s Original New York Pizza, Yeast Bistronomy, Caliburger and Salad Atelier. Surplus portions are often posted after lunchtime, just in time for users to ‘resQ’ meals affordably for their dinner, for example.

“I think the main benefit of ResQ Club is that we track their sales statistics. And this is actually the way to make vendors see how much they get can potentially earn from food that would have otherwise gone to waste”, explains Joanne, Country Manager.


Interested providers can contact Country Manager: Joanne Chia directly at: