On the Radio with Melissa Indot

Pisco Bar: Thursday, September 15 at 9 PM - 12 AM



A night with Melissa Indot going through the classic radio hits.

Fearless and Unconventional

Meet the Enigmatic Melissa Indot. Lyrical beauty with an edge, she is not one who is afraid to break away from the norm.


At the age of 16, she surprised everybody when she enthralled the audience at the Royal Albert Hall in London, as she performed as part of an elite octet, The Queenswood Singers of the Queenswood School Senior Choir. She went on to lead this Octet the following year.

After finishing school, she broke into the music scene in the UK, as part of a duo act “Confucius Says”, and went on to debut their first single Not in Blue in early 1997 and their second single, Window was released in autumn of the same year. They were featured on the UK’s BBC1 National Lottery Programme televised live to 14 million viewers.

Returning home to Malaysia in 2005, she wasted no time and did her performance rounds at various events; the funky entertainer never failed to bring down the house wherever she performed. Daring to try out new things to add to her show, Melissa started to spin as a DJ, coining the word “Spinging” as she added the live performance element to her DJ sets by singing too. It is no surprise that she has had the opportunity to play with a number of internationally renowned DJs such as US DJ Eric Kupper (two-time Grammy Award winning Producer/Musician).

All her hard work paid off when her first solo album “Eclecticism” won the 2008 Malaysian Music Industry Award (AIM15). The songs from the album took a life of their own; hits like Starlight and This Time were remixed and featured on several Fierce Angel albums, a UK-based dance record label.

She has not turned back since, opening for international heavyweights like Natalie Cole, Sean Kingston and Flo Rida during their concerts in KL. She also continued performing alongside renowned DJs such as U.K’s celebrity DJ Sam Young and DJ tyDi who was voted Australia’s #1 DJ.

Melissa marches to her own beat when it comes to her artistry. Her signature sound incorporates electro pop and retro sounds, which translate into a multi faceted contemporary tune, characterized with profound and meaningful lyrics. Complex, unconventional and fearless, Melissa is at her best when she performs live, immersing her audience on a musical journey.

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The singer/songwriter is also a philanthropist, currently serving as a board member of Protect & Save The Children aka P.S. The Children, a non-profit organization that envisions a society that upholds the Rights and dignity of all children through protection from sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

Watch out for her second studio album, MDot, dropping in end of October. Vectoring through from her last album, MDot weaves a story of the diverse synergy of life ~ encompassing the realization that we never really stand alone as we continue our life journey.

All her songs are published by Boogaloo Publishing Sdn Bhd and administered World Wide by Warner Chappell Music.

Breaking away..

In many ways, Melissa lives and breathes her art. Her songs reflect on her experiences, add to the mix, that inner rebel, she is one artiste to watch out for!

This Unconventional singer-songwriter is set to make waves in the music scene. Refusing to be defined by any particular genre, it is no wonder why her audiences are always left wanting more.