Signature @ The Roof – Review

Signature @ The roof was a Christmas special adventure. Situated on top of the First Avenue, it shows you a different view of the KL skyline from its high rise...

Signature @ The roof was a Christmas special adventure. Situated on top of the First Avenue, it shows you a different view of the KL skyline from its high rise beautiful windows.

The first thing the waiter brought us when we sat at the table were two cocktails, colourful, super tasty and very strong as well. That was a first, I must say, from all the reviews that we’ve done – to have such a great beginning, especially for the holiday month of December. I also must say the staff were  very understanding as I had both cocktails all to my self – my friend at the table doesn’t drink 🙂


Signature is a contemporary dining room section with an international fusion cuisine. The menu that we had was chosen and designed by the chef to have a Christmas theme, so we just enjoyed the dishes one by one, trying to see the connection between each one and the holiday Christmas spirit. 

First we had Butter squash soup and Rainbow sesame dressing salad. Fresh, creamy, a good start to get the tastebuds ready for the next dishes. The simplicity and quality of the appetisers made us relax and enjoy the evening from the first moment.

dsc_6611 dsc_6610

After this came the Chicken Cordon Bleu with mashed potatoes and sautéed veggies and the Angus Steak with the same dressing, which I can say were indeed their signature dishes. A must try, they were perfectly done and just as we asked, medium rare for the stake. Both of the dishes were melting in your mouth, very soft and juicy, fresh, definitely good quality meat. The seaweed on the side gave the dishes the extra kick to spice up the menu and the salad on the side were a perfect complementary item to freshen up the warm meat. Maybe the seaweed was a bit too much considering the meat and the sauce and the salad were already great and more than enough for the tastebuds but was something interesting to try for sure.

dsc_6612 dsc_6615

For desert we had the chocolate mousse with brownie sauce and a cute cupcake with strawberries on top. The concept was really cool and funny looking, it gave the impression of small Christmas trees decorated with pink ribbons.


The menu changes every six months and their signature dishes are for sure the stakes and meats, complemented by a unique cocktail that was pretty impressive on the taste: Milo cocktail 🙂 It tasted like a chocolate melted ice cream with a taste of hard liquor. Super refreshing and surprising in the same time, I recommend to try this. The Christmas special menu had little pine trees made from carrots and bell-peppers, a cool funny hint that we can enjoy this celebration in lots of ways, by making the entire culinary experience happier and richer.


My conclusion

Ambience: 9/10

If you would like to bring a special close friend or a date to Signature, we definitely recommend it, the design of the place and the night view are amazing. It’s quiet and secluded, dim lights and calm music. They also have a nice collection of Champagne and Wine so you can try to organise a get together with close friends or family, it will work very good. The green trees inside the restaurant make you feel that you are in an ultra elegant secluded night garden, very fresh and intimate.

Appearance of the Establishment: 8/10

The view is amazing and the interior design is great. It’s a bit far from the city but it’s worth it.

Service: 7/10

The waiters are very friendly and polite; it did take a bit too long for the first dishes to arrive but after that everything went very smooth.

Food: 7/10

The food is exactly what you would expect from a good restaurant. The steaks and the signature dishes are very good, the menu is diverse enough to make you feel comfortable of choosing different things. There are no spectacular “out of this world” items in the menu, the dishes are classic, straight forward but they will meet your expectations for sure.

Price: 9/10

The good quality steaks and meats have a more than decent price, considering also the beautiful location and ambiance of the venue.