Brazil’s top jazz musician, Leo Gandelman

Leo Gandelman Concert P klpac & Embassy of Brazil in KL V Pentas 1, klpac D Feb 10 – 11 T  RM100 / RM80 / RM60 / RM40 (conc)   For the...

Leo Gandelman Concert

P klpac & Embassy of Brazil in KL

V Pentas 1, klpac

Feb 10 – 11

T  RM100 / RM80 / RM60 / RM40 (conc)


For the first time in Malaysia, Brazil’s top jazz musician, Leo Gandelman, will perform for two nights only with his band at klpac in February 2017. Presenting a repertoire entitled “Velhas Ideias Novas” or “New Old Ideas”, the Leo Gandelman Concert promises to be an unforgettable night of Bossa Nova and Brazilian Jazz.

With ten solo albums under his belt and appearances in over 800 other albums, the veteran saxophonist who is worshiped in Brazil by young and old alike has performed extensively with six seasons of full houses at the prestigious Blue Note jazz club in New York. He has even had the chance to jam with former US President Bill Clinton.

As one of the most celebrated Brazilian musicians, Gandelman has achieved a unique

level in Brazil – rare indeed to the wider world. He is celebrated by the mainstream public,

young and pop, and by the fans of MPB (Brazilian Popular Music); but, at the same time,

he has associated his name to the excellence and to the virtuosity of classical music, in

his performances as a soloist of renowned orchestras and chamber recitals, as the

Moscow Conservatory. He has even jammed with former US President Bill Clinton.

In fact, Gandelman surpasses the borders of classic and popular music aboard the quality

of his saxophone, conferring a highly advanced level of appeal and "pop" emotion to

classical pieces, while on the other hand, exercising talent in his interpretation, purity and

the precision of his sound in popular and instrumental music.

Saxophonist, arranger, and producer, Gandelman is today one of the most influential

musicians in Brazil. Son of a classical pianist and of a teacher, by the age of 15 he was

already a soloist for the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra. Combined with a solid classical

foundation, Gandelman set off to study at Berklee College of Music, in the United States,

returning to Brazil in 1979 for the beginning of his professional career.

Ever since then, Gandelman has dedicated himself intensely to his career, having

participated to this day in over 1000 recordings. His work was also received with big

success in the United States, where he developed a noticeable career in the last decade,

with right to six seasons of a full house at the Blue Note in New York. He has already

recorded ten albums along the course of his solo career.

Staging at Pentas 1 on Feb 10 and 11, the Leo Gandelman Concert will exhibit a

the repertoire of " Samba to Bossa Nova” by the Leo Gandelman Quartet. Songs include

“Feitiço da Vila” (Spell of the Village) by Noel Rosa and Vadico, “Se Acaso você

Chegasse”(If You Came On) by Lupicinio Rodrigues, Felicidade (Happines) and

Corcovado”( Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars) by Tom Jobim, “Solar”, Furuvudé” “Neshama” by

Leo Gandelman and William Magalhães, “Quem Quiser Encontrar o Amor” (Who Will

Find Love) by Carlos Lyra and Geraldo Vandré, and the world famous “Canto de

Ossanha” (Cry No More) by Baden Powell.

Tickets are priced at RM100, RM80, RM60, and RM40 for concession (TAS Card

Member / Senior Citizen / Disabled/ Student). Get them at or call

the klpac Box Office at 03-40479000.