COMO // Vinyl Record Day // 12.08 – Friday

22.30 PM till late

12th August is Vinyl Record Day the date Edison invented the phonograph in 1877.

In a music buying industry now dominated by iTunes and music streaming sites such as Spotify, the CD and physical music store are reportedly in sharp (and potentially terminal) decline.

But a curious development in music consumption has seen vinyl, the format ostensibly rendered extinct by the compact disc with its “perfect” digital sound, make an unlikely, but significant cultural and commercial comeback.

In most other countries, they celebrate it by releasing special vinyls, CDs and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day but hey, we ARE NOT A RECORD STORE, we JUST LOVE MUSIC and our VINYLS so we will go the extra mile by throwing a party for you, featuring Xes Xes Loveseat, Da Funkie Junkie and LAYDEH, who are going to be behind the decks, mixing a range of vinyls, promising you an eargasm!

On this day, make sure you join us for a richer, more immersive experience of sound and rhythm.



COMO, E-G-04 & E-1-04, Electric Boulevard, TREC