Moving to Malaysia from the USA

  Being an expat can be an exciting, educational and fun way to live. When thinking about the various changes that expats may make on a day to day...


Being an expat can be an exciting, educational and fun way to live. When thinking about the various changes that expats may make on a day to day basis during a move to a new country, as well as the cost of living they may face during a move it can be beneficial to know a few things prior to moving to any given country. Malaysia is a beautiful, and often economical, country to consider moving to. It is also a country that has shown great deal of booming market growth in the last decade and has become a well sought after country for expats looking for a new place to call home. The country has a wide array of interesting things to do and is known as being an affordable place to live. With so much to do, a beautiful place to live and plenty to look forward to daily you generally feel confident about the move you’re going to be making when you are planning to relocate in Malaysia.


Visa Requirements


Those that are visiting the country for 90 days or less only need to have a valid passport to visit and enjoy all that the country can offer. Anyone that wants to live within the country however, needs to fill out a residency application. This needs to be approved prior to moving to the country. However, there are stipulations that must be adhered too when it comes to being accepted into the country.


You must be married to a current citizen of the country, be a professional that works within the country, have a special skill (such as being a doctor) that the country has a need for and one that is considered a high asset. You may also be one of those that fall into the wealth category (earning over $2M USD) or others who rate highly in the eyes of the governmental system can be allowed a pass to live in the country.


Shipping Personal Belongings and Vehicles


Your personal items and vehicles will need to be transported to the country if you plan to bring anything with you. This can be done by a shipping company that sends the items over to meet you. This can range in cost from anywhere from $2,200 USD to $4,000 USD. Hiring a shipper is far less headache that planning a move on your own and allows more time to focus on other items and the ability to move all the items you want to bring all at once. This includes any vehicles that you want to move with you. These shipping companies will let you know what paperwork you need to have to move these items.


The legal documents that are necessary are generally paperwork from the country you are leaving, itemized list of the items in your possession, title and proof of ownership of the vehicles and other property you intend to bring over and other important documents including photo identification, passport and visa documents.


Things to Do in Malaysia


Now that the boring stuff is over, such as the paperwork, you need to know what you can do within this beautiful area. Malaysia has the best of both city life as well as the hidden gems along the coastline where surfing is a hit and lazy beach days are prone to happen as frequently as one likes. This country has so much to offer for every class, social level and interest that one may have. From a quiet evening out for dinner to lively entertainment or dancing, physical activity with jogging, surfing, boating and much more, Malaysia is the place to be for a wide selection of things to do.  


Malaysia is well-known known for the nightlife and tourism aspects that come from the area. With such a high-speed, heart pumping action that comes from exotic nightclubs, it is the place to be for some fun. If you want a more relaxing time, they do have scenic views, beautiful beaches and of course, many places that you can enjoy more of the nature side of the area from. Outdoor activities such as mountains, hiking trails and parks welcome visitors of all ages and physical shape to have fun and take in the local scenery. Shopping is also a fun thing to do within the area, so grab a card and head out to a local market where you can find everything from small soaps and jewelry to household goods, artwork and much more.


Cost of Living


The cost of living is much more affordable when compared to the US, which makes it a highly sought after place for those that have a decent amount of money or are retiring and want to be somewhere beautiful where they can live on a fixed income. One Malaysian Ringgit equals .22 USD. This allows one USD to go a long way. An apartment rental can range anywhere from 800RM to 4,500RM. The cost of living in Malaysia is almost half as less than living in the US. However, certain items, such as gas do cost a decent amount but the overall low cost of living, natural beauty and things to do really helps make the country worth the move.


When thinking about moving to this location, always consider everything that comes with it. This is a big decision to make and you want to be sure that it is the best move for you. Consider all the aspects and hire a moving company that can help see the move through from start to finish.


this article is written by Ross Campbell