The Met Grand Salon – Review

I have walked inside the THE MET years back when I first arrived in KL and was looking for someone to take care of my hair. At the time,...

I have walked inside the THE MET years back when I first arrived in KL and was looking for someone to take care of my hair. At the time, it seemed as the usual, overly busy, fast pace salon so I continued my search in hope to find “the one”.  I have an experience working at a Salon and Spa Boutique back home in Florida, so its assumed I am spoiled when it comes to my hair.

Little did I know what I would discover this time around, when I was invited by Geetha, one of the current owners, to visit the new and revitalised The Met Grand Salon. The interiors resemble a gentlemen’s club more than the usual fluorescent lit line of chairs. The chairs are luxurious, alternating between leather and suede. The mirrors carved out of Carrara marble and 24K gold frames. The ladies room could easily adorn the pages of a luxury decor magazine. And perhaps the icing on the cake is the choice of television programmes, movies and yes, even books that you could lose yourself in while time just melts away. Wifi and a gourmet hotel food and beverage menu are standard fare. Also, Instagram pics heaven at their photoshoot corner!


THE MET brand has been around for 10 years. Taken over by its new family early this year, the entire interior is handpicked by the new owners. It re-opened in the last 4 months- Same place, same brand, but new concept!

Inspired by their world travels, the current team knew the direction they wanted to take with THE MET Grand Salon. They succeeded in creating a small, chic, luxury and private place. The services are tailored and personalised with detailed consultations, especially if you are doing colour.

Internationally recognised for its luxury, elegance and sophistication, The Met Grand Salon is the only salon in the country to retail and utilise the luxurious French fashion house, Balmain’s range of Hair Couture products, known to be one of the most revered luxury brand in hair care from the fashion world.

The Grand Salon also breaks convention in only utilising Philip B Botanical for its in-house services, known to be the best botanical hair care brand in the world.


The Met Grand Salon is staffed with senior industry professionals and international educators that ensure all stylists can hand create a design that is personal to the preference of each individual client.

But perhaps the best part of the Grand Salon’s establishment in the city are the owners’ endeavour to ensure that its luxury be accessible and affordable. Brands are meticulously chosen for their luxurious ingredients and mark-ups remain sensible unlike many ‘luxury’ offerings in the city. Technology also make an appearance here as equipment like infra-red blow driers and therapy lamps are cutting edge, as would only be found in the highest end spas.


The new place is truly an environment that breeds creativity and innovation!

After my lovely tour, came the long awaited hair treatment. I explained to Geetha my hair needs and my hair issues due to my low maintenance daily regime. We reached a unanimous vote- Couleur Infini. This treatment is great for people with tangled, porous hair like mine. I travel very often for work so I don’t really have a healthy daily routine. I have always fought with oily scalp and dry ends and to top it all, I did a major change about 6 months ago and turned my level 4 hair to a level 8. For those in need of translation, it means I went from really dark to blonde. For all you ladies rocking the blonde locks, you are aware how much more maintenance is required being anything above a 7.


I must say, for a woman, the time spent at a spa is never a chore. It’s such an amazing feeling to give in yourself fully to your Master hairstylist and trust that they will take care of you like you deserve.

Rejuvenating Oil was applied on my dry unwashed hair and scalp and massaged in. Followed by heat which works as a delivery system. Heat opens up the hair follicle so that the penetrative carrier and essential oils soothe, hydrate, clarify and promote normal scalp oil production.

Peppermint & Avocado Volumizing & Clarifying Shampoo was then used to wash my hair to perfection. Pure Peppermint Oil clarifies and removes excess oils, perspiration, and styling aid residue, while the pure plant extracts together with the essential and carrier oils heal and regulate the scalp’s cell production. Avocado imparts moisture to the scalp and hair shaft.

Hair is then shampooed for the second time with Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo. A hair reconstructing shampoo that rejuvenates and protect hair and hair colour. Extraordinarily high levels of Vitamin B5 coupled with a catalyst, Phytantriol, sink moisture deep into every strand and colour infusing essential oils deliver tons of shine.


After 2 rounds of shampooing, Geetha applied only on my ends the Katira Hair Masque and combed it through. The unique, clear-gel formula sinks right in and plumps up fine, limp hair  like mine or calms  hard-to-manage hair.

After the mask was rinsed off, my hair was conditioned with Russian Amber Imperial Conditioning Crème that serves to enhance and protect colour-treated and/or damaged hair. It restores hair’s pH balance for superior detangling and shine; making fine hair feel thick and lush.

A pH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist with Apple Cider Vinegar is sprayed to towel dried hair and roughly blow dried. It adjusts the pH of tap water to seal the hair cuticle and helps retain colour pigments longer.


The last step was a combination of Anti-Frizz Formula 57 and Lovin’ Leave-in Conditioner which was applied to reduce colour fading and conditions hair while it smooths, shines, and revitalises it. A simple blow dry was then done to complete the process.

Voila! I was feeling and looking fabulous. We even indulged in a mini photo session after my blow dry was finished. Every minute there was refreshing and uplifting and I am looking forward to  my next visit so I can try the other services I have my eyes on already.

The Met Grand Salon really offers a fantastic range of services and quality products tailoring to the needs of any woman. Besides the treatment I received, you can simply have a cut and style, colour and Up-do for events and weddings. Keratin treatment is next on my to-do list as well as alternative high-end treatments like hair loss treatment and scalp restoration among others.

The owner’s focus is to continue to educate industry newcomers and to introduce personal grooming sessions as well as bridal styling with the long term intention to expand the hair care retail segment and also to grow the The Met brand regionally.

Another interesting venture in the pipeline is a secondary brand.  Geetha imagines it as a fun brand, catering to the younger audience with crazy fashion colours and a pricing that has to be affordable. If you are a corporate outfit or parents to teenagers, absolutely do check out their private sessions a la ‘finishing classes’ that would be perfect for corporate executives or young adults.

Geetha couldn’t stress enough how important is the price and the quality of their services.

“We always have to ensure that we give the best that we can”, she stated at the end of our session.

The Met is a boutique salon and only sees a select number of clients a day to ensure they receive the full Met treatment.



As a final note, I would like to mark the main things that define The Met Grand Salon. Leaving the pricing aside which is on the higher end (services start from 100RM, up to 700RM) The Met Grand Salon offers an unique experience starting with the ambiance and bourgeois environment, very comfortable surroundings filled with contemporary art, exquisite service and client care and the last but not least: the quality of the products they use defines them and raises the bar for the competitors not only around town but within Malaysia.


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