KL Sky Clinic Review – Multivitamin IV Drip for more energy?

Here’s what happened?

After another heavy boxing session, sore and tired, I found myself walking down the road to the KL Sky Clinic, here was where I was about to undertake my first Multivitamin Drip Therapy.

“Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Cocktails delivers vitamins & minerals directly to the body for maximum absorption. This allows the nutrients to reach your body instantly at a cellular level to maintain optimum wellness.”

Can the Multivitamin Drip Therapy really help fatigue and muscle soreness? I was about to find out.

Intravenous vitamin therapy has been around for a while, celebrities like Rihanna and Madonna say it can do everything from boost your glow to increase your energy levels. Perfect, it sounds like I am on to a winner, I was pretty excited.

The KL Sky Clinic, based in Soho Suites, are looking beyond the domain of conventional healthcare. After hearing about this band of healthcare professionals through word of mouth, this was a great opportunity to actually get to meet them and put their treatments to the test.

According to Adeline Tharsis (Pharmaceutical Director), the effects should be an increase in energy and an improvement in my muscle soreness.

KLSkyClinic - KLEMI got the Standard Drip Therapy which consists of Vitamins C, B’s and Calcium with extra B-12 & Magnesium, this was to help with my fatigue and get me through the weekend

The procedure lasted about 30 minutes, very relaxing atmosphere, I got told many clients fall asleep during the 30 minutes, the moment the blinds come down, to be honest, I was tempted but ended up chatting away to Dr Shashi and Dr Roland for the duration, you can’t beat a good old chin wag discussing Manchester United’s new signings over a Vitamin IV Drip.

As quick as it begun, I was on my way again.

How I felt after the treatment….

Woke up nice and early Saturday morning, definitely felt I had been to sleep much longer than I actually had, I headed to the gym for a good hour and a half boxing session, managed to survive that and then head to football for a 80 minute, 11-a-side match.

Even after the football, I felt energised, muscle soreness that would normally reverberate around my body come Saturday, was at a minimum. Great signs.

Moving on to Sunday, I had absolutely no muscle aches or pains that normally proceeds boxing and football, I could only put this down to the therapy, for this alone, I would say it was an excellent success.

Finally, I would definitely go back, for all you fitness freaks out there, it is a great treatment to incorporate into your heavy lifestyle and for all that are looking for a pick me up if you are feeling fatigue or under the weather, it’s a great alternative.

Anyone that is interested in this treatment, can head along to The KL Sky Clinic. The doctors are super friendly and will treat you well. Have a look on their Facebook for other special types of treatments that can boost your wellbeing.


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