Humano Flamenco Review


Last week I attended one of the most captivating events since the beginning of the year, a powerful dance and musical performance – Humano Flamenco.

The story of the show is presented perfectly by the cast itself:

“The story takes place in “LA BODEGA”, a typical Spanish “Café Cantante”, where the flamenco dance and guitar flourished during the second half of 19th century.

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The parallelism between the life of the character and the history of the flamenco music from its birth until nowadays can be extrapolated in every moment. They both born and grow together. Humano is flamenco and, at the same time,  flamenco is Humano.

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The careful musical selection of works modestly pays tribute to the genius of the flamenco guitar: Paco de Lucía. The audience will be guided through some of the most characteristic “palos” of the flamenco like Bulería, Tangos, Guajira, Taranta, Malagueña, Jaleos and  Rumba.

The old and profound sound of the flamenco guitar in the hands of Alberto Marín is joined in stage by the arab tradition of the indian tablas, the characteristic flamenco sound of the cajón, the finesse of the piano, and the torn and dirty voice of the saxophone. In Humano the music doesn’t just sound, the music talks, lives.

Our flamenco dancer, Cristina Carrasco has a massive impact in Humano´story. She, Humano’s love and dream, is the perfect representation of the purest deep flamenco “duende”. Beauty, power and femininity.



The texts, written by the dramaturg Gonzalo Morquecho, explore the basic elements which are intrinsic to every human being and his path through life.The viewer will be immersed, taking a journey in the company of our main character. Pain, joy, love, conflict, death… passion. Music and texts will lead our character and audience through a path full of thorns and emotions, a path of passion.”


The show, which gathered more than 500 attendees, was a complete world premiere and a first at Damansara Performance Art Centre, but the crew has big plans for it: It will become a tour show all around Asia and then…who knows, all around the world.

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What I loved about it? The story, the text, the stage setting, the amazing sensual and powerful flamenco moves, divine guitar and beautiful elegant trumpet, everything was perfectly chosen and arranged in a unique and captivating way. I didn’t even realise when two hours passed and the entire team was on the stage getting the well deserved applauses.

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Humano is a musical theatre of life, with the main characters the man, the woman, us. Just perfect.

Thank you Alberto for the invitation, thank you Gonzalo for directing and putting together this wonderful crew!

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