Experience Forbidden City

Not in New York, not in Shanghai, but KL

Maybe some of you don’t know it, others have been there already, the new music club in town is called Forbidden City. And when I say music, I’m talking about quality, old school, new age, live, beautiful music. You already know about No Black Tie and others of it’s kind. Well, Forbidden City wants to reach the same audience which appreciates quality music and enjoys it to the maximum.

I was lucky to be invited with other mimg_9192embers of the media in KL to the opening of the place. I found out a couple of things about it.

The name? Sounds interesting: it’s actually a name of a 1940s cabaret nightclub in San Francisco, where lots of great artists played and made history…

The interior design of the Kuala Lumpur version of Forbidden City is filled with the elegance of jazz and the classic style of the most fashionable music joints from the past. It has a flamboyant, vintage jazz design if I can put it that way.





























Because the cocktails were so good, and because we went to El Cerdo right before, we didn’t even check the food menu. But the cocktails were unbelievable. They had a great mixologist, curly
hair, big glasses and a shy smile, but very good with the art of mixing alcohol. Diversity was refreshing and left your curiosity at a high.

Imagine yourself listening to a sweet radiant voice, singing to you from a dim lighted corner of a stage while a piano is levelling up with her tone to make it shine more. You’re sitting on a comfortable, soft, plush chair with an amazing cocktail in your hand called “Wet Dream” and a cigar in the other.  The walls are filled with classic, black and white photographs  and the sounds of jazz makes you feel  you’re in an underground secluded bar in old town San Francisco…but in fact you’re at level 1 just upstairs Opium, in this surreal jazzy music bar with a strange old school vibe combined perfectly with a fashionable fusion interior design.


Check out their music, check out their cocktails, enjoy the atmosphere, I recommend it.




Forbidden City

50, Changkat Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang

Tel: +603 2110 2088
Email: customerservice@forbiddencitykl.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/forbiddencitykl
Instagram: Instagram.com/forbiddencitykl