Sassorosso – The honest food review

Sassorosso has been in Kuala Lumpur for more than 8 years, it has a lot of history and lots of great dishes to prove its chefs’ experience in Italian...

Sassorosso has been in Kuala Lumpur for more than 8 years, it has a lot of history and lots of great dishes to prove its chefs’ experience in Italian food.

Lets start from the beginning. It was a sunny and warm Sunday afternoon as usual you might say, and we decided to do a lunch review this time instead of a dinner one. So we skipped the bookings and the fancy atmosphere of an elegant dinner with a great night view of the KL Towers and instead enjoyed a very relaxed and peaceful lunch with a very nice company, the chef himself, Giovanni.

His cordiality was indeed of Italian heritage: very warm welcoming, almost like we were family or friends for a lifetime, easy conversations between the courses and a very laid back atmosphere. I’m saying this because I’m positive that everyone gets the same treatment, this is the way the Italian culture shows the true meaning of hospitality, welcoming every guest with a handshake and a smile, making new friends all the time.

Giovanni worked in London for a long time and he started learning how to cook since he was six years old. He’s been in KL for 18 years and working in the hospitality sector ever since. Now he’s focused on this restaurant and another one in Bukit Bintang.

The first dish was Timbale mixed vegetables with mushroom sauce.  It was flavourful, but not very strong, just to get your tastebuds ready for the things to come. It was a very nice combination of tastes and a great add-on of orange sauce that made the dish much more interesting.

And lets not forget the homemade bread that was tasty just by itself.


The second starter was a colourful fruit salad with vegetables and seafood. The combination was just great, and the way all the tastes and aromas were combined is just unique.  The sourness of the orange with the sweetness of the other fruits combined with oysters and prawns, all fresh, made you feel that you just want to order one more immediately. The thing that made it special was the warm sauce that you could taste at the bottom of the plate, something that you would never expect a salad to have. One of our favourite dishes was this one for sure.



Luckily we didn’t order one more, because after this we had a super tasty gorgonzola pizza made on a  wooden fire, the chef’s favourite.IMG_1232

Indeed the cheese was unbelievable soft and creamy.  The truffle oil was one of the things that made it very smooth and tasty. The rocket on top completed the smooth cheese taste with a green spicy scent.

The first main dish was Mari Monte (sea mountain) seafood pasta, a standard dish, nothing to blow your mind away, but very well done and fresh with a simplicity that gave the entire dish a good feeling. Sometimes they use homemade pasta, but not as a general rule.


After that, we had sea bass with orange sauce, purple mashed potatoes and asparagus. If the previous was a good dish, this one was indeed a game changer.  It blew our minds away!

The orange sauce, the mashed potatoes mixed with the mild and smooth taste of the sea bass was just something unique that we never tasted before. Indeed, this one was our second favourite dish.  The way the flavours were combined was beautiful and artistic. A fine dining quality dish for sure.



At the desert, we were completely surprised again. Panna Cotta with tomatoes and basil. An unbelievable combination, with orange sauce on the side and once again a mix of tastes that just made you wonder how come you never tried something like this before.


Remember when you go to Sassorosso, ask for the specials on the menu and you’ll definitely be surprised! Also, don’t forget to visit the Italian wine collection to find some amazing super high-quality wines.  The prices start from 200-300 ringgit ’til almost 30,000 ringgit per bottle. Indeed a fine collection!


My conclusion

The warmth of the host will make you feel just like home and the food will definitely make you come back.

Ambience: 7/10

Sunday at lunchtime was very quiet and relaxed.  Some people were having a cigar at the bar near the terrace with a glass of wine, a large Chinese family having a blast with lots of dishes in the middle of the table near the big bright windows, and others were having a quiet lunch in the back of the restaurant, where you’ll find also a private function room.


Appearance of the Establishment: 8/10

From the outside the place, it looks like a home with a garden in front, very cozy and easy to access from the main street.  There’s a nice terrace in front that gives you a beautiful night view of the Petronas Towers. Inside you’ll find a classic design with square white tables. The atmosphere is a bit dark inside, but you still have big windows on the right side that let the daylight inside and give you the feeling that you are in an open space connected to the outside world and part of it. The intimate feeling of this enclosed space is mixed with the sensation of openness as you can see a great view of the Petronas Towers nearby through the windows.


Service: 9/10

The waiters were very professional and well-educated, with good manners and very friendly faces. They were particulary good at helping us select the wine to go with the main dish. What they chose was perfect for the dryness of the purple potatoes!

Food: 8/10

The combination of flavours is what makes Sassorosso a fine dining restaurant in the true sense. Unique dishes, chefs from Tuscany, Italy with decades of years of experience in the background are the things that will make you return again with friends.

Price: 8/10

The price range is quite wide. You can get dishes starting from 30 ringgit all the way ’til 180 ringgit, it all depends on what you want. It is an established fine dining place, so remember to have the bank card on you.  But remember that every experience comes with its own price.




9, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia